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There are approximately 800 million Christian children in the world, and even taking time zones into effect, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for Santa to do everything required of him (about 108 microseconds).
Going back to number 1, reaching speeds close to light requires a tremendous amount of energy. Jeff is currently a senior in SED and CAS, studying the fine arts of Science Education and Physics. Miracle on 34th street taught me that Kris Kringle is actually a nice old man with real whiskers who got the Santa Claus job at Macy’s. I’m proud to live on Cheyenne Mountain, the home of NORAD and hence of the Santa tracker.
I also just made the recent discovery as to why no one has been able to find the exact location of santa’s workshop at the northpole.
How exactly does Santa’s sleigh travel near enough to the speed of light to generate a significant relativity factor? Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
In this process, a particle that seemingly does not have enough energy to move through a barrier can be found on the opposite side.

And if you’ve ever been around an 8-year-old after a lot of milk and cookies, you know how much energy they have. General relativity allows for wormholes, which function as bridges between points in spacetime. And might have been legally committed to a mental institution if not for a little girl named Susan and the United States Post Office. You see Santa has strategically placed magnets around the north pole, thus when you take your compass out and are looking for the poles the compass will point toward the magnet instead of the real north pole because the magnet is stronger than the earths relatively weak magnetic field. I was born in Brazil but moved to Argentina as a 5-year-old and then to the USA as an 8-year-old. As you can ask CERN or the BU physics department, when things move at high enough speeds, you need to take relativity into account. If this worked in every day life, you could roll a ball with just enough energy to get it partway up a hill and still sometimes find it at the top. Santa can convert the sugar into kinetic energy, which will allow him to go as fast as he needs to. Thus, if Santa’s bag functions as one end of the wormhole, and the other end is at his North Pole workshop, the elves can load the toys into the bag as Santa requires.

He enjoys cool science, a good cup of coffee, Batman, fedoras, British television, and BU hockey. I also know the arguments, and I make a claim of my own: there are physical explanations for how Santa can do what he does.
Clearly, Santa can utilize quantum mechanical tunneling to get inside the house without getting stuck in the chimney.
The milk is likely used to strengthen his body, since moving that fast has to do a number on a guy’s bones.
In fact, since it can cross time also, the elves can load the toys as they are completed over the course of the year and Santa can get them on Christmas Eve. Thus to stay undetected he had to strategically place magnets there as well, but in more confusing locations as Bermuda is a much more popular tourist spot than the arctic circle.

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