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A Florida man who has turned his life around after multiple prison stints had face tattoos removed with a welding tool. Eriks Mackus, 22, of Clearwater, was nearing the end of his two-year welding course when he realized the gang tattoos on his face would make it difficult to get a job a€“ so he had a classmate remove them with a wire wheel.
A wire wheel is a grinder used to prepare a surface of the objects to be welded prior to the procedure, it stripped several layers of skin and the tattoos off Mackusa€™ face.
Mackus has a long criminal record dating back to when he was only 12-years-old, when he joined a gang while in juvenile detention for stealing a golf cart, he told the Tampa Bay Times.
He soon began melting down checkers and combining the goo with grease, toothpaste and pencil lead to create tattoo ink. The troubled teen then used paper clips to tattoo a crudely drawn gun and the words a€?Money Hungrya€™ across his chest, he told the paper.
The state of Florida on his right cheek, the Pinellas County area code (727) on his left cheek, the a€?187a€™ police call for murder on his Adama€™s apple, flames on his fingers, dollar signs on his ear lobes, his gang name a€?Cracka Maca€™ on his forearm and several others on his hands and neck. Mackus had grown close with longtime student Brian Bodlak, who had become a mentor to the young man.
Eight laser tattoo removal treatments and $150 payments later there was little progress, so he did what anyone would do a€“ took drastic action. The ex-con bought gauze, hydrogen peroxide, an 18-pack of Budweiser and a bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum for Labor Day Weekend 2012. The Florida tattoo was ripped from his face a few weeks later, but the process damaged Mackusa€™ right eye. A pending criminal case against him was soon dismissed, leaving his final welding test as his only hurdle to work. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Texas pest pro termites bee removal mosquitos, Texas pest pro services austin and surrounding areas.

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You just walked out from a dark shady tattoo studio in New York and you feel something is different about yourself – you feel sharp tonight. A studio owner may have suggested this man to ink a tattoo of his little boy’s face onto his upper back and this man seemed to have quickly agreed with the tattoo idea. This man having noticed that her girlfriend is a die-hard fans of Hello Kitty, might have done whatever he could to please her, including bringing her to Hello Kitty Land, buying her a Hello Kitty stuffed toy and even turning himself into a Hello Kitty Mascot. This young lady may have wanted a tattoo with Chinese sayings that represent her character on her arm but if you happen to know how to read Chinese, then it may ponder you to think… what exactly does she want to convey with those 2 Chinese characters that do not form a meaning together. This man may be a loyal fan of Microsoft, or happens to be a very loyal employee of that company.
This young man came up with this amazingly interesting idea of matching this tattoo design with his body hair as a piece of tattoo artwork. Perhaps as he was running out of ideas, he came up with this innovative idea – inking a Hello Kitty Tattoo onto his forehead! There may be no doubt about his passion for Microsoft, but it intrigues me to think whether Microsoft would be appreciative of his tattooing efforts? Yes we can see that those two thighs match perfectly with his armpit hair… but once the freshness goes, tattoo regret usually follows. The tattoo picture says it all, with the behinds of a cat perfectly fitting with his navel or belly button.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Free Tattoo Removal For Ex Gang Members interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. You are anxiously walking out on the main street, waiting for the chance to impress your friends as soon as possible, until you are drawn by the weird attention and occasional laughter from almost every single stranger you happened to pass by.

Even though he believed it was an expression of his loyalty to the company, it comes to our minds that inking this company logo tattoo onto him would probably cause him serious problems — that is if he works at another company other than Microsoft. This may seem to be quite interesting at the start, but as you move on with your life and one day have your family and kids, this is definitely something you would not want them to know about. Frankly speaking, this tattoo has done a poor job on drawing this little boy and it does not in any way resemble the looks of a cute baby.
When it comes to a face tattoo, it is of utmost importance to consider if the tattoo design matches with your own style.
If you want a job besides Microsoft, then this is definitely a bad tattoo idea you want to remove. A laser tattoo removal suddenly sounds like a good idea to get this bad tattoo off his body!
Chances are you have inked yourself a bad tattoo that even you would come to realize how silly it was in the next few days. As portrait tattoos require extremely high level of artistic skills, portrait tattoos that have been inked poorly would definitely be ranked at the top of the types of bad tattoos you may want to remove. As for a face tattoo for a man, this is considered to be a bad tattoo that is best to be removed! It is no doubt that you have come to the right place because in this post we are going to talk about the 6 Bad Tattoos You May Want Removed.

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