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All finished artwork is also provided on a CD or DVD with any images you may have supplied at no extra cost.
If you're having your job printed and already have the perfect frame, I can just provide your printed work in a cardboard tube. When everything's been done, I'll create a CD, DVD or memory stick with all of your images and any other artwork and return them (along with your original printed photos or items if applicable). Unless you're collecting everything or I'm personally delivering them to you, I'll securely package your items and return them to you by recorded delivery. Most email services have a limit as to how much you can send on one email, so I recommend that you don't send more than 5MB at a time.
Although I can occasionally use these, please note that any photos taken from websites such as Facebook will be of a much lower resolution compared to your original photos and may affect the quality of your final montage. As much as possible, make sure your photos are clean and free from dust, hairs, blue tack, adhesives etc as they will show up on the scanned images. If your photos come in packs or have different subjects or themes and you'd like them in separate named folders, please put a label on them so I can arrange this for you. Please try to avoid sending photographs in bags, frames or other formats that could be easily damaged. Attention getting, high-ranking, result driven, custom made, websites individually designed for clients that have no interest in settling for second best. In a flash, our winning logos captivate audiences permanently branding the memory, and emotional connection associated with the business they represent.
Social media gives designers and internet marketers an outlet to explore campaigns of all sizes. I was recently asked to help design some branding materials for a startup, Emergent Nutrition.
The posters should be able to show what the place is and compel people and attract them to the location. The purpose of the project is to think of a company, and make an ad that you feel be used in a bus shelter. Albany haunt productions does many thing but they are best known for their seasonal scary attractions.
The ads will be placed in areas of EC Albany and Berkeley near movie theatres and other places with vibrant nightlife, this is because those kind of people often like haunted houses.
For this project we were meant to create an illustration of a person using different brushes, highlights and shadows to create depth. I tried to draw a portrait of Steven Carell and use different pressures on the pen to make various shadows on his face and make the picture look realistic. This assignment serves as an introduction to using a pen tablet input device (instead of a computer mouse) to create artwork in Adobe Photoshop. For this project we were supposed to use the tablets to make a portrait of someone using the brush tools in Photoshop. I tried to make the shadows on her face look realistic even though they're not completely blended. The objective of this assignment was to use different types of brushes in order to create a 3D effect on the portrait. In this project we were supposed to use brushes with different pressures to convey depth and meaning in our photo to make it look more professional using our pen tablet and using both thick and thin lines. I am creating a bus shelter ad for a sake (Japanese wine) company called Takara Sake, which is a relatively large company located at Berkeley, California.
Brand advantages: using natural resources, traditional craftsmanship and modern technology of making sake, provide sake tasting service, it has a sake museum allowing people to know more about the history and culture of sake. Brand attributes: It is trustworthy, since it is a leading alcohol company at Japan, great customer service, expensive, and international. The goal of my design will be using nature as background to show the company’s most important value, “harmonist”.
Barnes and Noble’s mission statement is “to operate the best omni-channel specialty retail business in America, helping both our customers and booksellers reach their aspirations, while being a credit to the communities we serve”. This series of posters is meant to sell the newest re-release of the Barnes and Noble Classics Collection. My campaign goal is to highlight the “realness” that Snapchat provides and the humor that the app inspires. It’s my fictional start up Apptor, based Berkeley, California that focuses on making the creation of apps more accessible to the masses. The company I am advertising for is Amoeba Music, the world’s largest independent record store(s).
The call-to-action is for people to feel nostalgic and want to purchase music from the past. Papermate is a supplies manufacturing company that distributes pens, pencils, erasers,and other office supplies to stores around the world. Clarks is a company that makes high quality shoes, and I want to show them in different places.
Brand advantages: high brand supplies are cheap compared with other places, well established (well-known), variety of customers. What I want to accomplish with this poster is to make the store in Berkeley to get more customers to come to their store, so to advertise where the store is located should be included in the design.
Better Foods would be a company that is basically whole food with a different name because I wanted to use the slogan I made up The food should make the consumer feel safer. The poster will be comparing what food would normally be and showing what our foods would be through simple shapes.
