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IN ASSOCIATION WITH over 65 online stores and hundreds of designers.All transactions are safe and secure with a reliable history in online sales behind each of our associates. Roughly two years after their legendary trip to Vegas for Doug's bachelor party, Phil, Stu and Alan reunite in The Hangover Part 2 movie.
The Hangover 2 Logo t-shirtCelebrate The Hangover sequel with this logo design that features the movie's monkey hanging from the number 2.
A full length movie trailer of the Hangover 2 has been unleashed online, watch it below:Stu (Ed Helms) ditched the Las Vegas cutie, he's now going to marry a Thai girl! The first official movie trailer of the Hangover 2 has been released online, watch it below:HANGOVER 2Can't wait to see the Hangover Part 2!
Warner Bros and Director Todd Phillips are planning a movie sequel to The Hang over, last summer's comedy blockbuster (and the second highest-earning R-rated comedy ever) starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch.
The use of this face tattoo in the film actually launched a real life lawsuit between the tattoo artist and Warner Bros.

The wolf pack, as Alan dubs them, have one hell of night and sober up to a baby, a tiger, and a Mike Tyson. He has 21 million dollars stolen from him by Chow, and takes Doug hostage until he can get his money back. He didn't really give plot details of the Hangover 2, but here's a few words from him:"What people loved about The Hangover was not Las Vegas or the bachelor party but these three characters.
Get your Stu costume together with a pair of wire frame eyeglasses, a business casual plaid short sleeve shirt, and khakis then stick a tribal temporary tattoo on the side of your face. For extra laughs, black out one of your front teeth to mimic Helms’ self-mutilation in the original The Hangover. Link to: The Hangover 2 LogoAlbino Polar Bear Hangover 2 t-shirtWhen you get your wolfpack together around a bonfire you never know exactly what topics will come up or what stories will come out. Production on The Hangover 2 will begin in October 2010 for a Memorial Day weekend 2011 release, that is to say on May 30, 2011 then.I'm quite impatient to see how the Hangover sequel is going to turn out, so impatient, that I'd like to fastforward to 2011!
Leslie Chow's boat, Perfect Life, to race back to the resort from Bangkok for Stu's wedding.

Maybe one day." The quote offered a heartfelt moment of comic ingenuity that is being repeated by Hangover 2 fans.
Link to: I Wish Monkeys Could SkypeHangover Wolfpack Names teeSometimes plain and simple is exactly what the shopper ordered.
Link to: Hangover Wolfpack NamesHangover 2 Boat Perfect Life teeThis design displays a logo representing the one seen on Leslie Chow's boat Perfect Life. The t-shirt features the exact text and a re-imagined brown dragon with characteristics that are similar to those visible on the exterior of Chow's boat. Link to: Hangover 2 Boat Perfect LifeAlan I Heart My Labrador Hangover 2The I Heart My Labrador shirt design shown here was inspired by Alan's computer sticker and love for his faithful friend.

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