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I can give you examples for separate animals but you will probably have to work with a tattoo artist to get them in the cohesive manner that you would like them.
When I first started tattooing, I got tattooed by Mick Squires and Jasmin Austin frequently and just from asking them a million questions and from that I learnt heaps so i'd have to say they would be my biggest influences and still are big influences to me as are alot of Australian Artists. I really love doing black and grey mostly realism from portraits to animals etc, just the last few months ive been heaps into colour realism and hopefully have a good mixture of the two styles.
The most memorable tattoo i've done so far is on my mate when his girlfriend passed away and I was honoured to do a portrait of her for him. Best advice is to have is find a good shop to start in and an artist that is willing to help you learn, because teaching yourself from scratch is a gamble as you can teach yourself the wrong things.
I havent been in the industry very long but since I have been I have seen so many styles develop and more quality artists around the world being recognised mostly from the internet.

I have only worked at Sydney tattoo expo this year but plan on doing alot more now that I am in Sydney.
I usually do a guest spot somewhere around Australia once a month at this stage which is always keeping me busy and travelling heaps but i love it! First Blood is an awesome Studio, its mostly recognised for the piercing and body modification side but we have a handful of artist and never feels like work which is what i love. 100% Organic - made from Papaya, Mango, Coco and other Shea Butters, and brings a tremendous amount of benefits. Skin remains workable, NO MORE OVERWORKED HIGHLIGHTS - watch your highlights go in the first time! Hustle Butter is a world class product that has been tried and tested by some of the most outstanding artists all over the globe; with excellent results.

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Dylans work speaks for itself and at 21 there's no denying the skys the limit for this artist; and we will be supporting him along the way!
But I want it to be somewhat unified in a nice, cohesive sleeve, not just randomly placed on my arm each time I get an individual animal done.

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