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Gecko tattoos is one type of Polynesian tattoo designs that are commonly used by many tattoo enthusiasts.
Geckos belong to the family, Gekkonidae, which are inhabited in places with warm climates all throughout the world.
These are generally small lizards with a very keen sense of hearing and have the ability to change its color and blend with the surroundings it is engaged into.
Geckos are known to be a smart creature, that’s why they are often associated with being psychic and intuitive. Another characteristic that is innate to these unique creatures is their durability in surviving in variety of conditions. There are various gecko tattoo designs to choose from, some people opt to get gecko tattoos as their very first piece of tattoo body art.
Eagle symbol isolated on white for tattoo design - also as emblem or mascots, such a logo.

Although gecko tattoos are not very commonly preferred by many, Polynesians deal with these odd looking creatures with utmost respect and fear. They come in small to average sizes with broad heads, thick tails but are considered to be completely harmless. In the Native American tradition, a gecko symbolizes the dream time, a point where one individual is in a state of unconsciousness. Geckos can live in dry conditions without food and has the ability to shut it self down until food source becomes readily available.
It gives empowerment to its bearer and serves as a constant reminder that every obstacle has its own end.
Gecko tattoos are commonly seen placed at the back or over the shoulders to create a more imaginative and realistic feel. It is believed that these creatures bear supernatural powers and “green” geckos can bring bad fortune and illness once caught “laughing” at you.

Geckos are considered to be unique among many lizard species because of they can create unusual clicking noises, duck like calls and even barking sounds. Having gecko tattoos may convey the message of allowing oneself to follow his “shadow self” and listen to their own intuition over others. People who wish to express their resilience and buoyancy in spite of changing situations should go for gecko tattoos for an exceptional tattoo art and style.
Combining gecko tattoos with other elements such as water, implies the need to overcome fear of drowning for the person wearing it.
But in general, having geckos inside the home are believed to bring good luck for its occupants.

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