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Categories: Tattoo Fonts | Author: admin 25.12.2014

To tell you the truth, I was skeptical about recommending her to buy a Globe Tattoo Broadband internet kit because of the negative comments I read on bogs and forums. I tried downloading files from the internet and the speed is amazing, it never went down to 50kbps.
However, globe tattoo broadband internet is disappointing when it comes to uploading files, with just .02mbps or 20kbps of upload speed, attaching files to email messages is a pain in the ass, and it also limits a user to 1GB of accumulated download bandwidth for 24 hours. Someone I know told me he received a text message from Globe, warning him that Globe Tattoo Broadband Internet is intended for moderate internet users only.

Also heard about the speed of the said Globe Tattoo Broadband Internet, though I haven’t tried it yet… masubukan nga! The internet kit contains a Globe Tattoo USB Disk with 150 hours of free internet access valid for one (1) month, 2000 free text, 100 load and another 200 worth of load.
If you exceed Globe Tattoo internet download bandwidth limit, you will have to wait for 24 hours to be able to access the internet again.
For me, Globe Tattoo Broadband Internet will just be my backup in case my main line goes down.

I could only experience a 1mbps speed or around 80KBps for a few minutes and should be online around 2am-4am.

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