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A cute looking turtle swimming under the sea, followed by some happy looking fish, quite a simple children's colouring page inspired by watching Finding Nemo. The Turtle Diagram - Will it meet the process approach requirements inISO 9001:2015 © ISO 2015?
The establishment and documentation of a turtle diagram for each of the processes needed for the quality management system might be a good approach for defining process interactions as well because the outputs from each process would be traceable to their input into the other process(s) of the quality management system. Both adults and children are fond of their presence as they mostly tend to be slow and docile. Young kids are often found painting and drawing these creatures as they find them very intriguing.

Experimentation with different shades becomes possible as the turtles come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Here is the official description for Turtle Graphics: Turtle Graphics is an educational program geared for children. The turtle coloring pages are thus extremely popular among young children as this provides them with ample opportunities for exploring their creativity. The idea is based off the Logo Programming Language and Turtle Graphics vector programming methods.
In this page, you will find numerous pintable turtle coloring pages that depict these animals in both cartoonish and realistic appearances.

The project involves a GUI to see the turtle, all commands, a console, and a program editor.

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