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Free tattoo vector graphics pack with highly detailed clip art vector graphics set on a blue diagonal stripe background. Join our weekly newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests, freebies & exclusive discounts! Artwork includes tiger, witches hat, eyes, insect, fairy, cobra snake, open hands, skeleton, decorative symbols and more. The first one appears to be more of a snake that has itself entwined around the stalk of a plant and seems ready to strike at a moments notice. I just like dragons, They are creatures that I believe really did exist at one time and I believe that because there is barely a culture in he planet that does not have tons and tons of dragon mythology in their past.

And the last one is another Japanese style type of dragon with a ball of some sort in its claws.
I not only think they really did exist but I think they existed while man was already on the planet as well. There is just very little creativity to the designs and I bet that these designs are probably being worn by at least a million people this very minute.
And that’s the problem with most of the free tattoo flash that you can find on the internet. I mean who wants a design that lacks so much individuality that it’s worn by the masses.

Don’t you want something that’s unique and expresses your particular style and personality? Or, if your lacking in the creativity department then go to a tattoo artist and have him design you something himself.

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