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This is a great program for anyone to use.  While it may not have all of the features of some of the other major vector programs, it does contain a large amount of basic editing capabilities.
If you need print work done, this program would be perfect for setting text in vector format, so as to get the best quality when printed. I will use the following list of technical features as the basis for evaluating each vector graphics editor. Basic editors should be small and fast and easy to use for quick jobs or small, simple images. Vector graphics use geometrical objects including points, lines, curves, circles or other shapes to form an image. A vector or path has direction and magnitude (let's say length) and it is easily represented as a mathematical expression or formula. Unlike bitmap graphics, vector graphics vector graphics are scalable without losing any resolution. The most common bitmaps are photographs and videos, images that represent the real or natural world. There is no clear-cut dividing line between most 2D vector-graphic editors and many bitmap-graphic editors. Where there is a clear dividing line is what happens to the vector information when the image is saved to a file.
The typical place where vector graphics and bitmap graphics are stored together are compound formats. This image is a vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. This image is a scalable vector graphic and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor, a free alternative to the expensive Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

The thing that impressed me right away is the very good and clean layout of the program commands. Thank you for introducing this fantastic freeware, which I have been experimenting for many days. 51 Essential Programs For A Freeware Only PC 72 Programs For A Freeware Only PC 93 Great Freeware Programs 48 Free Applications for Webmasters and Developers Radar Sync - Update Drivers Easy and for Free! If resources have violated your copyright, please through "Contact Us" to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you! Other features that apply to any software (like local and online help, tutorials, and support) are not in this list. It is unusual in requiring the use of a move tool to move an object - usually you click on it and move it while holding the mouse button down.
If you would like to give something back to the freeware community by taking it over, check out this page for more details.
The bad news is that there are very few free vector graphics editors for Windows - there are more for Linux and I may get around to reviewing them at a much later date. I need a vector editor for Windows; for reasons I explained in a previous post, I don't want to mess with Inkscape. I’ve never been very talented in this field, I always prefered to use words instead of brush strokes. Although it’s the first time I ever used the program I found the tools that I wanted to use quite easily, and that means that the program is user friendly.
Inkscape uses the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format and includes many advanced SVG features like markers or alpha blending. If not for your recommendation, I would never have known that there exists a free substitute for Adobe Illustrator, a decent worktool that unfortunately comes with an exorbitant price tag. It could have been promising but it has some bugs which are unlikely to be resolved because it no longer appears to be developed or supported.

But if I were to double the size of a bitmap then I will lose sharpness as the individual bits or pixels become more visible.
Vector-based computer graphics are heavily used in industries that need precise designs: web design, CGI, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and science. At the lowest level, a vector-graphics editor may be able to include bitmaps as a background and crop them.
In the years since the last major update there has been no change to the two recommended products. So you must read this attempted review bearing in mind that I might not be the most qualified user to test such a program.
In the hands of more talented people than me the program was used for many purposes, from designing websites to creating game maps or CD booklets. However it has a wide-range of capabilities that you can preview in the screenshots on the home page. Although the website specifically says it is actively developed there have been no updates since 2011.
On the other hand, many bitmap editors draw vector lines and add text formatted with vector-graphic fonts. So the range of supported graphic file formats is a key consideration in rating vector-graphic image editors. The good news is that the top pick, Inkscape, has got better and more stable plus there is now a 64-bit option. The great thing about it is that, as other open source programs, it has a great community of users and wonderful tutorials available that can guide you through using the program.

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