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Pansies are one of the earliest flowering plants, blooming right alongside the spring bulbs. The viola family includes both pansies and violets, the former most loved for their perky faces and the latter for their pretty perfume. Garden Pansies are grown during the winter in the South or Southwest and during the summer in the North. Whether grown from seed or bedding plants, pansies are relatively disease and pest free blooms. The hardy but delicate viola was cultivated by the Greeks for herbal medicinal use and much later inspired William Shakespeare to write of romance. The pansy plant itself is compact, not more than 9 inches in both height and spread, and bears many stems. If you are creating a flower bed, you may want to create a pattern or color scheme prior to planting. If pansies fail to thrive it is often because neither nature nor the gardener provided enough water. Mulching around the pansies with 2 inches of organic material will help conserve moisture, and reduce weed growth. Flirty Fleurs The Florist Blog - Inspiration for Floral DesignersThoughtful musings of florists who adore florists and flowers. Color Guide to Italian Ranunculus, for more information please visit Hyperactive Farms Website.

Perfect peonies, gorgeous garden roses and sweetest sweet peas are a few of the flowers shown on these pages, affectionately designed into a variety of bridal & bridesmaids bouquets.
Every year when I hear the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year my mind races with thoughts of what flowers will work. Recently I sent out a twitter request & email to our mailing list, asking for input on seven different questions. The flowers impart a strong flavor and have been used to make syrup, flavored honey and salads.
If insect or disease problems occur, treat early with organic or chemical insect repellents and fungicide.
Offering a wide variety of designs including elegant, modern, rustic, traditional, dramatic & romantic. This year when I heard Marsala will be the color of the year I was quite pleased, so many flowers are available in this color!
There are a few apps that do this but I like Square Ready because you can choose what background colour you want to use.
Both the leaves and flowers can be used as a garnish, such as on cold fruit or cream soups. Below are a selection of flowers and foliages in the Marsala Range, hope this helps as you all are working on designing Marsala hued events.
I use this mostly to create the focused up front and blurry out back look but the filters, lenses and frames are also fantastic and there are heaps of them.

You can add light leaks, vingnetts, change the aperture, mold the sun spots into lots of great shapes including hearts and snowflakes, brighten, crop, blah blah blah. This just means that you can move the boarders around then lock them into place before you size the pictures. If you use Square Ready then add a filter in Instagram the whole square image gets coloured instead of just the actual photo. Pansies can be directly seeded into your flower garden or seeded indoors for transplanting later.
It's great as in-phone camera editing can be pretty fiddly and this just helps you control everything better. Basically you have a profile, follow people, they follow you and everyone makes their pics look awesome with a bunch of quick vintage style filters and boarders. If I'm making a collage like below I always use Pic Frame first, then apply the filter, then the text.

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