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GROCERY STORE LAYOUT DESIGNTakes panning, expertise, creativity and athe layout may include more entertainment. There are many ways to lead customers through the aisles and it all depends on the type of store.
Electronics stores tend to use a loop layout with a circular path around merchandise in the middle. When customers first enter a store it is important to not obstruct their entrance with checkout counters or service areas. An easy remedy for this situation is to provide wide aisles and adequate space between displays and tables.
Customers get bored walking down a long aisle; which means they are not paying attention to a lot of the merchandise on the racks. One way to reignite the shopping spirit is with signs and displays halfway down a long aisle.
When a store has tall, bulky counters it can make the customer uncomfortable during checkout.
Kristen Gramigna is Chief Marketing Officer for BluePay, a credit card processing solutions firm, and also serves on its Board of Directors. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Because even the most mundane of Super Walmart contains edibles from around the globe, some fresh, some manufactured through millions of hours of food science.
The modern supermarket is a carefully engineered mental maze to make sure we buy more food.

The dairy section in particular is almost always at the farthest possible point away from the entrance.
McNamee points out the tendency for stores to link the proximity of bakery sweets to alcohol and snacks to form a self-supporting triangle of sweet-boozy-salty craving. And it makes you wonder if a sort of ethical grocery store could drive us to buy healthier food, much like Google convinces its employees to choose healthier cafeteria options. I stood there with a full cart and line behind me, knowing these couldn’t be their cheapest packs but was relieved all the same.
And with the Holiday season upon us, retail stores across the country have begun introducing their seasonal layouts to make their products irresistible to your holiday spirit. For example, most grocery stores adopt a grid layout to wind customers up and down the aisles.
Free flowing layouts encourage shoppers to freely walk throughout the store and are used by many specialty stores. In addition to eye-catching signage, storefronts typically display colorful or interesting products to create a desire to explore.
It is also wise to avoid placing merchandise in the first 15 feet of the entrance, also known as the “decompression zone.” A better approach is to put up in-store displays known as “speed bumps,” that slow the customer down and grab their attention. This theory was confirmed when famed customer behavior expert Paco Underhill performed a study observing a shopper’s resistance to pursue merchandise in close proximity to someone else—even if they are highly interested.
As a matter of fact, Ikonic Tonic chief experience officer Brian Dyches believes up to “20 percent of the store’s merchandise is skipped over” which is a large enough statistic to act upon.
If the customer stops to examine the display, their interest has been reawakened by a cleverly positioned visual break.

There is a psychological effect in play here, so it is wise to have counters at a lower level with plenty of space for their items. She has more than 15 years experience in the bankcard industry in direct sales, sales management and marketing. The truth is, all of the displays, counters and aisles have been systematically organized to influence spending.
Setting up attention-grabbing displays at the end of an aisle will make the customer walk past all of the other items on the way. The shape and size of the sales floor and items for sale will ultimately determine the layout.
Shoppers waiting for checkout are susceptible to impulse buying and need to be happy, not flustered. Once a customer is ready to checkout, the employee can ring them up on the spot or escort them back to the register. This portal features articles, analysis and commentary to encourage an open dialogue by inviting any industry leader to share their thoughts and opinions.
You’ll be able to pick up most of those necessities in the bargain, and get to the eggs and cheese without spending a fortune on all the less-essential goodies that lie within. There is a science to how retail stores arrange and prioritize their floor space and the most successful businesses know how to keep a customer spending far beyond their shopping list.

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