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Is it just me or does that Man City fan look like Stephen “Pink Range Rover” Ireland?
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This Liverpool fan obviously has an unhealthy obsession with the spears and sandals film 300 - prompting him to have Anfield legends Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher depicted as Spartan warriors (complete with exaggerated abdominals), while a slightly disfigured Rafa Benitez looks confused in the background. It seems that it's not only Scousers from the red part of Merseyside who have illiterate tattooists, although spelling Everton with a double E suggests that, in a break from normal tradition, it was the artist and not the customer who had a few too many drinks beforehand.
Making a wager when drunk is always a dangerous game as this overly optimistic Manchester City fan found out in 2009. Bothroyd may have been forced to leave Arsenal but he carries his own in the form of perhaps the most intimidating way to spell the world 'Love' ever.
As one of the game's worst purveyors of poor taste, Stephen Ireland has attracted criticism for his everything from his choice of interior design to blinged up automobiles. It wouldn't be surprising if the Premier League's perennial bad boy Nile Ranger held Mike Tyson as a disaffected role model given that the former Newcastle striker also decided to have a facial tattoo.

Not content with expressing his unique sense of style by wearing skirts or sculpting and dyeing his facial hair blonde, France striker Djibril Cisse is an art collector of the most unusual kind with more tattoos adorning his body than you might find on your average Maori tribesman, randomly including a bird, the number XI and a treble clef.. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Just say no-mar: Every wondered what Neymar would look like if he came down with an aggressive case of mumps?
Shitty forever: This prannet had his optimistic tattoo done in 2009 as part of a post-pub wager (always dangerous) with a United-supporting mate. All roads lead to Munic: This Chelsea fan was universally panned by all and sundry after unveiling his post-Champions League victory tatt on Twitter in 2012. The guy didnt like the fact that Miller was chosen to lead the line for Scotland against England.
If you wish to use one of our images on your site we usually grant permission provided you use a link to our site stating our company name. He paid the price after gambling with his Manchester United supporting friend that two seasons of excessive spending would see City crowned as Champions League winners in 2011 - a year that saw them eventually knocked out of the Europa League quarter-finals by Dynamo Kiev.And, it's not only football fans who seem to lose all sense of sanity when deciding on what indelible mark to have permanently drawn on their bodies.

Well, because of Mario Balotelli's regular attention seeking acts of absurd grandeur like this. Unfortunately, before Rob’s tattoo had even begun to scab over, Cole upped sticks and joined Manchester United.
He stupidly bet that if Miller scored ten he’d tattoo on his arse Kenny Miller, Goal Machine. This Leeds and England fanatic has taken allegiance to his teams to another level by having his entire face inscribed with a flaming montage of flags and club crests. Fortunately (or not) the Geordie was able to cleverly (or not) turn it into a tribute to Sir Les of Ferdinand.
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