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Sample experience letter for senior or junior graphic designer of company, computer designer, adobe Photoshop designer, adobe illustrator designer or any designing post. A graphic designer cover letter should demonstrate to the hiring company your knowledge and practical experience in the design field which may include experience in areas such as advertising design, production design, designing catalogues and advertisements. That’s the first thing that wannabe graphic designers need to know, whether you’re thinking about pursuing graphic design as a career or just want to have a cool and fun creative hobby.
There are eight principles of design, and most of us have a built-in understanding of them, at least on a basic level.
Gone are the days of canvas and paint – in this day and age, it’s a given that you’re going to be using computer software in your graphic design. Graphic designers can be self-employed freelancers taking jobs as they come up or they can make a steady income working for magazines, newspapers, movie studios, marketing companies, or any business where they feel the need to have someone with good artistic sensibilities on staff. And that last thing is the most important one to keep in mind when looking into graphic design. Ferina SantosFerina Santos is part of the team behind Open Colleges, Australia's provider of graphic design courses. Download this Resume Template to gain instant access to all the pages of the resume and cover letter.

Provide details of your previous employment history and any major projects that you have worked on. Which isn’t to say that you should just jump right in and start trying to design without really understanding what you’re doing.
If you’re going to try to become a graphic designer, you should know what that term really means and what kinds of jobs it entails. They consist of value (how light and dark create contrasts), texture (conveying the feel of three dimensional objects in two-dimensional design), space (positive and negative), movement (using the composition to draw the viewer through the design), volume (using highlights, shading, perspective, and so on to create the illusion of three dimensions), color (know your shades, tones, and hues), line (to create and delineate objects), and typography (an element created by the other elements). Because of that, you need to know a program or two so that you can be ready for any job and understand the lingo. Both options have benefits and drawbacks (you can potentially make a lot more money as a freelancer, but you also have to have talent and great self-discipline), and some people even prefer to simply do graphic design for a little extra cash beyond their “real” job or just for fun – there’s no right way to be a graphic designer. Yes, it’s important to have a sense of how to use the elements and principles mentioned above to create a great design, but if you’re simply looking to learn, it’s just as valuable to use your instincts, do what feels right and get feedback. A feisty nerd at heart with an obsession for media and vanity, she captures all her random musings with daily photographs in her blog, A Pink Banana. ABC having NIC # 11111-1111111-1 has served our Art Department as Senior Graphic Designer from February 10, 2010 to March 24, 2012.

Key skills that you may want to include in your cover letter are; creativity, extensive knowledge in graphic design and the ability to conceptualise new ideas and to work in a team environment. You could do that, but there’s a much better chance that you’ll be happy with the results if you take a few minutes to learn the basics. Graphic designers do everything from creating logos (for movies, books, companies, television shows, and more) to coming up with the visual design and layout for websites, posters, postcards, magazines, billboards, and more.
These elements are unity (pulling a design together so that it feels of a piece), rhythm (repetition, depth, and contrast), proportion (realistic or unrealistic, depending on your intent), emphasis (creating a focal point), economy (providing the viewer only with what is needed to understand the design), direction (how to guide the viewer through the design), contrast (utilizing opposing colors and textures), and balance or lack thereof (to evoke specific emotions). According to Top Ten Reviews, the three best graphic design programs from 2012 are Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, CorelDraw Graphics Suite, and Zara Designer Pro 7.
After all, if you’re a beginner, experimenting and playing around are how you develop your personal style and voice. You don’t need to know them backwards and forwards, but developing at least a familiarity is a great idea.

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