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White ink tattoos, If you should decide for a white tattoo, keep in mind that they can fade very fast and that they can turn yellow over time. A white ink tattoo is a special choice for someone who doesn’t want a tattoo to show off due to work or other personal reasons. The professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns comes with many components that you might not find in other tattoo kits.
You will find in the kit four tattoo guns, power supply, disposable tips, 50 disposable needles, 8 inks from Iron Sakura (color and blacks), practicing leather sheet and a CD tutoring guide. The four tattoo guns that are come with the kit are designed for a liner as well as a shader (Layer Warp Coils). The Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns is a kit that is well worth the price (just about the 50$).
To summarise, this kit is good for everyone, one of our more recommended tattoo kits for sale suitable both for amateurs and more advanced artists.
How can I tell the difference between the 2 black tattoo machines in which one is set for shading and which is for lining?
Hi Brad, one of the most noticeable differences in a tattoo machine set up for lining and one set up for shading is the number of needles and how they are positioned.
It’s a tattoo that strictly uses white pigmentation and is mainly for the white skin or those with fair complexion. It is unbelievably easy to use in the places where nobody can easily notice it because of its subtle nature.  It is not as loud and large like the old fashioned tattoos but is tiny, and discreet which means even those in an environment where tattoos are frowned at can still manage to wear one.

One is by using the traditional manner which applies a dark ink on the skin before the stencil is placed on it.  This method has less popularity as there is always the risk of ink mixing with the white pigment and causing a discoloration.
A white ink tattoo does take more time to get the color down and it does fade quicker then a traditional black tattoo. Well, the Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns by G4 is a kit that has been customized from experienced tattoo artists and their suggestions. They come equipped with 45 cooper threads that are strung into a silicone insulated gun power cord. The kit comes with eight bottles of ink, two of the bottles are black and it also comes with six other colors. You will receive two tool kits, 50 cushion rings and rubber bands, 50 disposable needles, printing transfer oils, a four pack of ointments. It got great tattoo supplies and accessories and will provide fun for those who are interested in furthering their career or just learning a new hobby. A machine that is set up for lining will usually use fewer needles than a shading machine so that the work can be more fine and detailed.
They have quite a pull on most trendy people who believe white ink tattoos are extremely attractive because the way they look.  Once it is in place, the design appears like a slight scar on the skin or an exclusive branding.
Find a good tattoo parlor who has experience with white ink tattoos, he or she will tell you all the pro’s and cons about white ink tattoos. Knowing that what your getting is worth of a professional tattoo artist experience as well as easy to use and a great quality is what you will get with this professional tattoo set.

The inks are great in great quality to begin with, however, there is not a lot in the 10ml bottles so plan on purchasing more once you get into tattooing.
You will also receive two practice leather sheets with designs on them that can help the beginner learn about the tattooing. Liners can be set up with anywhere from one to seven needles, which are positioned in a circle.
They are also preferred by those who wish to be different from the ordinary tattoos done by dark ink.  It is seen as the in-thing or an improvement over the classic black ink tattoos. The guns in the Professional Tattoo Kit 4 Machine Guns has the ability to be enjoyable to the seasoned tattoo artist as well as simple for the beginner to learn as well the tattoo artist work. The power supply box can be touchy sometimes; however, it works as well as some of the expensive professional ones. Shaders are set up with more than four needles, which are usually in a straight line that resembles a comb.

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