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For more inspiring images of Lord Jesus Christ and his quotes please feel most welcome to visit our Facebook page and press "like" if you like the images or like the whole site.
These copyright picture albums are also available as iPhone applications and can be purchased for 99 cents through the iPhone app store. Astrogems has compiled these images from its stock of copyrighted hand-painted oil paintings. All of our free wallpapers are available for you to offer on your website, should you want to promote the subjects depicted in them.
The holy messenger that brought God’s wisdom in a human form before mankind Jesus is the perfect apostle of humanity and grace. The preacher of universal love and rich wisdom Jesus has a simple grace that shines in His features. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Real Pictures of Jesus, Pictures of Black Jesus, Virgin Mary Pictures and Jesus Optical Illusions.
Holding up a hand in a gentle gesture Jesus looks on with divine wisdom in His eyes in this drawing. Gently drawn with great detailing in the various parts of His face this is a lifelike drawing of Jesus.
See His eyes full of agony and suffering as He takes on the sins of mankind in this picture. The pencil shading uses a heavy effect to depict the dark night in this picture showing Jesus with His eyes turned up towards Heaven. Simple line drawing with a water-color filling for the background marks this depiction of Jesus as the shepherd.
Note the carefully drawn strands of fine hair in this realistic portrait of a smiling Jesus. The eyes of Jesus shine with love in this beautiful drawing that shows Him gently holding a sleeping child. This soft pencil shaded drawing shows the divine form of Jesus with a halo around His head. Strong black shading and short confident strokes adds power to the features of Jesus in this drawing. The soft pencil shaded style of drawing works beautifully to highlight the gentle grace of Jesus. Styled in elaborate patterns the face of Jesus is brought into relief in this wonderful piece of artwork. The realistically depicted crown of thorns with sharp spikes speaks of His suffering in this picture. With His heart beating with love of humanity Jesus stands in a loving and compassionate mood in this beautifully shaded drawing.
A series of simple lines has been used to draw the fine lines of His face in this basic portrait.
With His eyes gently turned towards the ground, Jesus has a loving expression on His face in this intricate drawing. His head covered with a rough hood Jesus is the divine messenger here out to spread the Word of God on the road. This is an unusual portrayal of Jesus which shows Him with His head turned to one side, sitting in a relaxed posture.
Dark shading is used to put the features of Jesus into relief in this beautiful pencil drawing.
Note the strong planes of the face in this powerful drawing showing Jesus with His eyes closed. This is a beautifully done line drawing in which Jesus performs a miracle before the disciples. This detailed line drawing shows Jesus as He goes about blessing the sick and downtrodden of the city. The bold lines and thick strokes powerfully contrast with the soft even areas of shading in this Jesus portrait.

The gentle textures of the paper work beautifully to bring out the softness in the features of Jesus in this pencil sketch.
Beautiful drawings and a beautiful description of them, thanks Sunalini for this collection of images of Jesus. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. The Birth of Jesus Christ Brought Joy to the Earth, color and cut-out pictures of the infant Jesus and the manger.
Jesus Christ Has the Power to Heal,  six mini-pictures depicting Jesus Christ, hands, a Melchizedek priesthood holder, the number two, consecrated oil, sick child in bed.
The Teachings of Jesus Christ Are a Great Treasure, a treasure box, a boy being baptized, a boy praying, sacrament trays of bread and water, two girls seated close to each other (being kind).
Joseph Smith's First Vision of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, mini-pictures to be colored and used as flannel board figures. I Will Show My Faith in Jesus Christ by Being Baptized and Confirmed, two pictures in one showing a girl first being baptized, then being confirmed. The Savior's Love, 5 mini-pictures that can be colored and put together as a booklet showing scenes of the Jesus Christ showing love.
The Nativity Song, flannel board figures to tell the Christmas story: stars, an angel, stable and animals, manger, shepherds, wise men, Joseph and Mary, infant Jesus.
Loaves and Fishes, Taken from the story of Jesus feeding a crowd of people with five loaves and two fishes. Build Upon My Rock, 16 mini-pictures depicting the story of the wise man who built his house upon a rock and the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. Remember Him, make a wheel to display mini-pictures of things to think about during the passing of the sacrament. The Atonement, flannel board pictures that could be colored to retell the story of the boy (Paul H. I Live in a Beautiful World, mini-pictures of things that Jesus made for us to enjoy in our beautiful world: animals, plants, etc. I Believe in the Godhead, a mosaic-like color-by-number page with only the words "The Godhead, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost." Because of the many small areas to color, this page is probably more appropriate for older children. I Believe in Having a Happy Heart, crossword puzzle and coloring page, depicting Jesus healing a leper from Luke 12. The Second Coming, story of the ten virgins, large picture of oil lamp and drops of oil to write the things one would do to prepare for the Savior's coming.
