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Celebrate your felicitated grad’s milestone with the intellect and wisdom of quoteschart writers, follower and others. A couple of years ago when I had graduating Laurels I put together a handful of quotes from their past and current Young Women’s leaders and framed it as a goodbye gift. Anyway, there’s a small image on my old blog of that project and every year about this time I have a few inquiries about getting copies to print. We’ve well-proportioned up a diversity of inspirational quotes and unlimited tidbits of advice that will boost you sound dense, earnest or just plain funny.

I included the names of the authors of the quotes when they were available (some of them were anonymous), and also the name of the leader who contributed it. I designed this one with extra space so all of the YW leaders could sign a little note in the white space (use multi colored pens if you’re feeling fancy). The idea was that the young women would hang it in their first apartment or dorm, look over at the inspiring quotes and remember the women at home rooting for them. So this year I decided to remake the poster without any of the young women leader names but with a similar look.

Both are JPEG’s because they are easier to load to photo printing sites, which I think is the best quality and price option out there (Costco, baby). I think the quotes are applicable to most young women who are graduating from high school and Young Women’s, so I think it could make a nice, thoughtful gift that is inexpensive.

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