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Zenfolio is offering a new hassle-free photo album service that makes it easier for photographers to sell more albums.
Launched in 2005, Zenfolio is the leading provider of online photography presentation and sales solutions for professional and aspiring photographers.
Zenfolio has introduced a new option to send automated marketing emails on behalf of photographers to their clients.
We’re eager to tell you more about these innovations and our future plans in our second Town Hall Meeting led by the Zenfolio Executive Team.
Set up personalized email schedules by going to Visitors > Email Communications, then sit back and enjoy the improved communication with your clients. Simplified selection of updated preset and themes will make it easy to refresh your site for the new year. Editing a series of keywords and captions for photos is streamlined with a new editing workflow. By popular demand, the default sort order for new galleries is by filename, and after uploading to a gallery the sort order will be re-applied.
Along with the User Agreement there is also a new ‘Powered By Zenfolio’ notice (optional for selling accounts) in the lower section, which helps deflect most legal responsibilities from the photographer to Zenfolio.
We’re making big changes to our gallery slideshows behind the scenes, and the first step is an enhanced slideshow experience for browsers that do not support Flash - this includes mobile devices and tablets. It’s easier to communicate with your clients about their favorites sets now that all of their contact information and order history is just a click away.
During checkout the shipping method will generally default to the least expensive option, better matching client expectations. Our search architecture has been completely overhauled, leveraging multiple dedicated search databases configured specifically for the task. We successfully completed a major platform upgrade project in December, upgrading and expanding the primary system databases. Did you know that any website that collects personal data is required by law to have a Privacy Policy?
Photographers are still able to create an additional Terms of Use or Privacy Policy page (as a Custom Page) if needed. This is another one of the many ways Zenfolio proves to be the best business partner for professional photographers. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Support team 365 days per year! Moments – Your Digital Photos Delivered, a streamlined Edit View for the back end, and a polished app for its users. Premiere photo hosting and e-commerce solution, Zenfolio, has struck the jackpot in award winning this year. Zenfolio has most recently been named Best Website Provider at the 2014 Advanced Photographer Awards.
We’ve thoroughly updated the organizer, while keeping all the familiar functionality intact. Potential clients can filter photographers according to their preferred location, budget and style. Source files are archived just like your images are, in secure and geo-distributed locations. Before accepting an order you now have the ability to adjust the cropping and replace files. High volume photographers can benefit from additional automation options available for self-fulfilled orders. Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. is dedicated to all photographers and especially those who are just starting their careers and who want a Photo Portfolio without having to learn how to build a Photo Portfolio website from scratch. Our online photo portfolios and Photography Website Templates offer an exciting blend of stylish presentation with ease of use and utility. For starters, all portfolios have a storage space of 500MB which is already a lot of space for your photos. Easy to Use Free Picture HostingAll hosted portfolios are ready-to-use and are powered by Wordpress which makes it easy to manage and keep up to date. Your hosted portfolio is ready to link to your social networks and has features which makes it easier to share your Photo Portfolio to other social networks and Photo Sharing Websites. The Basic Membership is FREE and we won't even require you to upgrade to a Pro Membership.
You can upgrade anytime to a PRO membership and get access to more features like bigger storage for your photos, access to new and exclusive themes, no advertisements on your portfolio and more! Stay updated with news, new theme release, promos and other important stuff when you subscribe to the Newsletter.
Those who have studied color theory have categorized color into a logical structure, known as the color wheel; it is from this that color combinations are formed.
Classically associated with passion, urgency and anger, this hot color can promote quick action or excitement in a design, or act as a powerful and eye-catching accent.
With much of the same vibrancy as red, orange is a bit more subdued and can indicate energy, change and vitality. On the cold end of the color spectrum, blue is often used in websites that need to uphold a sense of trust and reliability, as it reflects integrity and advocates calmness.
