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Dadashri then clarified, “When her father died I had hugged her and consoled her that she need not worry. Aha, the incident occurred in 1968 and was clarified and brought to notice by Dadashri in 1987, after 20 years! Niruma stayed with Dadashri for 20 years and during that time she became aware of Dadashri’s natural strength.
She always used to say,” We can understand what the Gnani’s (Enlightened Beings) possess, only when we are close to them.” We hear a lot about them quite often.
Use of this Web site or any part thereof constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s been a long time coming to develop proper indicators for assessing the well-being and state of development of a nation.
Bhutan is a nation devoted to nurturing people who care about a human relationship with the natural world. YL’s Founding Director, Eric, remembers this day not only for the dialogue, but also for the celebration with the queen and ministers in the Bhutan Pavillon. Ashi Dorji Wangchuck opened the Global Dialogue on Poverty and Wealth, “Inspired by a Buddhist vision, our honoured King has developed an approach that acknowledges the four pillars of wealth: Economic Wealth, Ecological Wealth, Cultural Wealth and Spiritual Wealth. While industrial nations have a high level of economic wealth, the other three are relatively low. Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon (a symbol for Peace) and last country on the planet to introduce television – shows us the way. GNH rests on 4 pillars namely- environmental conservation, cultural promotion, sustainable and equitable development, and good governance.
Cameron further quotes James Lovelock, author of the Gaia theory who said that “Our intelligence, if it could be integrated as part of the whole planetary system, would make our planet the first intelligent planet in the galaxy perhaps. A development policy centered on the environment has been framed and implemented in Bhutan, the Bhutanese government has recognized the importance of spiritual, social and intellectual development of it’s people. Erik was sent by Helvetas association to Bhutan to serve as a Zonal Medical Officer from 1979-1981.
In July 2011, Bhutan initiated its first resolution in 39 years of UN membership – “Happiness as a holistic approach to development” – and it has garnered unanimous support! The resolution said “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal” and embodies the spirit of the globally agreed targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). One of the important goals of the Bhutanese government is that Bhutan be the first nation to rely exclusively on organic farming.

The Bhutanese Government sought the help of Dr.Rob Coleman, and GPI Atlantic which was working on a Genuine Progress Index.
Those attending this workshop took a step further and discussed how to shape such citizens. The Bhutanese Government accepted these principles instantly- the Deputy Minister for Education announced the very next day of the workshop that the recommendations made by the educators were now a government policy.
The Government committed itself to training everyone in the educational sector, starting within 10 days of the workshop by training officers of the department of education. Gross National Happiness has been a subject of interest to holistic development for more than 10 years. Eric Schneider loves this planet, and serves the highest spirit in saving the rich treasures of nature and humankind – its cultures!
INVEST IN YOUTH LEADERSHIPyl pioneers a new media culture empowering our 'New, Highly Gifted' and passionate educators to nurture a changemaking climate in their schools and communities. OFFICIAL UNESCO STATUSyl has status with UNESCO as Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014. If you consider the degree of wealth’s experienced on eco-cultural holidays, the urgent need and status of such holidays in “far-away” places with intact cultures and environment, you may come to the distressing realisation that for many people in industrial nations, the “other 3 wealths” are at almost zero level in daily life. Bhutan is a spiritual nation as testified by the constant use of prayer beads, prayer flags and prayer wheels among the Bhutanese. The fourth Bhutanese King Jigme Songye Wangchuk had to set his army against Assamese seperatists in a war and despite winning the war, the king was appalled by the loss of lives.
Erik Allgoewer, president of the Swiss based FAVACH foundation, has co-produced a documentary on GNH in Bhutan.
A young doctor with conventional western medical training background and no knowledge of eastern philosophy and healing practices, Erik was truly transformed by his experience in Bhutan. This is an important goal in the context of GNH and living in ways that are in harmony with the natural world.
In December 2009, this cooperation convened holistic educators from 16 different nations in Bhutan for a focused on how to design education for sustainability, cultural relevance, equity, equality and citizenship.
He says ‘Give young people the best knowledge, thinking, solutions and human examples of the global changemaking movement. Click the image to find out how the Decade supports *everyone* in advancing learning that matters. She had that feeling all the same throughout but was unable to figure out the reason behind this.

People like us won’t be able to remain silent and would speak out no matter the other person understands you or not. The Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan, is showing the way to a more holistic set of indicators. For the Bhutanese, Gross National Happiness (GNH) is more important than Gross National Product. It also happened to be his own birthday, and probably a historic day for Youth-Leader, since it was the first time that Eric saw the worldview and wisdom lived by indigenous scholars and traditions expressed in the words and view of the modern world. Deeply touched by warm nature and ingenious wisdom of Bhutanese people, he kept close links and followed with great interest its development.
The educators commenced by defining what kind of a citizen Bhutan and indeed any such nation in pursuit of Gross National Happiness would want. However, when one is in personal touch, it sprouts instantly and develops our inner strength.  Dadashri was a living example in front of us. Studies show that despite a multiplication of material possession and comfort in industrial nations over the past 40 years, their citizen’s happiness has not improved a bit. One measurable variable, secured by the constitution, is that 60% of the country’s forest cover should be preserved. Erik found filming GNH a gratifying experience, both in being able to help promote this deeply human political concept to other governments and in paying tribute to his Bhutanese friends. His life was a living example of his artistic behavior, strength, and gnan, the ultimate in understanding for Niruma. It has rather declined, with more than 30% of the population on a varying spectrum of constant psycho-active medication to ‘make it through the day’. Television was introduced in Bhutan as recently as 1999 and it’s capital Thimpu has no traffic signals, and no billboards.
Actually, 72% of the forest cover of Bhutan is preserved and 52% of it is permanently protected.
What Erik finds most fascinating about the GNH policy is that its 4 main principles are both in tune with the Bhutanese Buddhist tradition and modern in their application.
Then they will create the world that’s deep in all our Hearts and Dreams.’ And he thinks, YL is doing fine.

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