I will be working with A Bathing Ape to advertise their iconic design which includes their original patterns and character such as the APE HEAD.
The goal is to get people to know about the company and promote Japanese fashion culture to the world. My goal is to interest people into going to the Camelbak website and buying a hydration pack, and to give them an idea about what the hydration pack can be used for. I want this ad to persuade people to buy and use Dawn’s product Dawn Ultra dish soap by showing it’s grease fighting ability. Cold Subject is a cosmetics company that, though small, is popular among their target audience. The project was to choose a person to draw and use the pen tablet and a variety of brushes to color them in and shade their faces. I did not have much trouble with the hair and beard; the difficult part was making the face look as realistic as possible. J-pop Summit is an annual event held in San Francisco that not only promotes Japanese pop music, but also anime, films, fashion, food, and drinks.
Call to Action: First of all, it’s very important for people to know that “J-pop” points to Japanese culture. Brand Attributes: An energy drink that will keep you up and awake for the rest of the day while enjoying the taste of many flavors such as tangerine, cranberry, blueberry, and tropical fruits. When people look at my posters, I want them to think about how they could be doing stuff they actually want to do. The project is to create ads that would work in multiple locations but are similar to each other.

Advantages: My company has had experience designing many other olympic posters in the past and are experienced and insightful into what the public wants to see for olympics ads compared to less experienced ad companies that are trying to compete with our deigns. Fujifilm Holding Corporation is a multinational photography and imaging company with its headquarter located in Tokyo, Japan. Using these posters, I want people to feel a sense of wanderlust and inspires them to pick up one of these instant camera and go on an adventure. When the viewer sees the bus ad, they should pick up right away the creativity and artistic focus of the tablets, and some level of excitement about the tablets.
The purpose of this project is to create three different posters that convey the same goal of my company and given product(s). When it's ready you'll receive a low resolution file as a jpg or Acrobat PDF of the finished work for your approval. With this you can share and distribute digital versions of your final artwork with family and friends.
If using this method, I'll copy the necessary files and you can take the hard drive back with you.
Don't worry too much if your photos do have any of these though because I can often help clear them up.
If using a box, please fill any remaining space with bubble wrap, scrunched paper or something similar to reduce movement and reduce the chances of damaging your photographs. This is great because we're able to explore what works a little at a time without huge investments. It’s a great way for them to give consumers some tasty options for preparing their products, aside from just putting the sausage in a bun. Also, it should also show places that people not go as often and have a "oh that's cool" moment. Everyday people can lend as little as $25, which goes directly towards someone in poverty starting a business or other project.
We were to try to vary the pressure of our pen to make different shades depths in our drawings.
While working on basic studio art skills such as using lines of varying weight and shadows to convey depth, students focused on mastering the pen tablet and brush tool settings and techniques in Photoshop.
We were to experiment with opacity, hardness of the brushes, and practice using multiple layers. They’re a large organization whose goal is, first and foremost, to sell books and other forms of media to the public. Right now they offer cheap and free lessons for any level of programmer, as well as software that makes the creation of apps much easier. It should be a reminder that a company as good as Papermate is active and available and should be able to persuade different types of people. When people see the posters, I want them to see that they are durable and stylish, and can be worn anywhere. I wanted to have a thing that was basically saying "This is most food you buy, and it's all gross and chemically and stuff. I will be working with A Bathing Ape, which is a Japanese clothing store located in Japan, Hong Kong, New York, Taipei, Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, and Singapore. As their designer, I am going to create a poster that shows the use of their clothing items for different types of weathers. The background of the poster will have three section of the three different types of weathers and in each section there will be a headless figures wearing different outfits that will be representing the three different types of weather.
They began in Seattle, but now have a few locations across America (mainly on the west or east coast), and a couple in Canada. Hosted by SUPERFROG Project, this year’s event will be held at Fort Mason Center on July 22 through July 24.
Then I would like people to be encouraged to go because there are many fun activities at J-pop Summit.
