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Many people keep these small tattooed dots as a survivor mark, but we think living a full and active life after being cancer is  a big enough mark.  For the last dozen years, Michelle has been reminded of her battle, until coming in to have us remove her radiation tattoo mark. Patricia has been cancer-free for 8 years now, and the day before her 72nd birthday we removed the radiation dot tattoo she had on her chest.  We wish her many, many more birthdays to come, no free from cancer and the small tattoo left on her.
If you’re a survivor and have a radiation tattoo dot, please contact us to setup a free consultation and treatment. Additionally, discounts for pre-paying multiple laser tattoo removal treatments are offered. We use the a proven treatment method combined with the PicoSure laser for maximum tattoo removal results. Whether you're getting your first tattoo or adding to your collection, you probably recognize that a tattoo is an investment. Nowadays, as long as you go to a reputable and professional facility, getting a tattoo poses very little health risk. You're all finished up and ready to show the world your new ink, but you'll have to wait just a little while. One exception to this rule: if your tattoo artist covered your tattoo with a plastic wrap, remove it as soon as you get home. Wash your hands before removing the bandaging, and every time you touch your tattoo: this will greatly reduce the possibility of infection. Splash the water onto your tattoo rather than putting it under running water straight from the tap. Do not use alcohol or peroxide as these will dry your skin out and right now, moist is good.
Continue washing your tattoo in this manner two to three times a day for the first week (more frequently if it's on your ankle or wrist, as these areas are more easily soiled). Three to four days into your tattoo aftercare program, discontinue the anti-bacterial ointment and begin using lotion. The risk of infection from a tattoo is nowhere near as high as it used to be, because the proper precautions are taken.

Cleanliness is important for the prevention of infection : always wash up before touching your tattoo. Tattoo Removal is proud to offer free radiation tattoo removal of dots for all survivors.  The small tattoo is typically fully removed with just one treatment, due to how they are applied. Proper care of a new tattoo is vital to keeping that investment looking good for the long-term.
The horror stories you may have heard about tattoo allergies or infections belong mainly in the past. Your tattoo artist is going to cover that new tattoo, most likely with a thin gauze and bandage, to keep the area sterile and to aid in the healing process.
You can apply this ointment several times per day, especially if your skin feels dry or tight.
Excessive exposure to sunlight (or to the UV rays in a tanning salon) can fade the colors of the ink. Chances are he has had a little personal experience with tattoo aftercare, and can give you specific advice on how to care for your own new tattoo. That doesn't mean you don't have to be careful though – for maximum enjoyment and minimum grief, you need to follow certain tattoo aftercare instructions. Keeping the skin moist and supple will help to minimize scabbing or peeling, thus helping maintain strong color retention.
Unless you want to fade the color in your new piece of body art, in which case, have at it. In this day and age, any professional will be well aware of these precautions, so you probably have nothing to worry about. A tattoo that is healing properly should not be tender to the touch after the first couple of days.
Dealing with a new tattoo isn't difficult – it just requires a little effort from your side. For example, if you have a new tattoo on your ankle, you might need to avoid wearing socks while it heals.

In the first days after getting your tattoo, there will a small amount of blood and other delightful bodily fluids seeping from the affected area.
Overnight, put an old towel down to avoid getting ink or blood on your bed linens while you sleep. If it seems to be getting more sensitive rather than less, or if there are any other signs of infection, it may be time to get it checked by a health professional.
Taking care of a tattoo will ensure that your ink is not a health risk, and that it will heal quickly. For a tattoo on your lower back, make sure that the waistband of your pants is loose enough so that it doesn't rub. Newly tattooed skin is too sensitive to be exposed to the summer sun unless it is protected, and sun exposure can also cause tattoos to fade before their time. There are commercial products designed specifically for tattoo aftercare , but check the ingredients list and consult with your tattoo artist before purchasing them. Following these tattoo care instructions can ensure a long-lasting and beautiful form of self expression. When the ink first enters the skin, white blood cells called macrophages attack the foreign substance. Some of them absorb the ink and carry it to the lymphatic system, where it’s washed away. Called Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal (BLTR), the cream delivers liposomes to the macrophages containing the ink.
Some of that is undoubtedly due to the stigmas and class associations we apply to people with tattoos, but much of the time people just flat-out no longer want them.

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