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Stomach or belly tattooing is an ancient art form that has been present since time immemorial. Stomach tattoos are always in fashion with many celebrities going for these since the designs look very cool.
This tattoo surely makes me feel hot when ever I happen to glance at it, inked sexily in the picture that shows a girl with a variety of designs carved on her body including the sides of the tummy. Inked in jet black are three small birdies that are tattooed on the lower belly as if in a flying motion. The stomach here is inked with a magnificent green colored fairy tattoo that looks simply beautiful and inspiring.
Seen on the tummy is a beautiful feather tattooed in black that looks quite stunning and smart. Our eyes cannot help but stare at the fabulously designed bright red rose tattoo inked on the abdomen of the woman.
On the lower tummy area, there is a very colorful and sexy flower and gun tattoo inked that is astounding and is a rare design. Hello kitty tattoos are very popular and this one inked bang on the lower abdomen looks just as cute as others. The floral butterfly tattoo design is inked in black on the lower tummy area and looks stunning and sexy. If you are planning to get a tummy tattoo inked in the near future, I will suggest you get this amazing looking horse with wings tattoo that is fabulous and is a stunner in every way. This girl in the image loves extreme tattooing with her whole body covered in a variety of designs.

Dragons have always had a huge chunk of population that loves them and tattoo lovers are one among these lovers that ink these mythical creatures as they stand for strength and power. On the tummy of a girl who obviously seems to be a tattoo enthusiast, there is a beautiful skeleton tattoo inked with a variety of colors that makes it appear very sexy and stunning. People who love tattoos do not mind inking any type of design or motif, as along as it looks good on their bodies. However, these tummy tattoos are more commonly preferred by women than men and look extremely beautiful and sexy. The picture shown below is that of a henna tattoo getting inked on a pregnant woman’s belly.
Seen below is a tummy tattoo including two greenish doves inked with a small star carved in between these cute birds. Below these lovely looking birds is a quote ‘Imagine’ that lets your wild imagination soar high! Here, we can see a beautiful tattoo inked with big words engraved with a motley of various designs, half of which is hidden in the panty of the girl.
With shades of brown and green, the fairy looks absolutely stunning with her magical wand and a motley of tiny stars. The tattoo is a treat to watch with massive bright red roses and green leaves complimenting their beauty.
With two guns pointing downwards and red flowers on display, the tummy looks sexy and stunning.
There are two bright roses with green leaves carved on the side of the stomach above the panty that makes this girl a super hot chick!

On her tummy, we can spot two small stars between which, towards the groin, there is a pretty black owl peeping from under the panty. Seen in the picture is a colorful dragon tattoo inked beautifully on the stomach of a girl. Stomach tattoos are loved almost by half of the population that doesn’t mind the pain that goes into carving a cool tummy tattoo since these tattoos look extremely attractive and stylish.
On a serious note, the tattoo means that a person’s fantasies and imaginations must always soar high in the sky. The whole tattoo looks very sexy, especially the woman’s sexy figure and the inscription.
There are two magnificent horses, standing on their two hind legs while their front legs are in the air on either side of the tummy.
Go through the post and find for yourself the best tummy tattoos that you or your friend would like to ink on your bodies.
I am going to show you the top 20 sexy looking stomach tattoos that will flabbergast your minds and senses! The texture of the black color used in the design gels perfectly with the belly skin and makes it look elegant and stylish. They are inked in black, while, in the middle there is a beautiful flowery motif that seems to bind these two together.

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