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I am now going to be a senior in high school and every part of what that person said to me is true. I remember when I was a freshman I had this need to get everyone to like me, to be "popular," because the only high school I had ever been exposed to was Lizzie McGuire's. I think everyone needs to take a second and realize that everyone has feelings and everyone matters. I've really grown through high school and if I could, I would slap who I was freshman year.
But the most important thing I have learned is that life will go on, no matter what, because time really doesn't stop for anyone.
I still had this need to get everyone to like me, but I ruined a lot of friendships while doing it.

Not because of Chemistry, though it was a lot of hair pulling because where is spontaneous combustion going to get me in life and why do I care what Avogadro's number is?
I think we forget that -- that everyone has their own battles and you being a jerk doesn't really help them out. I stopped caring what everyone else thinks about me, because they do not matter if I don't care about them. Things become confusing with college and you will always be asked about the future and most of the time you won't want to answer because YOU DON'TKNOW, OKAY?
I think the most important part of this year was when I found out who my real friends were. And, I mean, if something happens in fifth period lunch, the kids in sixth period are asking all about it when we are switching between classes.

I kind of had a big mouth which got me into a lot problems that I couldn't talk myself out of.
You can say what you are thinking and how you are feeling and they were there to listen, and they gave you the most honest advice they could. Chemistry and Biology won't ruin your life like you think they will, although Anatomy might.

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