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A geometric pattern contains one design (usually of multiple shapes) that is repeated over a field to create a motif. Geometric shapes are calculated and studied by geometry, which is highly concerned with the dimensions of each figure. Images that are created using geometric shapes convey an attempt to make sense of something that cannot be understood in other ways. Additionally, it can show a path to understanding, where each individual part must be considered before the entire picture can be understood.
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For organic-meets-industrial-geometric tattoos, check out the portfolio of Maika Houde, of Tattoos by Maika, in Montreal, Canada.This self-taught tattooist, who began painting when she was 9 years old thanks to her artist mother, picked up the tattoo machine in 2005, and has since developed a signature style that plays with various forms outside of traditional tattooing.

The pattern can be calculated and the continuation of that pattern is known when the existing pattern is studied. The shapes deconstruct the image that they depict and project a fragmented and distorted variant of the original.
In this way, geometric shapes are the building blocks of knowledge, the base to build perception or perspective. His parents frequented a hair salon next to a tattoo shop and his young self couldn’t resist going next door while he waited for them. This style has something for everyone – from simple and elegant to funky and abstract. Geometric shapes, any shapes with any number of symmetrical sides, are figures that can be described by mathematics.

This serves as a symbol of routine and comfortability that portrays a mind suited to logic and equation. This can convey the way an artist visualizes an image before the creation, or it can serve as a visual representation of a fragmented mind.
Because these patterns are made of a repetitious design, they are a representation of consistency, balance, and precision. It becomes a fragmented version of itself that is more easily applied by others, but not necessarily more practical.

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