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I only create digital photography backdrops suitable for superimposing underneath a photographic subject. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Awesome looking beautiful brown horse grazing on a steep Mount Rigi hillside in Switzerland.
HDR photography of some swiss barns and horses grazing and mount pilatus in luzern switzerland on May 4,09.
HDR photography of swiss horse statue and some colorful fall foliage in Ebikon Switzerland. Horse photography of a colorful brown and white spotted swiss horse grazing with some colorful fall foliage in Lucerne Switzerland.
A large aperture like F22 closing down the aperture opening, and allows less light in the camera, but gives more depth of field, like looking through a small hole.

This activity will only work if you have bad eyes and need glasses or contact lenses to see far, so you people with good eyes are out of luck, you can't try this fun activity. Horses are awesome animals, they are beautiful to look at and cool to ride, so we would like to honor them by showing some horse jumping photos, horse grazing photos, horse playing photos and more. Using various brushes, blenders, textures and layer modes in both Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop I was able to create these painterly digital backgrounds.
If you have any request for future backgrounds such as color schemes or a particular theme, I will do my best to get them out to you. When you have a large aperture value like F22 or larger, you will get the most depth of field(focus) as possible and your focus point won't be as critical. I don't know the science behind why the depth of field is increased with a small aperture opening, but its the same reason as when you look through a small hole and you can see things more clearly, for those of us with bad eyes and can't see without glasses or contact lenses. The plants in the background are almost in focus as much as the plant in the middle, so the plant in the middle doesn't draw as much attention as in the photo in tip #26 with an aperture of F5.6.

Take off your glasses or contact lenses, and then look through the small hole, with the paper as close to your eye as possible. For flower and closeup photography like this, it usually isn't desirable to use a large aperture value like F22, because usually you want to focus the attention on one flower or plant.
So to sum it all up, you just have to remember a large aperture value like F22, gives you larger or deeper depth of field(focus), but a smaller aperture opening and less light into the camera. Where you would want a large aperture value like F22 is in landscape scenery photos like our panoramic images, in the Switzerland Photography page.

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