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The craze for Hebrew tattoos is driven by the rising popularity of the language's symbolism for movie stars and other celebrities.
For some, a Hebrew tattoo can express a deep spiritual connection - whether for love, faith, or courage.
This only reinforces the necessity for an accurate translation for your Hebrew tattoo, especially if you plan upon having it done in consonants-only, as the script was originally written.
Hebrew is an abjad type of writing system, all symbols of the alphabet stand for a consonant and the reader must supply the correct vowel himself. There are as many designs for a tattoo in Hebrew as there are grains of sand on a beach, it seems, and all can be modified to suit one's personal taste.
Keep in mind that the Hebrew language is written from right to left - and make sure to double check with a native speaker before getting any permanent ink. Reportedly, the first version of the tattoo had an error in it that made the word meaningless. Hebrew tattoos are increasing in popularity day by day as more and more celebrities around the world are choosing to sport tattoos in this ancient language.

The Hebrew tattoo designs presented in this site are ideal for both men and women and can be worn on any part of the body. As such, Hebrew tattoos have gained notoriety over the last few years, in trend with other tattoo art, thanks in no small part to figures like Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. For others, however, especially for those of a more Orthodox nature, Hebrew is a sacred language. Hebrew is a very elegant, pictorial language, what makes the Hebrew script perfect for tattoos.
Using the female version of dod, doda, would bring the phrase in the realms of modern Hebrew and would express the love of a guy for his aunt, which is at least said a bit peculiar. Rather than simply being a word in Hebrew, it was one of the many names for God as written in the Kabbalah. Sometimes the hamsa tattoo is combined with fish images (Jewish symbol for good luck) or Hebrew prayers. At first, it looked as though it were simply stylish gibberish - and many dismissed it as such, another flagrantly displayed international spelling mistake.

Legend has it that each name of God in the Hebrew language has an empowering effect, gracing the speaker (or in this case, the bearer) strength of mind, presence of faith, the will to subdue the ego, and so forth - another reason why Hebrew tattoos are so popular today. Yud (Y) is used for the J (the J doesn't exist in the Hebrew alphabet) and Bet is B, so: JB.
Hebrew tattoos can have a deep spiritual significance for the wearer and can denote a wide range of meanings such as faith, love or courage. One may also choose to inscribe certain messages in Hebrew that have a personal significance for the wearer. Other popular tattoo designs include Hebrew phrases such as “Hephzibah”, “Love is life”, “Strength”, “I can do all things through Him” and “He has risen”.

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