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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos.
As couples from the Generation X and Millennial’s are approaching their wedding ages, more and more of them are finding exciting and alternative ways to express their love and commitment towards each other. Ring finger tattoos are also popular tattoo ideas to get for young women and men who are single or just kicking off with their new loves.
People wear rings to signify the moment and status of marriage, or as a decoration, fashion statement. As you already know women were not allowed to get ink in some cultures few years back, but now time has changed, women are also getting tattoos.
This may be due to the many female celebrities who are loving to get tattoos on their hand areas. A tattoo on women hand usually makes a very public statement about her personality and interests. Since hand is an obvious part of our body and at the same time, it has enough space to hold any cute design.
Though getting tattoo on hand is quite painful for women, especially on the top or side of hand. Fortunately, you may know that there are many different kinds of hand tattoos for women are available to choose from.

A good looking design that some women prefer to get is a henna-style floral tattoo design on the area between the thumb and the index finger. Another spot to get Celtic or tribal designs, flowers and even quotes or wording is the side or top of the hand. However, guys and girls let's see this beautiful women showing her lovely hand tattoo design in below given tattoo picture.
You can find easily something sexy or colorful and slightly intricate women hand tattoos easily just like this one. We would like to tell you that as an added benefit of this design, you can also create and personalize your own tattoo for your hand. Although some women choose women hand tattoos in order to make their hand area cute and beautiful. Ladies if you want to get more personal, going with zodiac sign glyph or symbol is the best option. Though, using words or names either in foreign language or English language can work well here. Getting a small tribal design on side of hand just like Rihanna tattoo is also appreciated and can be decent at the same time. As far as color of the design is concerned you can choose either black color or any other color for your tattoo. So instead of buying the standard 1-2 carat diamond rings, many young couples nowadays are tattooing eternal love symbols or artworks onto their ring fingers instead, which not only significantly lowers the cost but also ensures that they won’t lose it!

Some common ring finger tattoo designs include the heart symbol, names of your other half, or any cute flash tattoos that your tattooist recommends to you.
Similar to other placements, there are a lot more reasons to get a tattoo on finger for tattoo lovers.
First one as hand is a very obvious part of our body and you can easily showcase your tattoo anywhere. That's why tattoo expert always suggest to start with a small tattoo design and hand is great location for that. Tribal, Flowers, crosses, stars and butterflies would definitely look great on women's hand.
If you are looking for Ring finger tattoos for couples, then you can pretty much find them offered in various tattoo parlors, and walking in to ask the tattoo artists on recommendations of what a nice couple finger ring tattoo on you and your partner would look like. There is no denying that hand tattoos for women are very popular designs those are preferred by female tattoo enthusiasts.
Finger tattoos tend to fade away more rapidly than other tattoos since they come into contact with water as well as other chemicals whenever you wash your hands or perform tasks in your daily lives. The minimalist design has a lot to say In this post, you will enjoy our collection of 55+ cute finger tattoos.

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