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Inakaya gets some flack for being a big, thematic Japanese joint that’s right near the armpit of NYC, Port Authority. We essentially tried one of each, with the exception of the roasted rice ball, which looked delicious. I loved the fact that the guys cooking behind the bar would serve up each drink or food course on a long wooden paddle that they stretched out across the bar table.
Starters were the tempura (shishito pepper, fish, and shrimp with shredded nori) and the tuna and yellow tail carpaccio with salmon tartare. After that came the surf and turf: grilled half lobster and a generous portion of kobe beef (the menu says 2oz but it was more like 4oz).
To celebrate some good news, we decided to grab some meat at Takashi, a place which so craftily served us some delicious beef ramen just a week or two prior. First came some small dishes of Kim chi, bean sprouts and cabbage with soy ginger dressing.
Next was the raw sea urchin on top of a nice slice of kobe chuck flap with wasabi, shiso leaf and seaweed paper. All of the meats were marinated in the house special Takashi sauce, and served with a small dish of sesame oil for dipping. Dessert was Madagascar vanilla soft serve ice cream, topped with soft chewy mochi balls, soy powder, sweet red beans, gold leaf and salted caramel sauce. As I mentioned, it’s a beef broth, but it contains crispy beef intestines, FUCKING BRAISED KOBE BEEF BELLY!!!, a soft boiled egg, and alkaline ramen noodles. If you’re in town overnight on a weekend and are up for something bold and adventurous, give this bowl a try.
I finally got to try the nose-to-tail cow feast here, thanks to the good people at Tabelog. We also had the kobe beef prosciutto with blue cheese and micro greens that we had last time, along with the uni dish that we had last time as well. If you’re an astute reader, you may be wondering what the fuck happened to third stomach.
PoznawajPrzegl±daj fotografie, tapety, rysunkii inne dzie?a naszych utalentowanych u?ytkownikow.

Osi±gnij sukcesJe¶li Twoje digarty bed± wysoko oceniane, mo?esz oczekiwa? ciekawych ofert pracy! The area is essentially a wretched hive of scum and villainy, the likes of which make the Mos Isley Cantina look like a comforting, safe place.
I guzzled down these two Asahi beers, a dark and the super dry, while my wife sipped on a traditional box o’ sake. I liked everything here, but the eggplant could have benefitted from a skinning or peeling.
The beef was served with a nice dipping sauce that brought out the earthy flavors of the meat. For the run down on that, scroll down to the bottom of this review, or check out The Great Noodle Chase post. Aged kobe prosciutto (whaaaaaat!?!!) with thinly sliced blue cheese and micro scallions, topped with a soy hazelnut honey mustard seed jam. Essentially the grill is just a heater coil element like what you have inside an electric oven. They could have maybe brought out some lettuce leaves to wrap the meat, or a crunch element like fried crispy onion or shallot to sprinkle on top. The little blob of red you see in the middle is the spicy paste that my wife got with her bowl. The only problem is that you will need to try for a reservation on the Monday prior at 5pm. The glass egg made it tough to allow for proper mixing of the components within, but the flavor was really nice.
Dip into some of the spicy sauce they serve it with, or the more traditional sesame oil + salt combo, and enjoy. They were too good to pass up, and I wanted to make sure the Tabelog folks tasted them (you can see pics of those above). As the restaurant got more and more busy, she had to multi-task a bit, and Reese sort of relieved her at our table.
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I was thoroughly impressed with the six course tasting menu for two that my wife scored for less than the price of one.
The tempura was perfectly crispy and light, and the fish dish was garnished with paper-thin salt flakes that really made the flavors pop. The meat by itself was good, but I can see how maybe some people would want to mix up the textures a little bit. It was tough, but I ended up getting a seat for my wife and I to slurp up some of this delicious shit.
Our awesome waiter Reese mixed in the quail egg for us after patiently waiting as we snapped photos of all the apps. But at one point we caught a glimpse of her serving up this monster set of ribs to the table next to us.
Anyway, Reese gave us a run down on each cut, instructing us on how long each piece should be cooked, and what to expect for each (soft, chewy, creamy, etc). The asparagus and mushrooms were awesome though, especially when sprinkled with some of the Japanese spicy pepper condiment.
The characteristic aged flavors were highlighted with a nutty, funky-ass barnyard kick from the cheese.
So this is not technically the traditional open flame yakatori style you find in Japan, but it did fill the craving for grilled meat. We definitely could have finished it all, and I wouldn’t have minded paying 60pp for two instead of 30pp for four. In hindsight, I wish we had gotten the roasted rice ball instead of the sushi roll, but hey. I found out on Friday at about 4:00pm that they had an opening for me and my wife at midnight. Fuck… This place even has testicles on the menu, and they have no shame in putting the words BEEF BALLS on the fucking menu!

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