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The 3D Tattoo Studio was opened very recently, but the seeds of inception have been in my mind since my childhood. Though I am qualified as an Electrical Engineer, but I worked just for 6 months after which I quit, the reason being that I wanted to do something that I was passionate about, which was to be an Artist, as that was something that drove my soul! Subsequently I was employed with Neil for a year in 2008, where my skills were fine tuned and I was taught the nuances of the trade.
As a 3rd grader I used to make paintings that could leave everybody stunned, to the extent that people used to think that they have been painted by my elder brother (who is 6 years elder than me). From years 2000 onwards I sold many paintings in Manali and in lean period I decided to go to Goa as I felt that life in Goa could fetch me great opportunities. Resultantly under his guidance; my skills as a tattoo artist evolved and helped me to become a more polished and a chiseled artist.

I had been good in my studies and along with the artistic creation I won acclaim for many painting and competitions that I took taken part in. I worked with him for a year to gain expertise and insight into the intricacies of perfecting tattoo art.
I painted at District and State levels and also got acclaim from the Rorick Art Gallery in Manali. In Goa I was spotted by a tattoo artist Neil Johnson who watched me everyday painting without me being aware of it. After this I moved to another renowned studio in Delhi and worked to gain some more experience. One day he approached me and handed over his tattoo gun and wanted one of my paintings tattooed on his back.

Now that was the kind of faith that he had in me that he was ready to get himself tattooed knowing that I did not have any prior experience in tattooing.
This studio caters to all the individualistic needs of my clients and I work on the mantra which is to give the BEST QUALITY and WORSHIP MY WORK AS GOD, and everything else falls in place! The entire scenario was full of appreciation coupled with my apprehensions, but with the faith that Neil had in my capacity; gave me confidence to go ahead in my endeavor.
Though I was sure that I could do it, but using body as a canvas was totally new to me, I just had to overcome that initial inhibition and ever since then there has been no stopping.

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