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While there are many paint programs that work well with the Windows 8 start screen, Microsoft’s Fresh Paint program is a drawing application for Windows 8 that you can download free from the Windows 8 store that is easy to use and has many of the same features available in MS paint.  With this unique interface, you can make custom colors, change your brush size and shape, and choose different virtual art tools such as crayons, colored pencil, or eraser.
Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have hundreds of thousands of apps for consumers to choose from. Granted, that number is expected to climb by several thousand by the time Windows 8 is released later this month, on October 26. If you’ve used previous versions of Windows, then you might have never downloaded an app in your life.
Users of the Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT operating systems will depend heavily on the Windows Store for content. Windows RT devices will generally cost less than devices which run the full version of Windows 8. If users of these tablets and smartphones can’t download the apps they need, then the Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 tablets could end up like the Blackberry PlayBook, HP Touchpad, and other failed devices. While these apps are useful, it’s more significant to look at the apps that aren’t available in the Windows Store. In order for any console, smartphone, tablet, or operating system to be successful, it helps to have a “killer app”. If that is really the best that the Windows Store has to offer, then consumers might not be too impressed with Windows 8. Shafaqat Liaqat is a web developer working on internet and managing (Crack Softwares and Ycracks) Websites in the supervision of Ayaan Ali. Making the most of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. Late last month, Microsoft announced a raft of interface changes that Windows 8.1 would introduce. As you might guess from the name, Windows 8.1 is an update to (and improvement on) Windows 8.
The default Start screen also includes a bunch of small tiles for Music, Video, Games, and the Camera app. The combination of the two new tile sizes serves both to make the Start screen a lot more customizable and a lot denser. For example, the default background, a stylized betta fish (a motif that Microsoft has used for the last few Windows betas) has a number of bubbles coming from the fish's mouth (and yes, this is accurate; although most fish do not produce bubbles since they breathe using gills, betta fish do in fact make bubbles). The backgrounds all have a parallax scrolling effect, putting them some distance "behind" the layer of tiles.
If you don't want any of those background images, there's a new option to use the desktop wallpaper behind the Start screen.
I wish that Microsoft had included this option in Windows 8, perhaps even going so far as to make it the default. The other major change to the Start screen is not something you'll see, but rather something you won't see. Getting to All Apps has changed to be consistent with Windows Phone; in that (primarily portrait mode) operating system, you swipe from right to left in the tile view to see the listing of all your apps.
One consequence of this swipe action is that the way of interacting with tiles on the Start screen has changed. One of our biggest criticisms of Windows 8—and far and away the most annoying aspect of it in my own day-to-day usage—is that its search feature broke the usage model that I'd depended on since Windows Vista: hit the Windows key and then start typing.
If the results in the list aren't what you want, hit return and you'll get a full-screen results set that culls data from a range of sources.
One further consequence of this is that the top-level Search feature is no longer the preferred approach for contextual, in-app search. The new settings app, which we took pictures of in our gallery, is a great deal more complete. Together, these changes conspire to make Windows 8.1 a better, more consistent operating system. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Microsoft unveiled and delved into Windows 10 today during the company’s event in Redmond, WA today. This new app (which was leaked a while back) will bring over a player’s friends list, achievement, and activity feed, voice chat, send messages, and continue to utilize Game DVR (the feature allowing users to record, edit, and share game clips with their social network of choice). The biggest feature to come from this app, however, will be the ability to stream Xbox One exclusives to any tablet or PC running Windows 10. As for games that will benefit from this new relationship between Xbox One and Windows 10, only Fable Legends has been announced, which will see a simultaneous launch on both platforms. That said, anyone interested in playing around with an early iteration of the Xbox app can download the Windows 10 Tech Preview sometime next week. In the emulator, you can change the firmware to install a different launchers, mounting of various SD cards and more. Results and comments: according to the results of the use of the emulator for 6 months left only positive impressions.
You can only use MS paint in Classic Desktop mode, however, and can’t use this program with the new Windows 8 start screen.  You can find MS paint by typing “mspaint”, which will engage the Windows 8 search feature and will allow you to install this program, which was traditionally the default free painting and drawing app in previous versions of Windows, like Windows 7. But Microsoft might soon realize one of the most important lessons about attracting mobile consumers: if there aren’t any good apps, people won’t bother buying whatever you’re selling.
