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Type scene in Colorado [Illustration by Chris Armstrong for On The Road to Woody Creek, a tribute to Ralph Steadman and Hunter S. Graphic designer in Colorado Springs, CO, who created the hand-crafted Arrow typeface in 2016.
Game writer, game designer, graphic artist, and the creator and owner of Cumberland Games & Diversions, b. Signpainter and letterer who worked for Hallmark in Kansas City and is now based in Denver, CO. During his graphic design studies at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Daniel Tijerina (Denver, CO) created the outlined Pillars typeface (2013, blackboard bold style), and the circular geometric monoline typeface Dobro (2013). The bike rack-inspired typeface Bike Rack (2013) was created by Danver-based David Laskowski II. Dennis Cordova (Pueblo, CO) needed to make a custom font for PlasmaCAM Inc that was capable of writing text with a plasma cutter in steel. During her studies at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, CO, Emily Lora Harris designed Meraki (2016). Louisville, CO-based designer of the Type Directors Club 1999 award-winning design Risso Light, a Courrier-like display typeface extraordinaire! During her studies at The University of North Colorado, Felicia Stitt (Greeley, CO) created the sans typeface Solid State (2014). Fontitude has commercial dingbats, ornaments and button fonts by Thorton, CO-based Rhonda Radcliff of Cyberbuny Creations, and Digitalattitudes: Buttonnieres, Calligraphy Flourishes, Crazy8s, Dingbat Club, Follow Me BABE, Fortitude Flourishes, Novas, Propellars, Roccocos, ScrollTiles, Sectionals, SpiralDisks, Spiralitas.
Photo era type designer in Colorado who created the oriental simulation typeface Sukiyaki in 1968, while he was a graduate student at Cal State Long Beach. Designer from Denver, CO, who combined Trinigan and Znikomit No 24 to make the fun display typeface Spello Noovo (2013). Denver, CO-based designer of the commercial hand-crafted typefaces Glossy Script (2015, calligraphic), Minty (2015), Daisy Dog (2015) and Enchanted (2014). Communications designer in Lakewood, CO, who made the octagonal gridded typeface Trump (2012).
Jintanat Jintasawaeng (Denver, CO) modified Adobe Caslon into an ornamental typeface called Kin Sia in 2013. Denver, CO-based designer of the cursive script typeface Boothbay (2013), which is derived from the typefaces Devroye and Lobster.
Lakewood, CO-based designer of the display sans typeface Aved (2015), which was developed for a marketing campaign for the Ash vs Evil Dead booth at the San Diego Comic-con. During her studies at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, CO, Lauren Rose created Renzo, an elegnat typeface that was inspired by the work of architect Renzo Piano, who is famous for The Shard in London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
Denver, CO-based community builder for Creative Market, where one can buy the hand-printed typefaces Sprout Serif (2012) and Sprout Script (2012). Fort Collins, CO-based designer of the wavy typeface Saham (2014), which was finished during her studies. Denver, Colorado-based designer who created the curly typeface Veronia (2014, with Cindy Kinash), the hand-crafted poster typeface Rustica (2014) and Seaworthy (2014).
Fort Collins, CO-based graphic designer who created the floriated caps typeface Lush (2012).
