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But while makeup remover wipes seem to serve their purpose for those special on-the-go or time crunch situations, I have always wondered exactly how clean my skin was getting in using them.
It’s hard not to picture an ugly layer of residue sitting on my skin wreaking all kinds of havoc – eek! This got me thinking of more natural ways to remove makeup from the skin without causing further damage or irritation. If there were ever a beauty crisis, the answer will always seem to be coconut oil; it just has so many uses!
Those good ol’ cucumbers are always coming through for us due to their anti-inflammatory properties, especially when we have puffy undereye bags.
Chime in via the comments below, let me know if you have any additional natural removal remedies to add! Get WEEKLY LOVE LETTERS to your inboxSign up today and be the first to get notified weekly with my new stories, giveaways and videos. The blonde with blue eyes. In this case, the suit concealer and powder pinkish-tan, and peach-colored, with the addition of white.
Blonde with brown eyes. The ideal solution is yellowish-pink or bronze powder with tone tool, you can try the powder Rachel with the addition of rose color.
Blonde with gray eyes. Similarly, blue-eyed, fit the tone and the powder light pink or pinkish flesh-colored. Blonde with gray and blue eyes, preference is blue, grey, blue and silver shadows, but кареглазым better to choose bronze hues and shades of gray. There are some questions that I am asked over and over again and this is definitely one that I am asked at least once a day.
A lot of women (including me) get stuck in a make up style rut, its scary trying new colours especially if you don’t know if they are the best ones for you. I am going to cover the 3 most popular eye colours ; Green, Blue and Brown , if your eye colour is not covered in this blog just mail me and I can help you find what best for you.

Blue eyes are definitely the most dominant eye colour amongst my irish clients and probably one of the easiest eye colours to make pop. Colours to use : Golds, peaches, orange, rich warm colours like bronzes and browns and cranberry. Metallics are great for brightening up a blue eye, choose colours such as gold, silver and bronze.
Colours to avoid : Greens and blues are probably not the best colours for accentuating blue eyes but a navy blue mascara is a good option to make the white of your eyes appear whiter and bring out the blue of your eye.
Always think of the colour wheel when choosing contrasting colours, Orange is a favourite shade of mine to use on my blue eyed clients.
Apply a small amount of a gold toned highlighter to the tear duct, lashings of mascara and a bright coral lip (Picture of Roz Purcell below) This is a really quick look for blue eyed ladies. Think of blue eyed celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Adriana Lima and Megan Fox who always make sure to draw attention to their beautiful blue eyes.
Red is the opposite colour to green on the colour wheel so rich colours with red undertones like cranberry, plum, aubergine will instantly bring out the green in your eye. A warm brown eye liner is nice on the waterline and smudged under the eye for a quick day time look for green eyed ladies.
Another complementary colour for green eyes is purple, all shades of purple are going to make your eyes pop. As with blue eyes, black liner is a great option for light eyes, not only does it make the whites of your eyes appear whiter it also intensifies your eye colour. Celebrities such as Angeline Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Hayden Panettiere always draw attention to their green eyes with complementary eye shadow.
Brown eyed ladies are very lucky when it comes to make up as you can pull off most colours. They say that brown eyed ladies should avoid wearing browns and neutral shades on the eyes as it can look too dull, however you can brighten up a neutral eye with a royal blue or purple liner. Layers of mascara and a pop of colour on the lips is always a gorgeous option for brown eyed girls.

Welcome to the midpoint of the week, and we know you all are just as happy that the week is half over as we are!
Ready for a cool optical illusion involving a movie poster?  Here is the poster for the movie 127. You will be very surprised (and relieved) that many of the ingredients can be found right at home…in our very own kitchens!
Pretty soon, we will be mixing and concocting our very own makeup remover pads that will save money in the long run. Have you tried any of these makeup removal combinations? Orange is directly opposite blue on the colour wheel so this colour will really emphasis the blue in your eyes. If you are afraid of going for a full purple eye look just swap your black liner with a purple one and see the difference instantly. In order to get through the rest of the week, you all may have to resort to going to your happy place, and that can be anywhere you feel relaxed — like the beach, the forest, or even the jungle!  Today’s optical illusion is all about the jungle, and we have a picture here that we think you all will be amazed by. There is a hidden optical illusion inside this amazing poster, and once again we ask that you all post a comment to let us know if you figured it out.
Sort of reminds me of the folks that get the sudden urge to wash their hands with real water, even after using hand sanitizer. A little almond oil mixed with milk gets the job done for makeup removal–just put some of the mixture on a cotton ball and give your face a good, gentle rub down. Check out this cool picture of the jungle, and you may notice that it is not just a picture of the jungle, but there are hidden things inside this image.
Well, today’s optical illusion is to find the hidden animals, and we know you all are good at these kinds of things, and will find all of the hidden beasts. Please post a comment when you do find them because we want to know just how many there are.

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