Jesus Christ Comes to America, 4 mini-pictures to tell this story, that could be colored and made into flannel board figures. This Is My Beloved Son, 4 pictures of the different settings when the Father said "This is my Beloved Son." Jesus' baptism, Mount of Transfiguration, Christ visiting America, the First Vision. My Story of Jesus, (to be added to the mini-book begun in March 1999), 8 mini-pictures of Jesus and the Last Supper, sacrament, Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus crucified, buried in a tomb, resurrected on the third day, visiting many people, etc. The First Vision, 5 mini-pictures of Joseph Smith plowing, Joseph praying, Joseph reading the Bible, the grove of trees, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My Heroes and Heroines, a blank page with a fancy border depicting scriptural heroes including Jesus Christ. What Does Jesus Want Me to Do, a picture of Jesus with two modern children, and mini-pictures depicting prayer, paying tithing, being kind, and being baptized.
The Light of Christ, a stain glass-like picture of Jesus, with the words "I am the light of the world. The Resurrected Christ Teaches About Baptism, four mini-pictures of Jesus teaching the Nephites, Jesus giving power to baptize to the Nephite disciples, modern boy being baptized, modern boy greeting two of his nonmember schoolteachers. His shepherd arms enfold meSo close, I hear His heart beatWith steady rhythm that assures He's all I need.
Press here to view miniaturized 10 picture sample of Jesus moving screensaver that can play on your monitor. While He is human He is also a doer of rich miracles that proclaim that He is the Son of God.

Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. 8 mini-pictures to be made into a mini-book beginning with portrait of Jesus and John 3:16, the creation, Mary and baby Jesus, Jesus when 12 years old, his baptism, teaching the people, healing the sick and clearing the temple of wicked men. 4 mini-pictures of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, being crucified, the stone rolled away from the tomb, the women. After coloring, these pictures can be made into flannel board pictures to retell the story.
There are 24 pictures of our lord, the good shepherd, in the above 29th Jesus pictures gallery. I became very fond of the biblical example of Jesus as the shepherd and us as the sheep about 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.
20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.
NO permission is given for creating wallpapers or screensavers from other websites or image selling websites and this feature will attract prosecution and discovery by our automated image finding software.
In his human lifetime on earth Jesus Christ was known to mingle freely with the poor and downtrodden. He carried the young and helpless, and you can often see Drawings of Jesus where He is depicted holding a baby in His arms.
Including mini-pictures of Jesus Christ praying in Gethsemane and stain-glass window portrait of Jesus. It says I will invite the Holy Ghost by Remember Jesus (picture of Jesus), Praying (boy praying), Choosing the Right (CTR ring) and Keeping the Commandments (girl reading). At least half of them are of huge size so that you can use them as your computer wallpaper. Previous to this diagnosis, I had purchased a picture of Jesus holding a lamb (similar to the one on this page) After I recieved the diagnosis of cancer, it really scared me.
Whether the features of Jesus are drawn with pencil, or pen-and-ink, or a black paintbrush style all of them have a softness and gentleness about them. But I remembered that picture, and started to picture myself being held by my good shepherd, Jesus. Gentle as a lamb and shining like a lamp Jesus showed His infinite love and care for humanity. You can also see rich and intricate drawings that use fine shading or elaborate patterns to bring out the divine nobility in the face of Christ.
To show He is as meek as a lamb many artworks also depict Jesus the shepherd tendery cradling a lamb with a staff held in the other hand. Artists love depicting Jesus in various ways, and here are some of these drawings for you to enjoy. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one can take them out of the Father’s hand. I now have started a sheep collection at my desk, and of course I have the shepherd and lamb picture in a predominant place. I know my shepherd and my shepherd knows me and he is calling out for me!On the surface, Psalm 23 is about safety, security, gentleness and trust.
Those who remain faithful to the shepherd’s call will enjoy the fruits of fertile pastures, but even these pastures in time wear thin. Only the Messianic Shepherd is able to guarantee an unending banquet at which all guests would enjoy unity and harmony in a land of ending joy.I hope you all loved these pictures of Jesus as our Good Shepherd.
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