Traditionally associated with wealth and power, purple can be implemented into designs to be soothing or to convey creativity. When designing a website, take stock of the foundation that the brand is built on: its mission, values, goals and principles. Melonfree features a scheme with color that has been toned down in vibrancy to reflect a natural and comfortable atmosphere. This digital security guide uses a bold, full color background to immediately attract the attention of the viewer.
Works Medical has gone the opposite direction by choosing a scheme with several different colors. Many contemporary web designs are using color very sparsely, which emphasizes how much power it has in even small quantities.
Kitchen Sink Studios, a beige or gray and white background forces the user to focus on the page’s content. Unlike other stock imagery sites, this one has an interactive interface that allows users to discover images based on color, which differs from typical search queries based on keyword phrases. If you already have an image in mind for your design, this is a great tool for building a color scheme by extracting colors from the image. This hands-on tool enables you to search images and graphics with corresponding palettes for inspiration. In this article, we will take a lot at some alternatives to the popular storage service Dropbox. Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage expandable for a fee (€2 per month to about 25 GB total).
We could not miss the service of “synchronizing to the cloud”, the Redmond software house provides you with 7 GB free space, thus beating off competition. In Italy, the service is provided in partnership with Libero, and therefore you have to have a free mail account to access the service. Cloud Me differs from Dropbox and other services because in addition to the usual client for file synchronization, you can also use Cloud top which is a real desktop environment with customizable apps to suit your needs. Finally, I want to report an increasingly popular new application that allows you to get a “private cloud” without the cloud!
In order to find inspiration for creating innovative and graphical landing pages, I trawled hundreds of pages on the web. At times, the best landing pages come from smaller sites created by individuals who are in the business. This is one of the most helpful pages for graphic designers trying to create professional designs without blunting the edge of their creativity. The clear images, the clickable icons and the prominent call-to-actions highlight the marriage of form with functionality.
As the above examples show, it is possible to create original and attractive landing pages without breaking any rules. Let’s discuss some of the components used by the video streaming websites to make it usable. If you notice the default buttons available on vimeo, you will realize that they are much larger in size, hence easy to work with. Think of any video player; all of them have the useful buttons placed in a toolbar and positioned at the bottom usually.
The interface should give comfort to your eyes; otherwise you will not be able to stick to it for long. This bundle covers a wide range of projects that should be of interest to most web designers. Designing business cards can be a real chore at times, especially if you’re trying to find something a bit different than the standard look. With the new Facebook Timeline, everyone wants to customize theirs with a slick look and different style. This pair of high-quality WordPress Themes offers some real popular features including responsive design, image portfolio, one-page design, and much more.
Take advantage of some of today’s hottest website trends including responsive design, single-page layout, and integrated Google Maps.
You’ll also get three hefty design packages, each built on a basic theme spread out over a number of different resources.
Set up a simple-to-edit Facebook fan page that fits in beautifully with your current design.
Create your very own Christmas and New Year’s musical greeting cards, complete with some sweet animation.
This mammoth collection of design resources normally sells for $556, but for a limited time only, you can get everything mentioned here for just $19! That’s a completely insane savings of 97% off the regular price! Road signs were probably among the first infographics; they needed to impart necessary information at a glance, and they have achieved that by using graphics and very large text, and that is the basis of modern infographics, which are becoming available for all trades, services, products and niches.
Today we are bringing you a collection of online infographic tools, some tutorials, guides and articles on infographic creation and some beautiful free infographic elements and kits. Visually is a one-stop shop for the creation of data visualizations and infographics, bringing together Marketing Gurus, Data Nerds and Design Junkies based on shared interests. Select from more than 90 templates, or start from scratch to build your perfect infographic.
Infographics are definitely the best way these days to present information to a wider audience.
The Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is the premier art, design, and music event in the Midwest.

Founded by Go Media designer and partner Jeff Finley, Weapons of Mass Creation is a young grassroots movement to inspire and enable the creative mind.
Running August 16 through 18, this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation will feature over 70 performances and will include inspiring talks on topics such as graphic design, art, entrepreneurship, leadership, productivity and creativity.Jaw-dropping art and design shows will highlight both local and regional talent including album art, t-shirt design, typography, poster art, toy design, fashion design and illustration.