You can run all normal Windows programs with Windows 8, which means your old software should easily transfer. Windows 8 apps are the only programs that will run on these operating systems, and a lack of content in the app store could frustrate early adopters. The fact that the Windows store doesn’t have them could play a significant role in the success of Windows 8 phones and the Microsoft Surface, not to mention the dozens of other Windows 8 devices being released by Microsoft’s hardware partners.

A killer app is something that makes users buy your device simply because they want to access a particular program. The Spotlight section of the Windows Store sums up the reason why Microsoft is having so much trouble.
In any case, we’ll be able to see exactly what the general public thinks of Windows 8 when it gets released later this month.
We've put together a list of the top ten apps for Windows 8 that wont cost you a penny to install. The new user interface introduced in that operating system—the Start screen, touch-friendly "Modern" apps, the charms bar—is retained in Windows 8.1. Future updates to built-in apps will extend large tile support; for example, an update to the Mail app will allow it to show a preview of your latest two or three mails. Even at modest screen resolutions, you'll be able to pack much more information onto the screen, giving quick access to many more apps. Unlike the static abstract images offered in Windows 8, the backgrounds in 8.1 include a number of subtle animations.
The desktop wallpaper is typically very different from the other background images; they remain stylized and abstract, just as in Windows 8.
To me, it makes the Start screen feel much less separate from the desktop, providing a sort of visual continuity that doesn't otherwise exist.
While it's only a small change, it does something that Windows 8 has thus far struggled to do: it bridges the worlds of the desktop and the Metro environment. To customize a tile in Windows 8, you nudged it up or down, and that selected it and let you change its size, unpin it, uninstall it, and so on.
Long presses make you stop what you're doing and wait for the operating system to recognize your input.
Although Windows 8 does support this style of search, it presented results in an annoying, segregated way, with different sections for programs, files, and settings.
First of all, basic search results are now unified, reinstating the convenience of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
I do it from the browser, and in fact, I visit the homepage of the search engines I use first, not even searching directly from the address bar.
Instead, apps should use a magnifying glass icon or similar to support their own search features. It was woefully incomplete, forcing touch users to use the desktop to configure various options. It's not exhaustive—there are still settings that require the use of the desktop Control Panel—but it now covers a much, much larger proportion of common configuration tasks.
He covers Microsoft, programming and software development, Web technology and browsers, and security.
Unfortunately, streams can only be done through a home network, which seems to be contrary to what Spencer said during the event, but afterwards the Xbox head stated that other streaming options are being explored. We’re incredibly proud of the Xbox One and are fully committed to ensuring it’s the best place to play console games in 2015 and beyond. Expect more games from Microsoft Studios to get the same treatment (perhaps a certain Halo), though they won’t be officially revealed for a few more months. After that, look ahead towards Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March for even more details regarding Windows 10 and Xbox One. Very useful for those who love Android games and other entertainment available for most popular platforms ARM. Though mostly I downloaded a simple 2D toys and applications, but they all went without problems. Since Microsoft only really started its app store earlier this year, it’s no surprise that it’s lagging behind its competitors. The tiled ‘Metro’ interface will still be accessible, allowing you to download whatever Windows 8 apps you want. After all, what’s the point of spending several hundred dollars on a new phone or tablet, only to find out that it’s missing some of the world’s best apps? Microsoft’s OEMs, including companies like Asus, Acer, and Samsung, have also announced various Windows RT tablets. From apps for movie making, to movie watching; sketching, gaming and apps to help you when you're programming, all available to download right now, for free. By default, the Weather tile takes advantage of this, using a new double-height tile size to show the forecasts for both today and tomorrow, in addition to the current conditions. This is particularly welcome for desktop apps, which unfortunately still don't support live tiles.
Other backgrounds that Microsoft has demonstrated (but which don't appear to be in this preview) include a dragon that swooshes around as you scroll through the Start screen and robots with whirring cogs. Desktop wallpaper, on the other hand, is often photographic (especially if using the default wallpaper, which loads a daily photograph from Bing).
