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Normally these kind of designs are used in order to honor someone dear who has passed on from our lives.
If you want to use this design as a memorial to honor a dear one who has passed on, then you must go with this design.
If you want to express different phases of life and nature then you can go with a full back sugar skull tattoo. But one thing you have to make sure that what you are going to represent by your sugar skull design then accordingly create an image. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. I believe most tattoo artists have a particular style in which they like to tattoo, which I think this is great, but for me personally it’s a little bit different.

Normally you will see flowers in the mix with a sugar skull design because flowers are colorful. You must keep in mind you are tattooing in order to express your feelings to outside world.
You can integrate birds, flowers snakes and insects in your design in order to offer a story line.
I actually enjoy tattooing in multiple tattoo styles, and even combining styles together in the same tattoo, specifically in neo-traditional, new-skool and realistic tattoo styles. Take advantage of thousands of visitors searching for tattoo designs and tattoo pictures every day! I really love working in color, but also like working in black & grey, it just so happens that most of my clients come to me for color tattoos.

I also enjoy working on large scale tattoo projects like sleeves and back pieces, as well as smaller and even tiny tattoos.
Below is a collection of some of my favorite tattoos I’ve made throughout the years and some info about them. I am always looking to expand my portfolio with different, fresh, new ideas and I invite any outside-of-the-box ideas you may have!

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