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American organized crime groups included traditional groups such as La Cosa Nostra & the Italian Mafia to modern groups such as Black Mafia Family. I dont know about good relationships between blacks and italians-from what I know and read Italians hate blacks-in NYC.
To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. They do deals occassionally -shoot theres millions of blacks and italians living side by side.
Now,Italians, These were the FIRST SECRET SOCETIES aka Mafias to BE Of EXISTANCE!Why are you damn MEXICANS so fucking ignorant LOL!! SECRET SOCIETIESTwo Secret Societies are especially important for US gangs, as well as gangs around the world.
It was a sad face to the present day COSA NOSTRA, they actually seemed Pathetic, kinda like the most minor street gangs in LA.
Between law enforcement, new ethnic crime organizations and internal wars between families and within families LCN is just a shadow of it's former self.
But during the late 80s and 90s -italians and blacks were murking eachother out in Bensonhurst and Carnarsie strong italian hoods-Reverend Al Sharpton got shanked by an italian,during some movements he was having back in the day over some black kids getting chomped up in old italian hoods-as for in the pens-the mexican mafia and italians are real close-they get their back watched by the Surenos-since most italians arent into streetfighting and are way way older then your average convict -they would be easy targets. Both the Chinese Triads and the Italian Mafia and Camorra have existed at least since the early 1800s. Many of the new made members were described as junkies, has beens, and most were said to not have even committed a murder for the LCN. They had their time just like the Jews and the Irish did and they had to give it up to the Italians, not the Italians have to step aside.In the west and in the south the Cosa Nostra is no longer a factor.
The relationship was bad and got worse during forced busing-they had to send in the guard in boston to stop the riots between italian and black kids in schools in the 1980s.
He dealed in stolen water and pirated DVDS, his income was meager about 2000 bucks a month. This man got out of the Feds and was put in a high position because of the simple lack of personnel the mafia had. I would compare the italian and black relationship to the chicano and black relationship except without all the violence on the level out here. WESTSIDE DONT SPEAK ON WHAT YOU DONT KNOW.Founded in the 1920s, the 38th Street gang dates back to the pachucos and zoot suits and was formed in the borderline between South Central and the City of Vernon. THE WESTSIDE * previous estimates on membership put the Gambinos at 200+ men, I just dont understand how so many guys could be MADE* and have such a disgraceful and petty LCN in New York?

But I did see, you thought I was talking about blacks than italians, The Blacks Worked with The Italians before The Colombians ring to power so what are you talking about. There were a few instances of were things looked organized (offshore gambling, medicare fraud) but most the stuff the new members were involved in was streetgang like, home invasions of drug connections, selling drugs and doing as much as they sold.
Almost all organized crime in Harlem during that time was run by Italian, Jewish, and Irish gangsters. The book quotes Greg Depalma and most other old school mafiosi as voicing their loud displeasure at the new membership. A few loosely run black crime factions did exist and primarily concentrated on policy and lottery gambling, prostitution and drugs.These are the true stories of a time, a place and a people who lived during one of our countrys darkest and most socially flamboyant periods. Many Mexican-Americans from the segregated parts of town were attacked by sailors and members of other branches of the United States military. It was the era of the flappers, jazz music, the Harlem Renaissance, bootlegged booze, speakeasies, gin joints, Tammany Hall, and the mob the crooked politicians and gangsters who ruled over it all.William Bojangles RobinsonAmericas troops were finally back from the war to end all wars.
The military personnel felt Zoot Suiters were not contributing to the war effort and were wasting valuable resources by dressing so flamboyant, innocent hispanic civilians were also attacked by the sailors without provocation. After the riots and because of international criticism the city council adopted a resolution that banned the wearing of zoot suits on Los Angeles streets. The Fifth Regiment of New Yorks National Guard proudly marched down Fifth Avenue, the men rhythmically striding in perfect unison to the lilting jazz music from the military band preceding them.
Thousands of people lined the way, cheering and waving flags as the troops passed through the city. A uniformed Bill Bojangles Robinson pumped his drum majors baton wildly into the air as he marched in front of Lieutenant Jim Europes all black band, leading the returning warriors back home to Harlem.Americas returning black soldiers were sure they now would be treated as equals, having bravely proved their worth by serving honorably overseas.
More than 200,000 blacks populated Harlem and more were migrating from the cotton fields and sugarcane fields of the South to join those home from the war. The whites only system was still solidly in place, and was steadily growing worse on a daily basis. The only work they found available were low-paying, menial jobs as janitors, servants, bootblacks, cooks, houseboys and baggage handlers; to name a few. These positions hardly paid them enough to live on and much less than any white person was paid for doing the same work.
The doors to the good jobs were shut in their faces and they were dared to step out of line, under threat of severe repercussions. A few enterprising people did manage to open some nightclubs, restaurants and taverns that catered to Harlems black population.Queenie and BumpyStephanie St.

Clair was a black French woman from Martinique, who immigrated to America in 1912 via Marseilles, France. She became known as Queenie, throughout Manhattan, but the people of Harlem referred to her respectfully as Madame St.
It was common knowledge among Harlemites that he had often helped many of Harlems poor with secret cash donations and gifts.
Clair liked what she saw in Bumpy, and offered him a position as henchman in her numbers racket.
Always the dandy, looking for better opportunities to make more money, Bumpy joined Queenies ranks and quickly gained her trust. Eventually, Bumpy gained the edge and defeated Hewlett, temporarily saving the numbers game from the Mobs first takeover attempt.Lawrence Fishburn played Bumpy Johnson in the movie Hoodlum The relationship between Queenie and Bumpy was strange from the beginning.
Some said they had an ongoing affair and others claimed that the odd couple was only a business partnership.
Bumpy never abandoned his pimping and robbery professions, both of which irritated Queenie. Their expansion efforts did not go unobserved by the powers-at-large.Lenox Avenue in Harlem, 1927 The housing situation grew worse.
Harlem was a severely overcrowded and segregated community, with more than 250,000 citizens crammed into an area 50 blocks long and eight blocks wide. This led to what became known as rent parties, which were commonly held on weekends to raise enough money to pay the landlord.
If the rent was not paid by Sunday, the tenant would find their belongings thrown out on the streets.Times were hard for black people, not only in Harlem but throughout the nation. On January 20, 1920, Congress passed the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, banning the sale of alcoholic beverages. Harlem establishments that depended on the sale of alcohol were forced out of business, as were others across the nation.
These disrupting events marked the beginning of the Roaring Twenties.Sorry I gotta habit of ignoring your points!

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