Attendees can look forward to speeches from Jon Contino, Jaqui Oakley, Brandon Rike, Lisa Congdon, Alonzo Felix, Kristy Tillman, Nick Disabato, Adam Garcia, Ann Friedman, Dylan Lathrop, John Jennings, These are Things, Christen Carter, Stewart Scott-Curran, Rena Tom, Kern and Burn, Caroline Moore, Stephanie Landes, Troy Deshano, and more TBA! They’ll also see the work of designers including Strawberry Luna, Mark Brickey, Derrick Castle, Lauren Marx, Andrio Abero, Katie Parland, Andrea Pippins, Dan Dickson, Jessica Paoli, and more. Sean McCabe‘s passion for hand lettering and typography can be traced back to middle school, his homework littered with typographic illustrations. Sean McCabe: I started learning and practicing design as a creative outlet 9 or 10 years ago in high school. I now concentrate solely on custom type commissions and producing various products featuring my lettering. I was jaded early on in my design career because at the time, I did not know how to be a professional.
You start by ensuring the clients you DO take on are willing to invest in good design, and are willing to trust you based on your track record. Do a ton of self-initiated work until clients are practically knocking down your door to hire you based on the immense portfolio you’ve developed.
It comes as no surprise that the work produced from these types of projects receives the greatest recognition and appreciation from a general audience when published. The mornings are usually spent trying to respond to (or more often turn down) the incoming requests for work and handling customer support inquiries and other emails. Instead of photographers spending countless hours choosing photos and putting together photo books for their clients, Zenfolio selects the photos and designs the high-quality albums. When US photographers enroll in Zenfolio-run client sales, a few times per year Zenfolio will email their recent clients with enticing offers to help them sell more prints and products. In response to your requests, we are thrilled to announce our latest features that will make you look better and make more money. You can now send a scheduled series of emails automatically when your clients trigger certain events, like creating an account, sharing a favorite set, or making a purchase. Your site menu editor is prominently displayed on the left side of the screen - make edits, add menus, and reorganize without extra clicks. Attend our free webinar on Designing Your Site for Success to make a site your visitors will love. While viewing large photos you can also add keywords, title, caption, and categories inline.
For those preferring custom sorting, the order can still be manually adjusted after the gallery is uploaded.
Enhance your homepage or client’s slideshow experience with the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.
The link includes your referral code so you’ll earn credit for anyone who signs up for Zenfolio via the link on your site.
Watch for a number of additional improvements as we phase out Flash slideshows altogether, including HTML5 audio coming soon. Use your custom email templates directly from the Shared Favorites Set page, just click the Gear Icon next to a favorites set, and select Email. Select a design, upload portfolio photos and fill in SEO details, and in just a few minutes you’ll have a professional site ready to share.
In addition to the styling update, we’ve paired down the selection to the best designs we have available. Searches are now faster, more comprehensive and the groundwork has been laid for future search enhancements. We are happy to report improved database performance and expanded redundancy, resulting in a faster experience for you and your clients. Zenfolio is the only service in the industry offering this to its users and this will help every Zenfolio photographer be compliant with the law and limit any exposure for their business without having to pay for an attorney. Rich portfolio, good prices, hosting, important refferences, order on-line!, advertising, internet, outdoor, media, publishing, TV, commercials, promotion, romania, romanian, Bucharest, poster, promovare, reclama, campanii media, campanie, companie, company, network, franchising, communication, banner, baner, banere, piata, market research, marketing, professional, romanian advertising company, studii de fezabilitate, promovare, investitie, investment, marketing campaigns, marketing campaign, international advertising, eastern europe advertising company, indoor, trade publications, advertising rates, ce ofera gama completa a serviciilor profesionale de reclama si marketing pentru companiile romanesti si straine ce doresc sa atinga pozitia de leader pe piata romaneasca. We build Photography Website Templates and online Photo Portfolios for professional photographers who specialize in nature, outdoor, sports and travel photography and more!