This is true even if the desktop itself is covered by a window, as it means that at least the coloring is consistent between the two. Although the tile layout is meant to be personal, installing any new app, whether desktop or Metro, would just dump additional icons onto the screen. New apps get flagged to advertise their presence, and there is a set of sorting options if you want something other than an alphabetical view. That nudge gesture is now gone, with "edit" mode now invoked by the more traditional long press. At least they are familiar, as other touch operating systems also use them, so that's a point in their favor. Combined with the inconsistent division between these categories, the result was a reduction in usability.

Starting a search (whether using the charm or the keyboard) no longer covers the screen, either; it just shows a search bar down the right hand side of the screen. Search for a person, for example, and you'll see some brief biographical information, along with a link to the relevant part of the Wikipedia app. I've hated the use of the top-level search for in-app search since day one, so this is a very welcome improvement.
Except for the Start screen background, none of the stuff I've described so far will do much to excite dedicated desktop users who prefer Windows 7 to 8.
Bugs and errors mostly met when I had to download at the same time, other applications, including browser. But many users will be perfectly happy to use the Windows programs they’ve grown accustomed to on Windows 7. Unfortunately, the Spotlight section of the Windows Store is currently displaying apps like “Disk Falcon” and “Periodic Table.” Do those sound like fun apps to you?
So long as you can control yourself during a Steam sale these apps should give you endless joy, without hurting your wallet. This undermined the notion that the Start screen was your tiles, laid out the way you want. Scroll right and you'll get image results, Web hits with previews of the pages, related searches, and so on. The program can be installed even Google Play that allows you to easily download and install applications. The project is still under constant development, and other Android is available only in closed access. I can see how it would be useful, just as long as it can provide structured search hero results for a wide range of searches.
This software will only activate the apps in of the Windows 8. Windows 8 Ultimate Store Crack by Crack Softwares. SpotifyPlay the latest hits and golden oldies with SpotifyApparently in the old days music fans used to go into "shops" and buy music on "records". These days anyone with the Spotify app can access pretty much every piece of music ever recorded.
You can use its recommendation engine and your friends' tastes to find brand new artists and unjustly overlooked oldies alike. The only downside to the free version is the odd advert.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. SkypeKeep in touch with people from across the world on SkypeSkype for Windows 8 is available in two forms: as a dedicated modern app, which you can access via the Windows Store, and as a downloadable version for those of us who prefer to spend our time using the Windows Desktop. Both versions offer free Skype-to-Skype messaging, audio and video calling, and you can also use the app to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere on Earth.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.
SteamSteam is free to download, free to join and often has a lot of free to play gamesValve Software's mighty gaming platform is a fantastic thing.
Steam gives you access to stacks of games as well as mods (fan-made modifications that change the way a game plays, or in some cases add whole new levels) and downloadable content for games you've already got in your library.
You can use it in the living room too thanks to the Big Picture mode, which is designed for gaming on your big-screen TV.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. VLC Media PlayerListen or watch media files from almost any formatVLC is a media player that can play pretty much anything and it can do it without having to download a whole bunch of codec packs for audio and video. Ad-free, spyware-free and completely free, it can take any kind of media, change it and quite possibly put a donk on it too.
The latter one is still in beta, so you can expect the odd crash, but the desktop version is rock solid and a must-have for anyone who wants to play a range of media files.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. It's particularly handy for anybody who needs to write code or sites and test them on lots of different systems, or for anyone who'd like to learn, fiddle with and generally explorer other OSes.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. The fourth major version has just reached the beta stage and is a very powerful and user-friendly image creation and editing tool.
It's a genuine alternative to expensive pro-level image editors.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7.
The free version of SketchUp works with Google Earth, Google's attempt to make a 3D model of the entire world. SketchUp can be used for civil and mechanical engineering, video game characters and making movies too.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. Blender, which has been constantly updated since it first appeared way back in 1995, is an incredibly powerful 3D modelling, rendering and animation package.
If you reckon you've got the next Toy Story in you, Blender will help you get it out.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9.
It's easy to use and comes with presets that take all of the guesswork out of choosing the right settings. It's as happy backing up your DVD collection as it is making your home movies watchable on your smartphone.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10. Sketchbook Express is designed for effortless sketching and drawing, and the limits to the free version aren't too onerous. You can only create images containing up to six layers, and you have to flatten them when you save your project.

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