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Instead of getting an old tattoo covered up, why not consider asking your favourite artist if they would want to rework your older tattoos.
The tattoo before and after picture above, is of my own back which is hopefully about to embark on a year-long transformation. Try not to take it to heart of your tattoo artist isn't particularly interested in reworking your old faded swallow or scroll tattoo. Some artists specialise in reworking old tattoos and see it as far more of a challenge than creating a new tattoo on virgin skin - and why not - in many respects there's as much too it as a coverup. Obviously word of mouth is probably the most effective way of finding a good cover up tattoo artist. If you have some great cover up work that you would like to see featured here, then please get in tocu, The galleries will be being implemented very soon (as of June 2007). A young British man is in the news this week for getting a large chest tattoo removed because his mother hated it. If you get a tattoo of a celebrity you thought was cool but later turned out to be super racist (Brigitte Bardot counts), just go ahead and get that removed. If you get someone’s name tattooed on your body and then the relationship sours, removal or covering is probably a good idea. As much as I support everyone’s right to get whatever tattoo they desire, I also deeply enjoy looking at roundups of terrible tattoo art.
That armband was awesome in the 90s, but now people keep asking you what magazine you got your tattoo out of. Assita tells me that on one season of Making The Band, a guy got a tattoo for the band he joined, and was left all inked up after it disbanded. YES, THEY HURT - Anyone you ask that say they got a tattoo and it didn't hurt is a liar or got a really bad tattoo.
APPRECIATE YOUR ARTIST - Tattoo artists do this for a living because it is what they love to do.
SPREAD THE WORD - If you find an artist you like and they gave you a awesome piece, spread the word about them, tell your friends and help them out.
SOCIAL BARRIERS - For as much as society has come in the acceptance of tattooing over the years, there is still a taboo associated with it from some of the older generations. So, hopefully this has been somewhat helpful for you in choosing the right piece and artist for your tattoo journey. Almost any tattoo studio will offer the best advise over whether or not your old tat can be reworked and brought to new life.
Currently, we have the lady above on the left uper back and a dragon on the right upper (the warrior-ess was originally done by Pete Sheriff when he was practising in Scunthorpe around 14 years ago and the dragon by Gentle John of Hanley, Stoke On Trent around 18 years ago from when i lived in Leek) The end product we're toying with for now is both items reworked and tied into my arms with a waterfall behind the warrior-ess coming down into a bigger stream with a Koi coming through it - The Yangtze-mythology if you like where the Koi carp that successfully transcends the Yangtze rapids is transformed into a Dragon. Perhaps it's not all that great and can't really be brought to life to the artists satisfaction. As always, don't jump right in - sort out in your head what it is you want, talk to your preferred artist about what is possible and what they recommend and enjoy your tattoo being reborn! Failing that, or to find their contact details, please see our Tattoo Studio Finder here for the most comprehensive listing of tattoo studios available.

She was also a football fan, and her husband had Michael Vick’s number tattooed on him.
This is why people tell us never to get names tattooed on our bodies, but we’re probably not going to listen to that.
She said she got them to annoy her parents (I am surprised that you could annoy Ozzy Osbourne by getting a tattoo, but OK.) and now she thinks most of them should go. If, for some reason, you need to spend a couple thousand dollars quickly, I would recommend just buying a lot of good Champagne.
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They see that we feature artists but they also say that someone who finds the site for the first time may have questions about getting their first piece. Your new tattoo should have some meaning to you and your artist should show an interest and make the experience as comfortable as possible.
The skin is composed of only 3 layers: epidermis (the skin that you can touch and that flakes), the dermis and hypodermis.
Thanks to modern technology tattoo removal is possible, but from what I hear it is way worse to get them removed that applied.
Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful ways to help promote this form of artwork. I'm enjoying having my back reborn and honestly can't remember it being quite this painful first time round - maybe i'm a wuss in my old age. After Vick was implicated in a dog fighting ring, they threw away all his memorabilia and I believe the tattoo was covered up. So, based on my own experiences and similar stories of friends of mine, this is my advice to anyone that is looking to get their first tattoo.
That being said, if you are looking for an artist for a small heart on your wrist, a cute little butterfly on your ankle, or a barbed-wire arm band, this is probably not the site for you.
Artist will always tell you a price before they start on a tattoo, or if it is going to take multiple sittings, they should give you a price per session.
Internet reviews and testimonials are a powerful tool, social networks play a big role in exposing the art and creativity of the artists. Also, be prepared to accept that a cover up or alteration may be far more practical and result in a far better end product. If your tattoo requires you to be barefoot and standing next to your best friend to make any kind of sense, it might be a good idea to have it removed.
For as cute as those tattoos may be, any shop on the street can help you with something like that. Your choice of an artist should not be made on a whim, take the time to visit websites, view portfolios, listen to recommendations, and go meet an artist. There are certain parts of the body that hurt more than others, ams and legs hurt, armpits and ankles really hurt. Your tattoo should mean something, for me, if something is going to be with me for the rest of my life it should tell a story, not remind me of a drunken night in Mexico.

If you are budget shopping when looking for an artist please remember, you usually get what you pay for.
So, if you are planning on getting something tattooed in a very visible location, be aware of some of the hurdles it may pose for you. Wheather you get one tattoo or if you are a collector, choose wisely, you will appreciate it the long run and people will respect you for the awesome art you have.
Remember, you are not obligated to go with an artist if you go to their shop and you don't feel right about it. If you are new to tattooing, getting a huge pirate ship on your chest is probably not the best idea for a first piece.
Tattooing to me should tell the story of my life, remind me of where I was and what I was going through at the time.
Most people are open minded enough to look past it, but there are always situations, for as unfair as they are where you will be judged by your appearance.
Check out the rest of the site, we put a lot of time and effort into featuring some of San Diego's best artist. Start small and learn you your body reacts, pain tolerance, and amount of time you can tolerate the needles.
Most artists are pretty honest about the time it will take and if they quote you a price and they take a little longer, they will usually stick to their quote. So, if you can look past the negative experiences and find the good in things, rock your ink proudly and show it off to the world.
Take the time and research your artist, talk to them, share with them your ideas and sketches and get a vibe from them.
They won't take it personally, they may have a certain style and have many clients who like that style.
Most artist have a harder time giving you a quality tattoo if you move around a lot, fidget, complain or take a lot of breaks. So, tattooing may mean something different to you, and that's OK, it is different for everyone. You should consider this when getting inked, will I still be OK with this art 30 years down the road, or is this just something trendy I saw in a magazine. Trends change, your mind changes, keep that in mind before you emblazon Taz on your arm and think you're a bad ass. Also, check out some of the other work your artist has done, most shops have their walls adorned with a lot of art.

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