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November 14, 2014 by Michelle Mospens Leave a Comment Being a designer you are bound to fall in love with a few fonts now and then. I have MANY brand new calligraphy style fonts I love, so I narrowed down to the ones I didn’t share yet.
November 22, 2013 by Michelle Mospens This FONT FRIDAY is dedicated to the trending … Handpainted Dry Brush Fonts! Creative BOLD HANDPAINTED FONTS are fresh swiftly painted styles designed for attention getting. Below, I have listed my MOST favorite (for today) fonts and sizes that look fabulous together! One tip I would like to share, when laying out your text do not make the body font height taller than the height of your names.
I found a detailed website regarding how to write in cursive Business Penmanship style writing. This collection of fonts are my favorite for beach wedding invitations and destination wedding stationery. 1. Always – This font is still popular for beach wedding couple names on custom invitations in our studio! For FONT LOVE Series #5 I wanted to share Mospens Studio most popular block style fonts for wedding invitations.

Stay tuned and be sure to keep an eye on my blog for my NEW 2014 invitation collection full of rustic chic wedding invitations and designs! James and I have been very busy designing and laying out proof previews for custom invitations! In my spare time when I am not drawing or painting you will find me practicing my hand at calligraphy with a pointed pen and paintbrush.
If you think you have chicken scratch for writing, these fonts will come to your rescue this holiday.
After work during the spring, summer, and early fall you will find my family and I sitting lakeside enjoying the serene scene.
Miss Le Gatees – In the 1930s hand-lettering was a very popular occupation, this font mimics the handwritten legible nature of the hand letter artists craft.
Satisfaction – Inspired by 1930s ads, this font is a popular handwritten style for invitations today. Futura Medium – Upper and lower case or all caps, this font is a great sans-serif choice. Gill Sans – Another great font used in upper and lower case or all caps, no serifs here.
Slab American – Being the owner of a Heidelberg (Letterpress) Printing Press … how can I NOT love this font?

Believe it or not event dates for the stationery (not just invites!) range from a week from today to July of 2014! Always – This font is CRAZY popular for wedding couple names on custom invitations in our studio this week! You found our OLD BLOG please hop over to our NEW BLOG Sketchbook and please SUBSCRIBE to receive our updates as they post.
Each month during the year, I update our font collection for designing custom invitations at Mospens Studio.
Colorful calligraphic swashes add handcrafted elegance to your wedding invitations and stationery. However, if you are creating a chalkboard design, then mixing and matching is fun and a must!

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