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If you have a website and you want to impress people with the design and look of your website then you need to have cool looking buttons, a great logo or logos and custom fonts for your text. Learn how to download the latest movies, music, software, games and more 100% free and safe with the best in VPNs! But you no longer need to do that because all you need to do is go to this one website – Cooltext. In either case it’s very easy to do and if you have them host the picture or logo for you all they ask is that you give them a link back.
Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. April 4, 2015 by Richard Lazazzera 58 Comments Tweet Share +1 Share Stumble EmailTotal Shares 120In this logo generator roundup I will show you the ten best logo makers, generators and template sources to help you generate your next logo.
Instead of just providing you with a list of resources you could use to create a logo, I decided to try and make a new logo for my men’s accessory business, Finch Goods Co.
You can watch my video below for a review of each of the logo maker services or skip it to see the full list.
BONUS: Check out this package of 107 logo templates on Creative Market, editable with both Photoshop and Illustrator.
Almost all the logos looked great and for the most part were on point with the direction for my brand. The Hipster Logo Generator will cater to certain brands but it’s definitely not for everyone. The Squarespace logo generator is definitely a capable logo maker if you spend some time to play around with it. GraphicSprings has a beautiful web interface for creating logos, however, it falls a little short on style.
Logoshi logo maker allows you to draw a scribble and it creates a geometric logo with your wordmark from it.
The more you know about what you are looking for the better you can find the right person to give you the best chance of getting something you like. Although some would call it a wordmark rather than a logo, using pure fonts for your logo is still a great way to visually represent your brand. Fonts can be free, however, paid fonts ($10-$100+) are generally more polished and come with many more features and styles to work with.
With the amount of low cost options for creating a logo, there’s absolutely no excuse not to be using some type of stylized wordmark or logo for your online store and brand. Logos are important and I didn’t know that there was such a thing as logo generators.
Wow … maybe these were free when you did the article but every single one of them charges you do download even a low res version except for the SquareSpace designer.

Free logo maker, design, software, generator, creator, online, Create your own brilliant logo in minutes with the graphicsprings free logo maker. This website said that it was free to use and that I could create as many logos or buttons as I wanted to and acted choose from thousands of fonts and designs. While not every person that lands on you website will buy from you and get to experience every element of your brand, (navigation, search, product selection, policies, customer service etc.) they will all see your logo.
Either you created something yourself with clip-art (cringe), or you had to work with a professional designer and pay thousands of dollars. With a great selection of top notch photos, graphics, templates, themes and fonts, Creative Market is my go to place to get the best quality design work. There is a huge selection of high end logo templates and you can’t complain about the pricing, most items are just $5-$15. Tailor will ask you a series of several questions about your brand and style preference and then generate six logos for you to select and adjust. Just enter your business name and a keyword or two to describe your business and Withoomph will present you with dozens of automatically generated logo’s. Catering to the hipster movement this logo generator actually is capable of producing some great logos.
After spending 10 minutes looking through all the images that really feel like early 90’s clipart. The designs all felt very boring and generic and couldn’t find anything that I felt would work for my brand. Logoshi looks like it might be a great option, however, it didn’t work as advertised as you can see from the example below. It’s absolutely true that you will not get a original, well designed logo for $5, however, you can get a great looking logo.
My personal favorite logo creation options are Creative Market templates, high quality fonts, and Tailor Brands logo generator. Spend some time looking at other peoples logos and exploring the logo generator options from this post and you’re more than likely to find something to suit your brand and budget. A great logo is a must for anyone with a business, and these are great resources to find some good ones.
When I started by business with Rodan + Fields, I immediately kept my own personal brand and logo because I new it would help grow my business faster (and I was right!) Having a logo and personal brand tied to your business help keep you authentic and connected to other people who are interested in what you have to offer! Coming up with the perfect one is the hardest part, cause you want to stand out from the rest. When you know the direction you’re going to be heading towards, you can always re-brand. Once all the companies are using logo generators like this, freelance designers might actually find themselves with MORE job offers because it’ll be even harder to separate yourself from the competition.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! You also had to pay for programs that create nice looking buttons for you and then you had to pay again for custom fonts. I could make neon like signs, military fonts and emblems, etc… you name it you can do it with this website. A logo is such a small element of a brand, however, it’s the most critical and consumer facing element. These days though, there are a decent amount of options at varying price levels to help you create a great logo for your new brand.
I gave myself ten minutes to use each logo making option and create what I felt was the best logo possible to match my current brand.
You can also always click the back button to edit one or more of your previous preferences and it will generate six new logos for you.
They say that the low resolution version is free to download and the high resolution version is $10, however, when they say low resolution they lean a logo the size a penny.
I am going to check this out because I have ben thinking of changing things up a little bit.
I never knew about Logo Generator, but some of the websites you provided I have heard of before. We own a security company and my husband has his business phrase but he may like an actually graphic or pictures to go with it. But I have to uninstall it and I wasted upwards of 10 minutes to a half an hour to install this crap. Once you’re done designing the button or logo you have the option of hosting it on their website or saving it by downloading it to your computer and then hosting it on your own website. The days of finding a boring, under-served niche and stuffing your URL with your niches keywords (i.e. Avoid the listings that tell you they will create an original logo for you (or don’t, it’s only $5 so you really don’t have much to lose) and look at the listings that are simply using templates where they will replace the name in to logo with your company name. Customers are smarter and more discerning, and search engine algorithms ignore those blatant attempts to rank with your name.

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