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Fall is officially upon us, and as we welcome our current intern Marielle officially into the Spitfiregirl team, that means we are now offering our next graphic design internship! You will work on a variety of design projects (mostly web) with an emphasis on marketing to help build a brand. You will get hands-on experience how a design studio works, including various stages of projects from concept to completion along with participating in office duties in our creative shop. Every August we tie up our sneakers and brave the unconditioned air for a day at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Ross & a fresh stick of deep fried peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate and funnel cake batter. Our very own Ross Bruggink designed this beaut of a poster for ARTCRANK MSP, which features the original work of artists who live and work in Minneapolis. We recently finished a poster for our friends at the Trylon Microcinema promoting their movie series of works by Nicholas Ray. Named after the southern Minnesotan brook on which the tannery is located, Trout Brook Leather is used for many of Red Wing’s legendary boots and shoes. Join Studio MPLS as we support Kevin, and help raise awareness for those in need of bone marrow transplants. Brave New Media is a Minneapolis-based content development & management company founded in 1998.
We were approached by our friends at Brave New Media with an incredible opportunity: a thorough visual rebranding that celebrated their past fifteen years, and emboldened their team into the next fifteen.
We’ll share a more complete case study showcasing the entirety of the work in the near future.
With a strong desire to keep this activity top-secret from the potentially dangerous hands of his mother, Axl started ADWC (Axl Dad Weapon Club).
As graphic design is culture-related, the intercultural exchange that is prevalent in modern China sure makes this sector the place to kick-start your career as a graphic designer. Be part of fast growing creative agencies in Beijing and Shanghai as a graphic and digital designer, sales & project manager or business development officer. This agency is legally established in Shanghai since 2008, and is one of the fastest growing creative agency in Shanghai. Founded in Hong Kong, 2002, this company has become Asia’s leader in creating and delivering high-impact marketing solutions that enable their clients to enhance their competitive advantage. The communication Branch of this company (in Shanghai) has been founded in 2012, boasts a top International team that aspire to inspire. This is a special fashion-show design and events production company dedicated to the industries of luxury and fashion. This creative tech company based in Shanghai, having built an event software platform to create an unforgettable digital experience for any brand and its guests.
This very international young company's staff is composed of more than 10 nationalities that all speak English (and some Chinese!) .

This is a small creative agency that focuses on creating and designing kick-ass presentations. The organization is dedicated to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that inspires and accelerates social entrepreneurs who have the potential to significantly address social and environmental challenges. This organisation promotes business and entrepreneurship exchanges between the West and Asia, especially the Greater China region, focusing on youth. This British company creates mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. Both from a professional and a personal point of view, my internship has never disappointed me and I have to thank Internship Network Asia for that. I would advise everyone who has the possibility to not hesitate and just GO! Those interested in weddings & events, fashion, pretty pictures, fun content and all things social media should look no further! I am looking for strong concepts, good typography, a strong understanding of the web, good use of grids and color, and appropriate styles for respective projects.
This position is a great opportunity for someone to learn the ins and outs of running a professional design business in an informal setting.
Here we’ll be sharing bits about design, living, fashion, business, motherhood and anything else that tickles our fancy.
We like to spend our time wandering the fairgrounds eating all manner of strange foods [Buckeyes, Frickles, Pretzel Curds] and perusing all manner of creative endeavors [Seed Art, Student Art, Fine Art]. As the nurse works with the troubled boy, a malevolent force inside the castle where they live begins to ensnare her.
This year, 40 artists participated, and we are incredibly proud that Ross was numbered among them.
The series runs Mondays and Tuesdays in April at the Trylon (and one Thursday in May at the Heights). Portfolio 1-on-1 is the premier regional conference for developing design students and recent graduates.
We are excited to show new work we’ve recently completed for one of their sub-brands, Trout Brook Leather.
Like all of Red Wing’s products, Trout Brook leather prides itself on its durability, quality, and American heritage.
Everyone who attends will have the opportunity to be swabbed to see if you or someone else might be a bone marrow match! Rooted in design & video, Brave New Media works with local, national, and international brands to create compelling stories through digital media. Studio MPLS designer, Brent Schoepf, designed a handful of identity directions for the club. They specialize in Event Design and Management for Premium Spirit, Fashion & Luxury Brands, as well as Corporate Event and Exhibitions. They create innovative visual identities and languages through shows & events that have become famous for their ability to convey emotions and leave lasting memories.

Established in 1987 with a head office in Melbourne, they also offer full services in Sydney, Auckland, London, Beijing and Vietnam. They offer event organizers the first set of business tools for managing, entertaining and engaging people at events in a fun, personal and efficient way. If you like sharing ideas and creating top class design then you will enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. With a track record of managing regional and national projects in Asia through multi-stakeholder collaborations this organization has the ability to connect and accelerate social entrepreneurs.
Together with Harvard and MIT entrepreneurial and international business associations, they work with their strategic partners expand their presence in Asia. Based in the vibrant city of Chengdu, the company is one of the fastest growing tech start-up in China, being the only company in China that develops Inflight games and apps for airlines.
The minds behind this exciting venture approached us last year to help bring their artisanal craft distillery to life. Attendees have the unique opportunity to present themselves with their portfolios to experienced creative professionals for intensive reviews, constructive conversations, and valuable connections. Currently, his body cannot withstand additional chemotherapy, and he is in desperate need of a bone marrow donor. Bone marrow donation is a delicate process, and finding a suitable match is incredibly difficult, especially for people of African descent, like Kevin. This fascination often manifests itself in Axl and his father shooting a toy bow and arrow into hay bails down at the local park.
Their Hong Kong Team services Southeast Asia, while their Shanghai Team provides solutions throughout Greater China. The company employs approximately 120 staff across the group and is structured to specialize in global FMCG brands. The organisation is a backed by an incubator that is a joint-initiative between the regional government of the Beijing Economic Development Zone and a prominent technological company.
One of their first products launched since 2008 has been consistently ranked as one of the 20 most useful navigation apps. We will let all candidates know we have received your information, and reply back in more detail to those we are interested in interviewing. It was fun to walk through and see the progress of the build out as it nears completion, and particularly neat to see the stills up close. Furthermore, they will play a big role in the development in a massive entrepreneurial park in the region that will be approved to operate in May 2016. Their main focus is on student entrepreneurial and commercial endeavors, through connecting students to real world connections in the other side of the world and equipping them with up-to-date knowledge that will allow them to grow professionally along with their flourishing ventures or individual careers.

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