I want them to think about how flavorful the drinks are and how they could be doing fun things while enjoying the taste of Red Bull. These bars are sold in a vareity stores all over the US like Whole Foods, Target and Safeway.So this brand or company is by no means small. I want my audience to feel happy and like this healthy snack will cure any craving and make them content. My company is an ad company that was hired by the Rio Olympics Committee to promote watching the olympics this year.
Fujifilm Corporation are recognized as one of the first Japanese producers of photographic films starting back as early as the year 1934.
I want to appeal to the demographic as a modern, aesthetically pleasing company that aims to create new trends with its product.
While they can be found on occasion, they rely mostly on online customers, which makes sense up to this point since their drawing tablets are used with computers or laptops. Aimed mainly towards artists and aspiring artists, they should feel the need to create, and start to associate this feeling with the tablet itself. You'll also be able to easily arrange to have your finished artwork printed again in the future. Everclear is an eyeglass company that is trying to build up a new audience within the youth, showing anyone can wear glasses, and look good with them also.
Examples of this include, loans to buy wine to jumpstart a wine selling business, and loans to buy clothes to be sold.
They service areas all over the nation, and though they mostly sell books, they also sell magazines, DVDs, and CDs. First of all, it connects to the shapes created from imaginative words and stories like Alice in Wonderland, The Knights of the Round Table, and Moby Dick. They not only sell a large variety of music, but they sell movies and posters–they sell anything having to do with entertainment. I need to visit it." I want the posters to compel people to go out and visit the zoo filled with prehistoric animals. An advertisement for this company should display the organizational support that is has to offer (not just pens, color-coded pens). The poster will include 3 sections of the different types of weather, rainy, windy and sunny.
The customers are more likely middle class and wealthy people who earn a moderate amount of money. I want it to make clear that the product “Contains 2X more everyday grease-cleaning power per drop”. They sell specifically unconventional beauty products that you wouldn’t exactly find in your local drugstore, which are often either very brightly colored or very dark black, as they their population of interest consists of members of alternative, punk, and gothic subcultures, as well as members of similar or daughter subcultures and people who do not label themselves as part of any subculture but still like a darker, more theatric, or unconventional style of self expression.
Since beginning in 2009, J-pop Summit has invited many top singers, actors, film directors, and artists from Japan.
I am also concerned with possible stigma concerning a fan gathering(unsafe, loud, inappropriate), so I want to make the poster convey safety.
They should also think about how hungry they are for something sweet, because who doesnt crave something unhealthy once in awhile and this sweet treat will taste delicious like a dessert, but be so nutritious. As of March 2015, a total number of 30,750 employees was reported working under Fujifilm Corporation.

I want the target to feel artistically inspired and can allow them to envision themselves taking the picture. They are at the top of the tablet industry, and almost every drawing tablet is one of theirs, from amateur to professional. Winter X Games has sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling and Summer X Games covers skateboarding, BMX, and Moto X. FRA will mainly sell various kinds of high-definition digital wallpaper, whether’s it’s random photos of nature, like forests and rivers, images of outer space (our beautiful cosmos), or only abstract things, such as colorful geometric objects or simply colors of the rainbow. The mission of the company is to use natural materials, like the pure snow melt from the Sierra Nevada Mountain, and traditional technique to produce sake. Snapchat creators Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel’s mission with Snapchat was to provide an outlet for people to quickly share their experiences and emotions without the stress of perfection that other social media sites (like Facebook and Instagram) can induce.
What sets them apart from other record stores is that they hold products from deep in the 20th century.
They have been a running company for many years and many are already familiar with their products. Clarks Desert Boot is the shoe I am advertising and it is a very durable, comfortable shoe. There are many different stores with different locations, but I will be focusing on one store in the chain.
The mission of the company is to find new, innovative ways to create water-carrying products, and encourage people to switch from using bottled water, to reusable water bottles.
