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This time of the year I really do stop and reflect on the whole year and I do appreciate everything that has been amazing. Christmastime is here and although it can be a busy and frantic time, it can be really rewarding when you sit down with your family and friends and enjoy the magic of the season.
Oh dear, I know that it sounds crazy, but I really started to lament to my mom and sisters that this year is just too busy for me to host a big Christmas Eve dinner (we traditionally have a big Holiday supper on the 24th for about 10 adults and 3 kids).
So this Holiday, when you sit down around a dinner table with your family and friends, just take a moment to look around all the special faces around the table and take a moment to actually tell them how lucky you are they are here with you and in your life. This cake is just delicious with a sprinkling of powdered sugar for a quick little something. However, if you do make this as a 4 layer cake with this delicious gluten-free and vegan frosting – it will be Amazing!! Combine together all the wet ingredients in another bowl and pour into the dry ingredients. Remove from the oven and let rest for 2-3 minutes then lift out of the pan and place on a wire rack to cool. Just before layering the cake, mix again in the mixer for a few minutes to make the frosting nice and smooth.
This cake is called the Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cake but it’s not just for those who celebrate Christmas. I used Stevia and it was perfect with it – still fluffy and creamy and sweet but without that sugar high!
I made this recipe with SR flour in the same quantity as listed and added a bit of extra warm water to keep a more cake consistency. In brackets I said 1 full container of Earth Balance coconut spread but I didn’t think that was clear in my notes.

Aside from that, I just want to add that gluten-free cakes are really the best when baked the same day.
But the actual baking I would do in the morning – leaving to cool for at least 2 hours at room temperature and then layering the cake with cold frosting just before serving.
I would use the combination of shortening and buttery spread – it will not be yellow. This fruit cake is studded with lots of chewy fruit that has been soaked in Southern Comfort. Alternate adding in the flour and applesauce to the butter mixture until well incorporated.
Pour the cake batter into two nine-inch cake pans that have been lined with parchment paper.
Yes, because it’s the togetherness and gratefulness that we have each other that really makes the Holidays special. We have each other and can have a beautiful Christmas that celebrates our growing family and all the good things in our life. You don’t need to clean the pan for the second baking but you do need to place a fresh sheet of parchment paper. The rosemary is purely decorative and it’s not recommended to be eaten with this cake. I love coconut layer cake, so I would not mind if it did taste like coconut, but that’s another recipe. If you need to avoid gluten due to a sensitivity or Celiac, consider making one of these Christmas cake recipes this year. Make yours one of them by serving one of these gluten-free options this Christmas time and enjoy your cake again.

And now that we have kids, we do it all for them – so they see how important family and togetherness is.
I also perfected the recipe so it has no gums or egg-replacers which are unnecessary and very expensive to buy and you’d never need the whole bag of that stuff anyway. My mom is a skilled traditional baker but even she was shocked that this cake had no eggs or dairy and it came out so amazing!!! I haven’t tested this however so I would recommend to make one cake and test it out first.
And make the frosting completely ahead of time (frosting stays fresh for up to 1 week – just remix before frosting the cake. Not only will you be able to indulge your sweet tooth around the holidays once more; your family and friends will be able to indulge and enjoy right along with you. Half of his family lives in Europe, including his mom and only sibling, his sister, so I think I’m realizing how important the people who are in his life here are. In a mixer, whip the shortening and vegan butter on high until light and fluffy for about 5 minutes. Guess I’d use coconut cream as part of the frosting, along with SO Delicious coconut milk and yogurt for a rich, moist cake (and to decrease the Earth Balance) in the cake. I secretly wanted to curl up and sleep through this crazy time of the year and wake up (hopefully revived) in 2015!

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