Basic members are limited to the light version of the Default Theme and Segment Theme while PRO Members gets to choose from the whole lot.
It affects how comfortable you feel in your environment, influences your opinion of the way clothes look, and is a key characteristic in describing objects.
Tapping into the power of color opens the opportunity to develop a solid brand with a website that thoroughly communicates its identity to users. The key to using color to your advantage in web design is to understand the different effects colors have on viewers, and to create a harmony among your color choices. Its cool hue can provide a great balance for more vibrant colors, making the viewer feel relaxed and peaceful.
Make your color choices based on the subconscious effect they have on viewers and the visual stability they create together. It dulls an otherwise bright color – yellow – to be easier on the eyes, since it’s used in such a large amount. The intentional accents of color are extremely successful in placing importance on certain elements, as well as guiding the eye’s path so that it sees everything. There are plenty of tools to help you gain color inspiration, brainstorm and implement them into your design.
This tool is particularly helpful in the brainstorming phase of design, and it can take you to new areas of ideation with real-time feedback. It finds the main colors and fills in the hues between them to develop a solid, cohesive palette. You can also browse gradients, patterns and images to extract a palette from yourself, which you can then manipulate to your liking. Now that you know the basics of the psychological effects that color has on viewers and how to build a solid scheme, you can be confident that your choices accurately reflect your brand to achieve your goals. Most of you know and use Dropbox as a service backup and synchronization between your mobile devices. In fact, the files are encrypted before it’s passed out to the server, even if you are still on the computer.
The strengths of the service are better integration with Windows(8) and with Microsoft Office 2013. In 2012, they also won the Award in IT Security confirmation of the safety standards, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Dropbox.
It is as if you have a virtual machine, accessible at any time via the Internet, which uses Cloud Me as a hard drive.
In fact, Bit torrent Sync is a very lightweight application that allows you to share a folder between multiple devices connected to a network, be it local or public (like the Internet).
They are the entry points for valuable visitors, and every business wants pages that can funnel users in the right direction. After all, the structure of the page was driven by the different elements that had to be accommodated. When you look at those images growing on the page, you want to buy flowers, even if you do not need to.
The top part of the page sucks all the attention from the reader and makes him want to discover more of the page. The lower end of the page is well-designed, but it is not too different from conventional landing pages. What I loved about this page is the how the designer has used graphics to convey complex ideas simply and speedily. Stick to the best practices for creating effective landing pages, but add something fun to the page and let it the be central element of your design. With time many other video streaming services came into the picture and observed a high acceptance rate as well. Vimeo is one of the popular video streaming websites we have out there; most of the video creators usually upload their work on vimeo without any miss.
However, registered users can change the setting and adjust it according to their preferences. Some other useful buttons or links such as Playlist, Favorites, Albums, File Open etc will be helpful too.
This looks like a very small feature; however, such small things actually make big differences and finally leads to a great user experience.
You’ll find fantastic resources for business cards, Facebook covers, WordPress templates, ecards and more! This bundle includes 43 different, high-quality templates to create a bevy of different business card looks.
This deal gives you 29 different Facebook cover templates to put together some sweet styles for yourself or any of your clients. These professional styles are put together for you in all sorts of templates including HTML responsive designs, Facebook Timeline and Cover photos, Twitter backgrounds, Logo design, business card design and more.
It is a well known fact that the attention of viewers is attracted and held better through images than text, and people are more likely to digest the information in images.
All in all, you should be able to gather your data and create your masterpiece with the help of these resources. Visually Marketplace introduces ecommerce and project management into the Visually platform, making it easier than ever for buyers and sellers of infographics to get them made, distributed, liked, commented on, and shared.
The most complicated and in-depth topics can be displayed through an infographic and can be understood by many more people than text alone would be. Do you have any plans to create an infographic, and if so, have these resources motivated you to get going on it? Now in its fourth year, 1,200+ attendees will descend upon Cleveland for three days in August to see 20 speakers, 20 designers, and over 30 bands.
