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Floral or flowers, sometimes referred as a bloom or blossom, represents the reproductive part of a flowering plant. If you fancy a more spiritual theme for your floral body art, then why not take a look at some of the beautiful designs available for a weeping willow tattoo? Symbolically, there are several different meanings associated with a weeping willow tattoo but overall it is a powerful spiritual metaphor so it would be ideal for anyone following this path.
Like-wise, tattooing a floral design or flash onto your body may signify your beliefs in a A a continuous and productive spirit of your life. Whereas women may opt for the large water-painted floral art designs, men tend to include a single or small to medium size floral designs to complement any other sleeve tattoo themes they already or wish to have. This particular tree has a very distinctive design thanks to his predominantly pendulous-shaped branches from which it gets its name. The willow tree is also renowned for its flexibility as it is one of the few trees that can be bent to the extreme without snapping.
The olde English interpretation links it with love while the biblical meaning associates it with terrible grief and mourning. It is not uncommon nowadays on a hot summer day, to see a woman with a large portion of their arms inked with floral designs or some sort of unified floral theme tattoos.

As body art, this tree’s image is quite unusual in that its branches hang downward, falling like curtains over the trunk. Not only does this signify great inner strength but also provides a reminder that life will flow more in our favor if we adjust to it rather than trying to fight against it. Arabian folklore also gives the weeping willow connotations of suffering and atonement, while ancient civilizations used its wood to make funeral torches so to them it was a symbol of death. If you would want to have aA floral sleeve tattooA you might make sure to do some research on the type of flowers you want to ink with, as different flowers may present different meanings. In the spring, it forms very small leaves that resemble arrows and these last until Autumn however many depictions show the tree bare to enhance its unique shape. It is also renowned for its capacity to survive, thanks to its natural ability to thrive in difficult conditions. The wood of the willow has long been used in ceremonies and rituals relating to harnessing physic abilities which can be traced back to ancient Druid customs.
Some examples of a flowery tattoo include flowers with a tropical style, blossoms only in autumn or winter, or exotic East Asian flowers. It also produces flowers arranged in furry catkins; however the male and female catkins do not form on the same tree.

The willow’s copious ability to grow is well documented and even the smallest twig that falls into swampy bog land can take root.
The Celts in particular believed that the symbolism of the willow was closely associated with both ritual and metaphysical practices.  Another legend, that enhances this tree’s potent link to psychic abilities, claims that the death of Alexander the Great was predicted by a willow tree when one of its branches caught the crown on his head, sweeping it away as he sailed the river Euraphrates in a boat.
Lotus, roses, orchids, jasmines, and sunflowers are also some common and popular floral sleeve tattoo choices. This is another valuable lesson that the willow teaches us, keep reaching higher and you will grow no matter where you started from.
We hope that the below floral sleeve tattoosA will bring some inspiration and ideas for everyone.

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