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The film: The sessions were documented by fashion photographer Steven Sebring in a 10-minute short film titled 'With Love'When asked who wants to go first, she immediately volunteers, however, opting to get her partner's name drawn across her right shoulder.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Instead of getting an old tattoo covered up, why not consider asking your favourite artist if they would want to rework your older tattoos. The tattoo before and after picture above, is of my own back which is hopefully about to embark on a year-long transformation.
Try not to take it to heart of your tattoo artist isn't particularly interested in reworking your old faded swallow or scroll tattoo. Some artists specialise in reworking old tattoos and see it as far more of a challenge than creating a new tattoo on virgin skin - and why not - in many respects there's as much too it as a coverup.
Obviously word of mouth is probably the most effective way of finding a good cover up tattoo artist.

If you have some great cover up work that you would like to see featured here, then please get in tocu, The galleries will be being implemented very soon (as of June 2007).
Crime code: The symbols are used by burglars to help other thieves in their criminal endeavours. When it comes to Eddie's turn, he chooses to have Lucy's moniker written in the crook of his right hand. Almost any tattoo studio will offer the best advise over whether or not your old tat can be reworked and brought to new life. Currently, we have the lady above on the left uper back and a dragon on the right upper (the warrior-ess was originally done by Pete Sheriff when he was practising in Scunthorpe around 14 years ago and the dragon by Gentle John of Hanley, Stoke On Trent around 18 years ago from when i lived in Leek) The end product we're toying with for now is both items reworked and tied into my arms with a waterfall behind the warrior-ess coming down into a bigger stream with a Koi coming through it - The Yangtze-mythology if you like where the Koi carp that successfully transcends the Yangtze rapids is transformed into a Dragon. Perhaps it's not all that great and can't really be brought to life to the artists satisfaction.
As always, don't jump right in - sort out in your head what it is you want, talk to your preferred artist about what is possible and what they recommend and enjoy your tattoo being reborn!

Failing that, or to find their contact details, please see our Tattoo Studio Finder here for the most comprehensive listing of tattoo studios available.
Not concealed is the first name of his wife, actress Lake Bell, written prominently along the side of his stomach.'I got my wife's name tattooed on me nine days in,' he says in the film. I'm enjoying having my back reborn and honestly can't remember it being quite this painful first time round - maybe i'm a wuss in my old age. Also, be prepared to accept that a cover up or alteration may be far more practical and result in a far better end product. A He adds: 'I want to support the people who are fearlessly falling in love, despite the odds.

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