Finley, along with collaborators Jesse Sloan, Joseph Hughes and Todd Gauman, believe that good things happen when ideas and talents are shared within the community, and that this mentality manifests itself in the lifestyle of a Weapon of Mass Creation.Their festival, Weapons of Mass Creation, celebrates individuals who defy the hand they’re dealt, make something out of nothing and live to create.
Over 30 bands will hit WMC’s intimate stages, and attendees will also be treated to epic breakdancing battles from bboys and bgirls from all around the country.
Those who wish to attend the fest are encouraged to pledge $60 on Kickstarter by June 6th, having access to the cheapest ticket to WMC and saving a total of $10 after fees for helping to reach the funding goal.
In the beginning, it was something I did in my spare time, but gradually grew from part time gigs to full time freelance work.
In the beginning, these were usually self-initiated projects, but over time I learned to be selective in what clients I work with. It always felt like an uphill battle trying to convince clients that I was making the right decision or that I knew what I was doing. My clients want the quality results I deliver, so I plainly explain that adhering to my process is how those results are achieved.

Since these clients are cream of the crop, there’s little-to-no friction in terms of me being enabled to do what I do best.
For the product-selling aspect of my brand, I try to stay engaged with my audience on various social platforms every day. Because I do what I love for a living, it’s pretty much indistinguishable from an outside perspective. I hear many others share that they had someone to help guide or mentor them, but that was never a part of my story. The worthwhile things in life require discipline, so as one who very highly values those things, I came to love discipline.
This time-saving service results in more photo album sales and promotes photographers’ work at the same time.
With the most complete set of features for professionals, Zenfolio helps photographers turn their passion into a profitable business.
This time-saving feature helps photographers increase their sales and make the most of major holidays. Create custom email templates with content of your choice (think discounts, purchase reminders, etc.) and choose whether to add a time delay or send immediately to further customize what communication your clients receive. Make use of keyboard shortcuts to go even faster: tab goes to the next field, Enter will save, and arrow keys move to the next or previous photo. It has never been easier to get started - tell your friends and be sure to use your referral code.
Check out the new Presets by going to Customize Visitor View > Site Presets on the left side of the screen. Note that the 'Powered By Zenfolio' notice can be disabled, although we do not recommend it as this helps deflect most legal responsibilities from the photographer to Zenfolio. What some people don’t know, however, is that color can sway the way people perceive a brand, and even influence their buying decisions. Orange is used to guide the eye around the page by calling attention to different aspects, while green provides a softer, cooler hue that colors the more subtle elements. This design is successful because the content creates a stark contrast with the background, making it readable.
It provides you with the Pantone numbers of each color, so you can be sure to apply them accurately to your design.
Colrd is perfect for ideation and experimentation, because it allows you to have control by editing and saving your work as you go. Once these are sent to the server encrypted, you will only have access to them through Wuala.
It starts with 2GB of space for up to 10 GB with the mechanism of referrals (by inviting other people). The wireframe I created for the page looked too much like an infographic – it served its purpose, but there wasn't anything special or creative about it. The prominent call-to-action section and the clearly visible brief usage guide underneath make the task seem simple and welcoming. It is a very simple page, but its understated graphics and content would impress the target audience. But the simple presence of the bear – an image which matches the name of the website – adds a fun feeling to the whole design. The graphics on the top of the page symbolize movement and naturally grab the attention of users.
But the graphics at the top of the page create a very positive vibe and a feeling of success – which is exactly what the company promises.
Colors that are generally not placed side by side have been combined to create an edgy feel. The design for this page settles the question by placing a smartphone in the hand of guy who is exploring outdoors. Once you know about the best practices, you can easily create one for yourself or for your clients.
This is something many people would prefer, however, the feature was not followed up on or introduced.
Whatever your reason, you’d do well to check out CrazyPixels, a helpful website dedicated to web design, full of inspirational articles, free resources and Photoshop tutorials. This incredible collection includes 20+ stylish social icons, 120+ clean pixel icons, a full Dyanm UI set, as well as two professional Web templates Creatibe and Portid. Creative professionals, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, students, and fans will gather to learn, get inspired, collaborate, network, and celebrate together.
