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Anchor tattoos are one of the few tattoo designs that are increasing in popularity day by day. The anchor tattoos presented in this site can be worn on any part of the body in a variety of color combinations.
When my tattooing ordeal was over, I completely broke down and cried like a baby- definitely wasn’t expecting that! So… today was an emotional roller coaster, yet one of the best days I’ve ever had! Sorry these pictures are rough- I took with my phone and they look kind of gross all wrapped up.
Dear Marlena, I lost my father in november 2001, and my mom in may 2003, and I still miss them like it was over a year!! Ah Marlena it seems so strange even to me because¬†obviously i don’t know you personally but as a fan i feel i do and i’m so proud of you!
At one point of time, it was believed that anchor tattoos are only ideal for people who are closely associated with the sea, such as sailors and navy personnel.
But, I can actually see it very well and it explains how you’re able to educate women (and hey, men out there) about makeup SO well. I have 12 tattoos and the only one I had to ask the artist to stop for a bit was the one on my foot. It is obvious that you had an incredibly skilled and talented artist working on you- the lines are impeccable! I can’t imagine how painful losing a parent can be, and you did a beautiful tattoo as a¬†tribute.

We both lost the most precious person in any girls life and indeed her first true love, our fathers.
One is of an owl on a vine and the other is the three phases of the moon with black cats on the edges. For fulfilling your dreams and having the courage to carry on despite your recent loss i can only sympathise with you losing your dad as my own father is still living thank god but he is fighting cancer at the moment and even though the prognosis is good it is very hard for my family to deal with.
He still lives but not for long but I pray god to let him see my oldes in her 15 birthday I think I’m asking for to much 5 more years.
However, the times have changed and people from diverse backgrounds such as musicians, poets, athletes and even journalists are carrying these tattoos. I’m actually hoping to go and get a tatt in memberance of him soon, I want a 4 leaf clover with angel wings behind it, because me and him are both irish and hes my gaurdian angel. I think you did take your Dad to Paris after all and wherever he is, he must indeed be very proud of you! We are very close and our ‘thing’ is history, we both adore ancient Egyptain culture and i cannot even invision visiting Egypt without him!!
And my father has liver cancer and isn’t supposed to live much longer I already have a tattoo for my mother.
Although at one time anchor tattoos were essentially associated with masculinity, they are now sported by the fairer sex as well.
I had gotten a tattoo of a butterfly for my Dad (who is still living) of a fairy with butterfly wings who is sitting on her knees with a butterfly on her fingertips. It was also the worst day of my life and I still, after over a year, cry when I find something that reminds me of him.

I hope someday the wrist tattoo will be a happy reminder and not something that makes you sad.
Anchor tattoos carry a wide range of meanings; they were often regarded in the past as a camouflaged Holy Cross. That is symbolic for me growing up but always being his butterfly, a nickname he gave me as a small child.
I know his health had been failing for awhile.Glad to read your story and see that things are going so well for you. As an anchor is used to hold the ship in place, it is also associated with the qualities of strength, stability and endurance. I was just telling someone that it’s taking my heart a while to catch up to my head!
Anchor tattoos can also be combined with a host of other symbols, such as those of rippling waves or flying birds. I am sorry for your loss, I completely know what it feels like to lose a parent and it’s one of the hardest things imaginable.

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