During her studies, Mailisa Samsel (Eagle, CO) created the display typeface Toothpicks (2014). Littleton, CO-based designer of the pointy display typeface Diffraction (2013), which was a school project at RMCAD. Graphic designer in Denver, CO, who blended University Roman and Bauhaus to create Unihaus (2011). During his studies at the Art Institute of Colorado (Denver, CO), Matt Gainan created the all caps typeface Just Get Naked (2014). Colorado-based designer of the hand-crafted typefaces Springtime Blues Two (2016), Fields of Flowers (2016), Lemonberry Sans (2016), On The Edge of Crazy (2016), Pixeldust (2016), Silverplume (2016), Quirky And Authentic Hand Font (2015), Freckled Lemonade (2015), MRF Sweater Weather (2015), Raspberry Granola (2015), Hoodie & Sweatpants (2015), Hello Fall (2015), Oatmeal and Raisins (2015), Midnight Snacks (2015), Just Beautiful Simplicity (2015), Sabrina Hand (2015), Dance with Cinderella (2015, vampire script), Sunshine & Daisies (2015), Loaves & Fishes (2015), Upon The Water (2015), Let Robins Nest (2015), Freedom Ring (2015), Funky Fresh (2015), Living on Love (2015), Barefoot Blue Jean Night (2015), Jellies and Jams (2015), Fields of Wildflowers (2015), Brimstone (2015), Firefly (2015), Saltwater Taffy (2015), Chasing The Ice Cream Truck (2015), Blessings Through Raindrops (2015), Carrots and Cucumbers (2015), Colorado Glory (2015), Pink Lemonade (2015), Joy Unspeakable (2015), Frozen Berries (2015), Going to do great things (2015), Priisy & Dramatic (2015), Make me a sandwich (2015), White Picket Fences (2015), Springtime Blues (2015), Bouquet of Dadelios (2015), Raspberry Granola (2015), Hashtags&Selfies (2015), Morning Cup of Joe (2015), Lazy Saturdays (2015), Farmers Market Fresh (2015), Rustic Charm (2015), Ripe Bananas (2015), Stealing Kisses In The Moonlight (2015), Lavender Sweet Orange (2015), My Wandering Heart (2015), Chasing The Ice Cream Truck (2015), Rocky Mountain Beauty (2015), Bunk Beds (2015), Blessed Assurance (2015), Springtime Blues (2015), Guppy (2014), Jake and Abby (2014), Leaning on Everlasting Arms (2014), Baxter and Layla (2014), Hungry Penguin (2014), Miss Monkey (2014), Monkeybutt (2014), Gimme Cheese (2014), Macy Roo (2014), Because He Lives (2014), Dill Pickles (2014), From Ashes to Beauty (2014), Kara Kaboodle (2014), Macy's Lemonade (2014), Mister Beek (2014), Stinkerpotomus (2014), What fish died (2014), Ice Cream Sandwich (2014), Dirty Wastebuckets (2014), Cherry Italian Soda (2014), One Man Wolfpack (2014), Jessica and Alex (2014), Karebear (2014).

Muke Hoplack Tever (aka Kohath) from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, is the designer of RK Accardi (2003) and RK Gaswalt (2004, "a serif typeface for the Gothic language"). Fritz Klinke, NA Graphics, in Silverton, CO, sells new foundry type cast from original ATF matrices and cast on the original equipment.
Nick Wagner (Nick Wagner Design, Denver, CO) created the experimental typeface Cake Type (2012) and the organic sans typeface Zealot (2011). Richard Beatty (Colorado) made beautiful fonts, often revivals and interpretations of old typefaces and calligraphic designs, around 1990-1993 under the name "Richard Beatty Designs". Try searching Cool Text, Free Arabic Fonts or 1001 Free Fonts - Arabic Fonts for a list of Arabic fonts that you can download from as well as a preview screenshot which allows you to see how the font looks. If there is a font you would like but we don't list it here, please just tell us and we will source it for you.
Check out some of the responses we have received to get a real understanding of why you should choose Wall Word Designs.
Take a look at some creative examples that show how Wall Word Designs can bring a room to life. Based on the diary of Seth Barlow (1808-181) kept in the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library, Amy Williams created the handwriting font and accompanying textured caps font Seth Barlow Script (2014). Changethethought was established in 2002 as the portfolio website for designer and art director Christopher Cox (Lakewood, CO). Creator of the all caps titling sans typeface called Bass Face (2011) and of the experimental pair of fat geometric display typefaces Do It Soft and Do It Hard (2010). He created the modular and superimposable Homestead (2011, Lost Type), a free Western or athletic slab type family.
With the Extras (dingbats), this font is ideal for books or movies on pirates and adventure islands.
He earned his BFA degree from Minneapolis College of Art&Design and MFA from the University of Denver. This site offered a 500+ archive, that was basically a dump of a font CD by WSI (licensed to Media Graphics International). It is working on the 10 through 16 point versions of ATF Garamond 459, and the companion italic, Garamond 460, and intends to recast Bullfinch.
He created two elegant typefaces in 2011, Fución (multiline face) and Offspring (a child of the marriage of Anatol and Monotype Modern). 1987) is the Colorado-based designer of Boxfrom (2005, squarish techno), Boxform Volume 2 (2005), DMS (2004, futuristic) and Chaos (2004).
He was inspired by some Bollywood movies when he made Pyar Mohabbat (2010, Devanagari face). Check out the typewriter families Carbon 14, Passport, Vintage Type, Garnet Euro Typewriter (2004, grungy), and Telepath.
1987, aka Akam) from Colorado designed the handwriting typeface Akam Handwriting Basic (2004).
