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Graphic design is a pretty saturated industry these days, as there are literally hundreds and thousands of graphic designers based all over the world. If you look at most of the websites on the internet (including portfolio websites), they’ll follow a pretty standard design. All of the portfolio items are displayed in an interesting way that works particularly well on touch screen devices (although it still works on desktops too). Much like with the lack of bold color usage, this has led to an influx of pretty boring, standardized portfolio websites that seem to be revolving around minimalistic branding.
In essence, this website combines not only my point about the use of bold typography, but also the use of bold colors. It’s not a style of website design that we encounter too regularly and therefore, it can be used to create a unique portfolio website that will be different to most others (when used correctly). Creating a portfolio that really stands out from the crowd will ultimately be down to your own level of creativity.
However, it’s still important not to conform to the norm as you have to consider the huge amount of portfolio websites that are out there, along with the fact that the vast majority of them do have a standardized (somewhat boring) design.
Sheetz Design has the equipment to shoot and skill to post edit action, architectural, landscape, portraiture, and other disciplines. Paul has been working as a designer since graduation from Florida State University in 2008.
Paul enthusiastically fulfilled an Art & Marketing Director position in south Texas until late 2012. Before a potential client or employer can scan through the contents of your portfolio, the cover page makes the first impression.
Include striking, bold, and engaging graphics and photographs that explain what your portfolio contains. Have a clear picture as to what are you trying to convey or accomplish through the cover page.

11 Portfolio Cover Page TemplatesIn this section, we have compiled a handful design ideas that you can consider for your cover page. Obviously, all of these graphic designers have slightly different skill sets and some are better than others but they all have one thing in common, they likely have their own graphic design portfolio website. It doesn’t take much scouring on the internet to find hundreds of graphic design portfolios but the thing is, with so many of these in existence, this makes it harder than ever to stand out. You can see from the image that this website doesn’t really have a navigation bar at the top or even at the side.
Obviously, this has likely been influenced by the huge level of success that companies such as Apple have experienced in recent years, much of which has been down to their clean and clear UI’s and branding. Quite literally, typography can make or break a design and I’ve seen no end of portfolio websites where the choice of typography has done nothing to compliment an overall good design.
Using typography in a beautiful, creative and bold way will really help you stand out if it’s done correctly. Now, this isn’t actually a portfolio website, but you can still take a huge amount of inspiration from the overall design of the site and the use of typography. It uses a range of different fonts that complement each other and also, a range of different colors that surprisingly, seem to complement each other.
If you want to write for BestDesignTuts just drop an e-mail and tell us what you want to write about. Making a professional portfolio cover page is no easy feat, but with this Buzzle post, you will find 11 creative ideas. No individual can skip this step while creating a portfolio as it sets the tone for the entire presentation. Along with 7 tips or guidelines for creating the cover page, we have also provided 11 ideas to make a professional portfolio cover page.7 Tips to FollowBrowsing through the Internet, searching for portfolio cover page ideas and templates is a good thing. You want to be innovative, but not so ambiguous with your design that a potential client or employer is puzzled from the get-go.

It should be placed in such a way that it serves the purpose, but not so loud and in your face that it makes the entire page appear crowded. For example, a cover page for a science undergrad student cannot have over-the-top graphic elements.
Remember to keep your field of work in mind as you browse the templates.TEACHINGWEDDING PLANNINGARCHITECTUREMODELINGINTERIOR DESIGNHAIR & MAKEUPGRAPHIC DESIGNTATTOO ARTPHOTOGRAPHYBAKERYFASHION DESIGNOnce the cover page is out of the way, you can concentrate on putting together an attractive career portfolio.
A lot of graphic designers seem to be almost scared of doing this these days, but if you do it right, it can really help create a lasting impression and ultimately, set you apart from the rest of the guys out there.
He loves typography and can often spend hours sifting through font combinations in search of the perfect combination. We would love to get some suggestions from your side.Feel free to throw away your thoughts! Gone are the days when a title page with the individual's or company's name would've sufficed.
However, there are a few points to consider before you finalize a design.If you can't design your own cover page, don't feel shy to consult with a professional portfolio designer.
Showcase your skills and abilities in your chosen field of work with old and current work examples as it highlights your accomplishments till date. Nowadays, professionals are thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative and eye-catching graphics and photographs as their cover pages.

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