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Criminality, ownership, and even secret codes among spies -- tattoos in ancient Greece largely served these purposes and it was rare to look at them as any kind of attractive adornment.
Artist Tilt also spray-painted these works with an intentional grit, making his interpretations of the video game staples more street art appropriate. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

In Greece today, however, there is an explosion of artful tattoos that defy the ancients and decorate their descendants in ways that have caught the attention of the international tattoo community.One such Greek artist is Sake, of Sake Tattoo, -- a studio that has been beautifying Athens (and clients well beyond) since it opened in 2005.
Rather than simply rendering the likes of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Princess Peach in a manner most people are familiar with however, Tilt has depicted the popular video game characters using graffiti-style bubble letters. Sake's notable style, developed since he began tattooing in 2001, is color bombed portraits framed in graphic backgrounds, influenced by his long graffiti history.

Those with a keen eye will be able to decipher the words that make up each enigmatic pop culture painting, though it’s safe to say most people will be enjoying these images based on its sheer awesomeness alone.

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