Bundles include Calligraphy Flourishes, Fontitude Flourishes, Propellars, Ornaments, Papillions (sic: fantastic butterflies!!!), Weavers Delight, Escroue Ornatures (great ornaments), Buttonnieres, Bevy of Buttons, Sectionals, Be Mine, Roccocos, Follow me babe, Partitions, Glutton for Buttons, Shabangs, Menuettes, Designer Interfaces, Control Panels.
Gene was a professor at Metropolitan State College (now University) in Denver, Colorado, where he taught advertising design and illustration, including lettering. She created Dog Heaven (2011, hand-printed), CroMagnon (2010), an informal face, and the bouncy titling typeface Fribble (2010). She also made many vector packs with frames, borders, banners and dingbats grouped under Tropica or Rustica. Other typefaces of theirs include Bulmer, Goudy Oldstyle, Munder Venezian, Murray Hill Bold.
She created PictiFont (2011, + On The Beach), a 16-glyph set of symbols to personalize one's calendar containing a star, a snowflake, an apple, and so forth. He studied lettering with Paul Standard, Georg Salter and Leo Manso at The Cooper Union and graduated from The Cooper Union in 1951.

Many of these users do not speak English, but Windows also supports regional language settings that allow you to choose the language of your choice when using Windows. Roosevelt launched his New Deal in 1929 to get America back to work after the now infamous market crash and Great Depression. Other fonts: Aspersion, Grasshopper (dada), Burnt Toast (rounded fat finger face), Yardbord Numerals, Snyder Speed, Autocrat, NudE, Jack Rabbit, Felt Marker, Oregon Dry, Sublime, Omaha, Nomad, Aquacia (stencil), Rainmaker (stencil). There is a plethora of digital copies and revivals of Sukiyaki---sadly, none of these give proper credit.
In 2015, he created the condensed sans display typeface family Longitude (+Rounded, +Display, which includes an inline). Typefaces from 2015: Boutique Script (brush script), Loveletter (brush script), Thriftshop Hand (Sans, Brush, Extras), Smitten (a great watercolor brusg script), Lettersmith, Sweetgrass (curly script), Manhattan Darling (a gorgeous brush script).
At ATypI 2003 in Vancouver, he traces his ten year journey to develop a digital Hebrew font based in the ancient scribal writings found in the ancient Torah. I have the following info on Media Graphics, probably out of date: Dan Aungst, Media Graphics, 8175-A Sheridan Blvd #355, Arvada, CO 80003, (800) 598-2037, (303) 427-7833 FAX, distributed by Precision Type. Klinke owns the entire ATF Bulmer collection, as well as Engravers Roman, which originated with Barnhart Brothers&Spindler.
This dingbat typeface accompanies a set of four monolined sans titling typefaces called PictiFont Thin (2011). Between 1935 and 1943, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established by presidential order and employed more than 8 million workers.
Examples include the ubiquitous free font Hirosh (by Aarrgghh, or Jonathan Smith, who does not mention Sukiyaki, even though the glyphs are identical) and Itto (by Chris MacGregor). Typefaces from 2016: Bellissimo (a great brush script), Chopshop (free brush font), Cheers (curly script), Ink Bandits (sans and script pair), Blush (connected script). Rahael become a designer and worked for some time for Lippincott and Margulies in New York. Some of the more visible projects were posters created to promote tourism in the country's National Parks. The images below show Gene's original artwork (courtesy of Sara Tack) and, for comparison, Jonathan Smith's Hirosh.
In 1972, he moved to Newport, RI and resumed his career in lettering, calligraphy and graphic design. I never expected to see it spread across the globe on buses, TV and movie screens, book coves, web-banners, lottery tickets, signs and clothing. His typeface Avia (VGC) was an expansion of a logofont he did for Abex Corporation, almost like a stencil. His typeface Visa (1966, VGC) won the Second Prize in the 1966 VGC National Type Face Design Competition. Others (thanks, Alexander Tochilovsky) confirm what I thought---that Visa and Avia are the same thing.
Finally, Sloop Script One (1994, Richard Lipton, Font Bureau) is based on Boguslav's designs. Before Badson Studio, Kyle created the layered multiline typeface Pinscher (2013), the rounded sans typeface Penfield (2013), the experimental typeface Geoface (2013), the warm titling typeface Holden (2013), the multiline straight-edged typeface Countdown (2013), and the art deco family Flagpole (2013).
His page has discussions on typography in general, and handwriting and architectural fonts in particular.

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