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Smartphone cameras are so good nowadays that there's almost no reason to own a point and shoot.
AviaryAviary's photo editor has been a top choice for Android photographers for years now, but now that they're backed by photo-editing giant Adobe, the app has only grown in terms of maturity and sophistication.Install Aviary for free from the Google Play Store You should feel right at home with Aviary's interface, as it offers a simple control bar across the bottom of the screen that can be scrolled left or right to reveal more filters and adjustment categories. LightroomIf you've ever used Adobe's powerful suite of desktop photo editing software, then you know what to expect from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Photo EditorPhoto Editor is a strong rival to Lightroom when it comes to sheer power, but this app is more focused on supporting a wider selection of editing modes as opposed to Lightroom's approach of fine-tuned control. SnapseedSnapseed was acquired by Google back in 2012, and many of its features have since been baked in to Google Photos.
ConclusionEach of these apps serves a slightly different purpose, so they were developed with different target audiences in mind. Android Device are one of the famous devices, and there are so many app are also available for them. Painter PalettePainter palette is a free for Android Tablets optimized graphics program. AutoCAD WSWith the free App can DWF and DWG files on Android Tablet be displayed and edited.
Color Splash FXYou often see in magazines noble black and white photographs in which only individual elements are colored.

A pair of gestures make it even easier to manage the edits you've made—just swipe right to undo a change, or swipe left to redo.
It definitely shows, too, as I felt like I was constantly uncovering more and more features while testing Photo Editor.Install Photo Editor for free from the Google Play Store My main gripe with Photo Editor is that at times, finding the effect or adjustment you're looking for can be difficult. The adjustments and editing modes it uses are well aligned with current trends, and it makes applying any of these a very simple process.Install Pixlr for free from the Google Play Store With a photo editor, most of the focus is obviously on the photo you're currently editing. But much like the relationship between Waze and Google Maps, Snapseed continues to have far more options than Google Photos, including support for RAW and DNG photo editing that was just recently added.Install Snapseed for free from the Google Play Store Snapseed is a joy to use—after selecting a main filter or effect category, you simply slide your finger up or down to select a sub-category, then slide left or right to tune the image exactly to your liking.
For this reason, it wouldn't be right to crown an outright winner, and instead, a more personalized approach is needed.If you're a power user who likes having absolute control, go with Lightroom or Photo Editor. This is the free Lite edition, upgrade to PicSay Pro and get a host of extra tools, special effects, styles, stickers, and much more. On the bright side, this has been a strength of Android for years now—so there are several great options to choose from, and I'll compare the top 5 free options below. But this restriction has since been removed, and now every feature except for cloud sync is free for anybody to use.Install Lightroom for free from the Google Play Store Lightroom (as it's called once you've installed the app) has my least favorite user interface of the apps in this list. This is mostly a result of the app having such a vast selection of adjustment options, so it's definitely understandable. But Pixlr still manages to make the most out of the remaining space with a simple tap-to-select UI that uses Gaussian blur effects on its backgrounds.

Beyond this basic principle, a set of buttons across the bottom of the screen let you undo or save edits, as well as select brush sizes where applicable. If you're a novice user or you just need an app to make quick adjustments without much hassle, Aviary and Pixlr are probably your best bets. It feels like it was designed primarily as an iPhone app, which as an Android user, makes for a terribly clunky and convoluted experience. If you fall somewhere in between these two categories, you definitely can't go wrong with Snapseed and its blend of power and simplicity. So ready the click the photos from you Android camera and edit them with these free Android apps.
That said, once you've got the hang of things, you start to recognize how powerful the app truly is.
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