Also available are tickets to the Friday night mixer party for $10 and single day pass tickets for $35. Eventually I partnered with a developer friend of mine to form a web firm which we ran for a few years.
The clients I do take on now are very on board with my process and come to me solely for my expertise. You’re never going to get to that place unless you start paving the way by turning down bad leads. They’re invested in my professional results and what I am able to deliver, and less about trying to tell me how things should be done. As far as actually creating, I usually have a list of self-initiated works I want to make that I curate throughout the week, and also active client commissions to work on. I pick up my wife, and do a little more work before dinner and a TV show, then I usually do a couple more hours of work in the evening. Whether it was learning piano, or teaching myself anything from guitar to design and typography, I trained myself to enjoy the process as much as the results. I thrive on words of affirmation, so even if they never thought in their minds that I could be successful at it, the words they spoke were enough to fuel me. We’ve also consolidated settings to make it easier to navigate - site-wide options are located below the site menu editor, and any page-specific options are controlled in the top horizontal toolbar. Among other things the agreement covers intellectual property, copyright, and how personal information is stored and protected.
When you achieve color harmony in your designs, you create a pleasing arrangement to the eye. The colors are held together with a cream background that further softens the pop of the accents without detracting from their effectiveness. The layout also makes the colors pleasing to the eye by showing a gradual change, instead of drastic contrasts. The basic package offers you 5GB free, which can be increased by purchasing additional space or inviting new people to join the service. The synchronization application file is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS and android.
For each account, you can connect up to eight devices and you cannot make the content public. The application is installed on the server side and is a little more complicated than any CMS. As a graphic designer working on a corporate landing page, I felt a trifle stifled at first. The main elements of the page are not highlighted – they are placed at the bottom of the page, unobtrusively. Note the upbeat colors, absence of edges and images of doctor and stethoscope that make it easier for users to trust this website. This is the kind of page that can look forbidding, but the simplicity of the design and the friendliness of the bear make it appear joyful. As you scroll down the page, you come across some superb designs that are informative as well as attractive.
This page doesn't have the most polished look, but it is bubbling with an irrepressible charm and looks intriguing at the first glance. Unlike feature-phones, the screen size of smartphones, iPads or tablets is larger, people can watch movies comfortably…High speed wireless internet is not a supernatural thing any more. Therefore, the way you present information, the way you arrange the links, the menu, the way you show the call to action are what defines the user experience.
They’ve also put together this invaluable Design Bundle full of over 100 high-quality resources at a staggeringly low price! Your efforts should be spent pursuing good leads from the start rather than trying to convert bad leads. We have tried to make the link as unobtrusive as possible so it’s there when needed but does not distract from your photography. Harmony engages the viewer, and allows the mind to create an inner sense of balance and order. Of course, being a multi-platform service it allows you to share your data between devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc. By counting the number of users of Free Mail, I think it may be a good alternative to Dropbox for many. It can be very interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises that can use the server version to add to its network resources provided by the cloud. We had to do a conversion-centered design and there were a dozen components that had to be there: USP headline and sub header, a section detailing the benefits, a picture representing our services, a prominent call-to-action, social and other contact points, etc.
But the single image is so intriguing that users will want to click on the link to find out more.
And the pages tell you how you can do that – by contacting him on different social networking sites.
Things like quality of display, resolution, volume of the sound player are a few things that might be major factors when it comes to the usability of a video streaming website.
I started really focusing on type design and lettering and applying myself toward honing that craft in my nights and weekends. When users enjoy the colors in your design, they are more likely to continue interacting with your site – leading to more conversions and improved user experience. It is available for Linux ex client for Linux and unfortunately, the Italian language is not yet available. If we share the code with someone we cannot, in fact, do anything to avoid doing it without our permission. This is a great example of a video sharing platform with high usability and networking features.

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