It also donates many bottles to help clean up animals caught in oil spills; over the past 30 years it has released over 75,000 animals affected by oil pollution. They mostly sell makeup and accessories, but sell some clothing items as well, and the locations are known for being very extravagant in the month of October. This product is suppose to be a very healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks you could have because Lara Bars are made out of all real fruits and nuts, but also made delicious. Business for Fujifilm not only span between photography equipment and supplies but also for graphic systems, recording media, and industrial products. Now, with the release of the Apple Pencil, they have a new competition, but overall they are a large and situated company. The company claimed itself as “harmonist” which means a strong desire to connect people with nature in a positive way. Finally, its use of reshape implies to viewers of the poster that the imagination hasn't been tended to properly: it acts as a nudge. One of the disadvantages the store I have in mind specifically is that is isn’t exactly in an obvious location. The company places a high emphasis on trying to reduce its carbon footprint and water wastage, as shown by the workplace being powered by renewable energy sources. Dawn boasts that it’s product Dawn Ultra “Contains 2X more everyday grease-cleaning power per drop”. The event is sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan, Mazda, SEGA, Yamaha, UNIQLO, and others. I am going to be advertising 3 specific flavors of these bar, the carrot cake, apple pie and lemon bar.
The company base its philosophy on the use cutting-edge technologies to deliver top quality products that not only contribute to the advancement of technology and science but also for improving environmental protection for society. Everything they sell is related to pen tablets and displays, from the tablets and displays themselves to stands and replacement pen nibs. I would place my winter ads in Aspen, CO, summer ads would be in Austin, TX (or wherever else X Games is held) and ads about X Games as a whole would be placed in Los Angeles, CA because those locations are where X Games is held or has been held. The mission - educate people about life in the past, enhance the sciences of genetics and paleontology, and amaze people. After people see my design, I want people to know that A Bathing Ape offers various types of clothing items for almost all types of weather an you can style it however you want. The product I am trying to advertise is the company’s collection of hydration packs, which are often used for sports such as biking, hiking, and running.
Most of what they sell is not manufactured by the company themselves, but the specific product being advertised for this project is a new line of neon lipsticks that will only be sold in their stores. The event includes live performances, meet and greets, talk events, merchandise booths, fashion shows, food trucks, and dance and vocal competitions. I am trying to advertise to a young audience and let them know this is a fun delicious snack and very healthy. The specific product chosen for this campaign is the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 series which is a line of instant camera producing Polaroid pictures. While they are mainly aimed for middle and upper class or professional artists, they do have a range of prices from their seventy dollar Intuos drawing tablet to their two thousand eight hundred dollar Cintiq pen display. I’m primarily aiming this product at artists, particularly photographers, video artists, and other digital artists. It comes in different sizes and colors, and has a drinking tube, which allows the drinker to drink water without having to stop their activity to take out their water bottle.
Cold Subject is very supportive of freedom of speech and self-expression, and the stores are very friendly and accepting no-judge environments.
Attending J-pop Summit is a great chance to meet celebrities up close, get your hands on exclusive and limited merchandise, marvel at the Bay Area’s best cosplayers, test out new technology from Japanese companies, rent a yukata(Japanese summer outfit), try new Japanese food and drinks, meet people that have similar interests as you, and most importantly to step into some of Japanese culture!
This specific line of instant camera not only features sleek design but also a number of color choices that appeal as a mean of aesthetic.
Kiva relies on a network of over 450 volunteers, called field partners, to insure loans go smoothly. As compared to previous designs, this product achieves an universal ideal of aesthetic through its design and uniqueness.
Their greatest company idea that comes up again and again is the creativity and a freedom of their tablets. I want to have young people in my ads to cater to my particular audience with a surprised expression on their face and then put the type of bar like carrot cake and place it over the round of their mouth to show that the bar is delicious like the real thing, and my ads are suppose to come over cute and make the audience want to buy one and eat it.
This special campaign is mainly targeted toward teenagers and young adults of the middle class and above who can generally afford a $70 instant camera with expensive films. They use the word even in the titles of their tablets, and in every corner of their website.
What they are selling is the artist’s confidence in their creative ability and the tablet’s capability to compliment it.
The lower level where the store is located is pretty large, and when you step in, the cashiers all greet you like an old friend.
If you need help with anything, you just need to ask; the workers here know what they are talking about. The supplies here range from paint and paint brushes, to giant artist’s desks and helpful “how to draw” books, to metal working and clay sculpturing.

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