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Traditional music, dance and poetry: the geisha represents traditional values that the Japanese held to them dearly. Tea ceremonies and intelligent conversation: one part of a geisha's job was to appeal to nobleman and warriors with intelligent conversation and etiquette. Geishas have become a popular symbol in the West due to appearances in popular movies such as Sayonara, novels like Memoirs of a Geisha, and art forms like manga and anime. Fertility: red is a popular color for a geisha, and they believe that wearing red undergarments will bring fertility. Asian-themed tattoos are very popular, and it's no surprise that we find the geisha perfect for tattoos. However, those willing to be more daring may want to take their own spin on a geisha by having a zombie or ghost geisha for a tattoo. Though the traditional geisha image is breathtaking, the most popular geisha tattoos are those tweaked to mimic a pin up model.
An equally appealing design is a wood block geisha tattoo, which features a towering image of a geisha. The porcelain face, black wig with accessories, and beautiful kimono bring an aura of mystery to a geisha.

A true geisha is a learned women in position of power and embodies proper etiquette and entertainment skills. A geisha needs to perfect their talents, learning the art of conversation, and be a strong female leader. With exquisite colors and patterns, a geisha tattoo can be sensual, mysterious, beautiful, and exotic.
Make sure you find a talented tattoo artist because geisha tattoos are not the easiest kind of design: there are many details and it's hard to get the face right.
In this version, the geisha appears with voluptuous curves, thick red lips, and vibrant accessories. Such approach puts the geisha in a more natural setting—perhaps caught dancing gracefully, lost in the melody of a shamisan, or captured fanning herself demurely in midday. Most often than not, people choose to have this tattoo as a symbol of their pursuit for elegance and artistry. The misunderstanding came from Japanese prostitutes who dressed as geisha to appeal to American soldiers in World War II.
Women as well as men can wear a geisha tattoo, although it is a very feminine kind of design.

They are known for their porcelain white makeup that remains devoid of emotions, their balanced black hair fully adorned with tinkling bells, their delicate bodies elegantly clothed in the finest silk kimonos, and their little waists bound by a thick obi. Geisha tattoos like these feature the geisha with her back turned, her eyes smoldering and looking back at you with one of her kimono sleeves draped low to expose her bare shoulder.
To give an edge to you’re your wood block design, you can feature her rising from the deep seas with her robes as the serene waves; or her porcelain white face and sapphire kimono blending with the fogs of a snowy mountain, leaving only her dark hair, expressive eyes, and crimson pout in focus.
There really is nothing better than packing decades of a culture’s finest artistry into these geisha tattoos.
These geishas tread in the most exquisite thong sandals and have in their graceful hand a beautiful fan. The Japanese uphold them as living works of art; the Westerners are simply left in wonder and amazement.

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