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October 26, 2015: Our article on nipple and areola tattoos was published in Oncology Nursing Forum!
We're excited to announce this year's silent art auction fundraiser will be for Wolf Conservation Center!
Read all about our January tattoo artist art show, Muñecas, curated by Pia Phelps in the latest Tattoo Society Magazine. Faux Fairy Tales featuring Anthony Pedro, Heather Gargon, Cern, Martina Secondo Russo, Esao Andrews, Cutetastrophe and Graham Bradford.
WCC is located just outside NYC so if you've always wanted to sleep outdoors with the wolves, they can make your dream come true.

A one-night action of art solidarity including painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, music, and more from a strange and wonderful group of artists. Featuring original artwork from Allison Sommers, Buddy Nestor, Caitlin McCormack, Carisa Swenson, Colin Frangicetto, Delphyne, Dylan Garret Smith, Edward Cao, Edward Robin Coronel, Frank Russo, Jackie Gallagher, Jel Ena, JoKa, Julianna Menna, Kamron Robinson, Martina Secondo Russo, Mary Syring, Matthew Dutton, Mike Bell, Philip Harris, Rachel Black, Rachael Bridge, Mystic Asylum, Scott Kirschner, Sean Madden, Selena Leardini, Steven Bradshaw and Zoë Williams.
Featuring Jeanne DAngelo, Matthew Dutton, Allison Sommers, Mike Bell, Jeremy Cross, Cam Rackam, JoKa, Kelly Vetter, JAG (Jay Goldberg), Steve Cleff, Kirsten Teel, Kat Gun, Crystal Barbre, Vince Galea, Eric Richardson, Vahge, Kate Collins, Robert Kraiza, Sean Lugo, Dylan Garrett Smith, and Steven Bradshaw . Since July, HALT has been working tirelessly to rescue hundreds of domesticated rats released on the West Side Highway. The week of May 25th - June 1st we'll be doing wolf & wolf themed tattoos from a special flash sheet to be posted as the date gets closer.

May 25th-June 1 we'll be doing tattoos from a special wolf and wolf-themed flash sheet.  Then June 1 we'll have a silent art auction from 6-10pm with Atka the ambassador wolf making an appearance from 6-7pm!

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