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Hospitals are no fun: you’re sick, the food is horrible and everything looks bleak and sterile. Rather than numbering each room Haughton decided to give each room a different animal character; a lion room, a parrot room and a fish room etc.
Ceramicist Katharine Morling spent six-weeks on children’s wards working with patients to create sketchbooks recalling favourite memories and treasured toys. Featuring performing rhinos, butterflies and train tracks made from rulers, Collective Memories of the London presents a dream-like version of the everyday world. Alluding to renewal and growth, the work contains animals and elements in energising colours for children to find and discover.
Portland Community College student Jordan Nickerson of Kelso, Wash., is giving himself a hand. The 23-year-old first-year computer science major, who was born without much of his left hand, is fabricating his own prosthetic limb that has moving fingers to better grip objects. With a screwdriver and lots of patience, Nickerson has sculpted several versions of the hand, which he hopes to perfect for production to sell to the world as a cheaper alternative to cumbersome and expensive prosthetics. The MakerSpace movement is a new phenomenon spreading across the nation, including the White House where President Obama hosted his first-ever Maker Faire in June.
Nickerson, who resides in Northwest Portland, fits the prototypical student Meyer is looking to energize. PCC’s MakerSpace offers an opportunity for staff and students to collaborate and bring ideas to life, a place where budding scientists, technologists, engineers, artists and mathematicians can find common ground to collaborate on cool ideas. When the model is refined enough Nickerson plans to market it as the centerpiece of a business plan. But for now there are issues as he tries to find the right fit and iron out technical challenges to the hand.
As pointed out by Erik, I too would love to know how community members can access the MakerSpace at PCC. As staff, faculty and admistrators of PCC, you will also have open access to the lab during all open hours (schedule will be posted on the door and on the website).

Students interested in using the MakerSpace have only to register for MCH 291 (laser) or MCH 292 (3D printing) both of which are self-paced mini courses.
Enter your email address to follow PCC News and recieve notifications of new posts by email. It has been revealed that actor Lee Hyun Woo would be making his singing debut through a digital single which features Geeks’ Louie. The actor was revealed to be a big fan of Geeks and have asked member Louie to do a collaboration with him. Despite Lee Hyun Woo’s busy schedule for the filming of his new drama, “Moorim School,” he managed to find time in order to record the single.
EDT April 19, 2016Buy PhotoOsman Khan used the skins of an orange and a Jamaican ugli fruit to illustrate Dr. But a British art organization by the name of Vital Arts (working for Barts NHS Trust and charitably funded) decided to something about that last part. Vibrant colors and cheerful drawings of animals adorn the walls and an entire ward has been transformed into a make-believe forest. Morling then used these sketchbooks to develop porcelain sculptures for her commission for the new children’s hospital. The larger drawings are very finely detailed and invite you to discover new elements day after day. Well done to all involved Children, Parents, Artists and of course The Amazing nursing Team.. With a screwdriver and lots of patience, Nickerson has improved upon the hand, which is based on plans and components found in other hand designs. The purpose of the movement is to increase access to technology and education through open shared spaces with tools and equipment. After a few terms studying computers, he met a man at a networking event that had plans created by Jorge Zuniga for a prosthetic hand that interested him. He wants to establish a company that builds prosthetic hands on demand through requests he gets from a website and phone app.

Hill, an award-winning journalist and public relations writer, has been the Communications Specialist for the Office of Public Affairs at Portland Community College since November of 1999.
What are the ways Staff, Students, and community members can access the Maker Space at PCC? Over the last few years, their efforts transformed London Royal Children’s Hospital into – dare I say it – a fun place to be in.
He hopes to perfect his version for production to sell to the world as a cheaper alternative to cumbersome and expensive prosthetics. MakerSpace, coordinated by engineering faculty Gregg Meyer, is an interdisciplinary innovation studio dedicated to the art and science of making things. Students are getting cool jobs as a direct result of their newly acquired maker skills, faculty members spanning several departments have become friends outside of work, and Design-for-Good projects like hard drive crushers for e-cycling, and human powered watering pumps for our community garden are starting to build steam. From there, Nickerson, who plans to transfer to Portland State University when he’s done at PCC, began building the hand from those plans at MakerSpace and elsewhere last May. I am a wheelchair user who is also struggling with an extremely costly, provision and repair system for motorized wheelchairs. Hours are still being worked out, but we are envisioning at least four to six hours of staffed open lab time where visitors can get hands on training and work on projects of personal interest. The model can grasp objects and is made of carbon fiber, ABS and biodegradable corn plastics, Velcro, duct tape and a mouse pad – all at a cost of about $40. They have access to the 3D printers and scanners, CNC machines, lasers, vinyl cutters, sheet metal tools, plastic injection molder and even a sewing machine. Nickerson then would print it on 3D printing machines and ship the prosthetic to the customer directly. The cost to the customer he estimates would be $300 and if people buy one he’ll donate another to an impoverished child who needs one.

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