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Letter based Ambigram design is usually getting a horizontal, vertical flip or a 180 degree in the correct alignment.
I only like to introduce name based ambigram designs rather than adding examples which shows different faces at different angles.
A simple ambigram generator which does letter inverts to make letters pair look similar at some standard angles.
So after dissatisfied by the lack of good ambigram generators i went on to find some inspiration so that i can design myself  which i have also added here for your inspiration. A brilliant effort from this designer to build a complete branding for a handloom industry. Having a creative sense is the key to great ambigram design as i think a generator can do nothing of much help here.
The ambigram tattoos featured in this site look good on both men and women and can also be sported on a variety of colors.

A clear idea on how to get a proper letter orientation is the starting point to do a great ambigram design. A brand specific ambigram design doesn’t change the meaning of the design when perceived at any angle as it will be mostly letters inverted from left to right( unless its sun microsystems).
You should be able to create ambigram with free ambigram generators to get a letter pairing one by one.
The chained letter format looks to be most efficient but it might be hard to visualize by many at first glance.
Add a first letter and the second letter which needs to be the paired with the first letter. Your creativity and basic Photoshop or understanding of other image editors will help a lot. Sometimes a particular word can appear as a new word with a different meaning when seen from the opposite direction.

Ambigram tattoos can be of various types, such as reflective ambigrams, rotational ambigrams and 3-dimensional ambigrams.
However, the flipscript or the rotational ambigram tattoos are the most popular ones where a word or a phrase can be flipped in vertical or horizontal ways.
Ambigrams have also been featured in Angels and Demons, the bestselling novel written by Dan Brown.
For your ambigram tattoo, you can choose words that are personally meaningful to you, or some of the generally popular ones.

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