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Overly ornate fonts should be used sparingly as too many loops and swishes can be overwhelming to the reader.
Here are five free script fonts for download along with examples of how I’ve used them on a wedding invitation. Respective is another font with swirls and swooshes, that can be downloaded in regular or slanted. Champagne is a less formal script font, and can be downloaded for free from Font Squirrel, Fonts 101, and Abstract Fonts. Distemper is an easy to read script font, and can be download for free from Fonts 101, Max Fonts, and Fonts 2 U.
Today, we feature some of the very best wedding fonts commonly used for wedding invitation cards. This beautiful script font is designed by Louis Madarasz, known as one of the most skillful penman. Affair typeface is designed by Alejandro Paul in 2006, this beautiful script font is intricate and enormous that is perfect for wedding invitations and other occasions alike. This font is amazingly beautiful with many ligature forms that fills an eccentric and fabulous combination of font.
This beautiful script font is based on writing masters’ lettering way back in 18th century. Even if it the font name doesn’t sound that pleasant, this script is a nice looking script font with many distinctive strokes that looks really cool, perfect for wedding invitations, logos and other uses. This stylish script font is very decorative with many curve details that will surely catch anyone’s attention.
Breathe typeface is a combination of very fabulous flourishes and swashes, designed by famous font designer Maximiliano Sproviero.
This calligraphy script font is elegant and very stylish font style, perfect for wedding invitations, cards, menus, logos and other design usage.
Parfumeric Script Pro is designed by the Sabrina Lopez which has almost 3000 glyphs to offer. This font is unique and friendly hand lettering designed by Laura Worthington, this font is one of the most versatile fonts that have 341 alternates. Emily Lime is a fun and beautiful script font is also known as the frame builder designed by Emily Conners, this font has 79 elements with over a thousand combinations perfect for creating the best wedding invitation cards. Belinda is a typical and one of the most popular script font types being used for wedding invitation cards. Chopin script font is very artistic and has many details with numerous accented letter forms and beautiful ornaments.

Carolyna Pro Black is a sister font of Carolyna Pro which is bolder, it has more letter forms and beautiful swashes.
Brannboll Fet is bold and has many ligature forms that offer a great font design for wedding invitations, logos and other uses. This font is a typical hand-written typeface font similar to old style fonts in writing letters.
This dynamic font is designed by Melle Diete that has many ligature forms, alternates, ornaments, swashes and other beautiful details.
Respective font is a gorgeous typeface with many letter curves, ornaments and special details. This font is extra thin and narrow type of script font designed by Ulrike Wilhelm to complement with the famous font of dingbats. Memoriam Pro is a classic yet very artistic design of script font that offers a combination of elegance and super neat design of characters. About Vector DiaryVector Diary is a popular blog offering great illustrator tutorials and tips.
Perhaps use a fancy script for the names on your invitation, and something less ornate for the bulk of your text. After my intensive research, I noticed Sudtipos Font Foundry created some of the most elegant wedding fonts such as Burgues Script, Affair, Adios Script which are widely used by designers. It is designed by 2 of the finest in font designing, Sabrina Lopez and Maximiliano Sproviero. This font is rendered for George Bickham’s engravings and has a very lavish style perfect for wedding cards. This font looks lively and very stylish perfect for wedding invitations, logos and other design elements.
Breathe is a stylish and totally beautiful typeface for everyone who wants to play with their letter forms. The swashes are perfectly thin and fabulous, this font is designed by Manuel Eduardo Corradine. This font style is very unique and beautiful, personally based on the designer’s calligraphy.
This font family is compose of 7 members with many ligature forms, cyrillic alphabet and alternates perfect for wedding invitation cards. It is a font that has a versatile touch with combinations of swashes, flowers, ornaments, ribbons and other details designed by Sabrina Lopez. This font has no ornaments and swashes but still it looks very attractive perfect for invitations and other uses.

It is designed by Emily Conners with thousands of available characters and alternates to offer. It has numerous ligature forms and alternates that fully support the long hand writing, it is designed by Christian Robertson.
This is a sister script font of Carolyna Pro designed by Emily Conners with over a thousand available characters and alternates. It has 200 ligature forms, about a thousand glyphs, numerous alternates and swashes with cyrillic version. It has many available letter forms with almost 1500 characters, hundreds of ornaments and swashes to offer which are all firmly design. It looks friendly and polite perfect for giving your invitation a touch of personalization with over 500 glyphs available. This font is designed by Patrick Griffin in 2011 with so much in mind to come up with a very stylist font style that is packed with many detailed curves and beautiful characters.
This type of font is perfectly created for wedding invitation cards with many options to offer that will give additional style to your artwork with a touch of perfection.
Script fonts are a good choice for wedding invitations as they can exude elegance and a formality that suits such a momentous occasion. The attractive and contemporary style will surely give you the look you want for your greeting cards. Illustrator is my passion and I have written numerous tutorials on illustrator helping people learn illustrator.
Tony has written one of the most popular tutorial to learn illustrator and has helped more than 20,000 people. As your invitation is often the way you will introduce your wedding theme to guests, it is important to pick a font that matches the look and feel you have in mind for your special day. Avoid using scripts in all caps, and be wary when mixing scripts on the same page as they tend to compete for attention.
On top of that, his tutorials and tips has helped designers improve their illustration skills and have received great feedback.
A formal cursive script doesn’t bring to mind a beach wedding, but is a good introduction for a black tie affair.

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