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Thomas-Printers Invitations is brought to you by Thomas-Printers, a full-service, commercial letterpress and design shop.
The details on this happy invitation nestle beneath a trestle of delicate flowers in the color of your choice.
Are you a designer that has a group of favorite fonts that you just shuffle together again and again? Creator of the free fonts Lucker (2013), Blnker (2013, a spurred Victorian typeface), BLNK Taper Lucker (2013) and Sivernake (2013, a spurred typeface). We love the process almost as much as the finished product, whether it's wedding invitations, stationery systems, custom cards, or anything else that needs the touch of letterpress. We recycle our plates and waste paper, use tree-free (that is, cotton) and recycled paper, clean the presses with non-toxic vegetable oil and recycled rags; even our web-hosting is wind-powered.

Well, it comes with catch words and buckets of extra swashes and, AND, numbers in standard and old style form.
I love the simple rhythm created in the gentle swashes and the lean of the type that delights the eye. And as you know I’m always interested in any suggestions or tips as to where to find great type. Typefaces from 2014, some of which are commercial: Wilder, Rocking Rochoes, Rocking Bones, Brch Handdrawn, Reidfork, Hoverage (letterpress emulation, spurred), Hobric (letterpress emulation), Blnc (vintage, hand-lettered), Garado Blnco (spurred), Bracker (spurred Victorian typeface), Averake (sic) Glam (spurred, Victorian).
Those packing peanuts in your order are cornstarch, and can be poured out to dissolve in your yard.
Yes, I know there are soooooo many available, but I meant to clarify by saying the script needs to be beautiful and legible.

Well, I myself have a few favorites I like to keep close, but I am willing to seek out a new acquaintance if the project requires it. Just yesterday, I came across 2 very different scripts, but I’d say they are beautiful in their own right.
But you could say that in my line of work being so exhilarated and discerning about letter forms is useful! It’s like a treasure hunt—expect that you get to skip the crocodiles and the endless hours of bad type.

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